Hope of the World

Minah Seo is a newfound friend and the wonderful lady who nominated me for the Liebster Award.
After reading all her wonderful posts on her very inspiring blog, I realized she has a true depth of character that is extraordinary. She has wisdom far beyond her years.
Since Totally Inspired Mind is read by 80 countries monthly now, can each one of my nearly 2000 followers stop over there and say something encouraging to Minaj Seo to let her know for sure prayers are heard by God, even when we feel alone. Help Mibah keep her spirits soaring like on the wings of an eagle.
Help her keep her hopes high up let her know prayers do come true. There are great people even in a turbulent world. Persistence pays off and those who don’t give up win.
I think Minh Seo has already won but she just don’t know it.
If she only knew the lives she inspires with her words.
Paulette Motzko

First and foremost I am

First and foremost I am

Nobody has the right to play God or determine something like inferiority or to say that when life is less dignified and beautiful than the next. Life should be treated with respect, compassion, and dignity, no matter what kind of hand you’re dealt in this world.

Paulette L Motzko
Diagnosed with epilepsy at age nine and nearly died 5 times in my life. I don’t see the disability but the human being.