Consider The Lilies of the Field

Consider The Lilies by Julie Barrios at on #abideis

Here is a beautiful Christian Meditation I just prayed and meditated with I wanted to share with my many Christian readers from ABIDE.

May you all have  blessed and beautiful night.
Here is a beautiful wallpaper (literally) I selected for all my readers, viewers and followers from Zedge.

Paulette L Motzko
March 24th,  2015


2 thoughts on “Consider The Lilies of the Field

    1. I am elated that you loved it. When I find some thing I feel the world should know about, I sprinkle fairy dust on it, and then blow it like the petals on a dandelion ……and then by the magic of my smart phone & computer and photos….I share it with the world. Every person like you who writes me saying I helped makes my heart smile and me too.

      Paulette L Motzko

      What is your name?

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