My Humble Abode is Coming Together More Each Day


Moi at Denny’s close to my place.  I was wearing a beautiful dress my ex-mother-in-law bought me years ago, that was only worn a few times.
Last time I couldn’t wear it but have lost weight.
Was the most pleasant,  cool breezy day that day. It reminded me of southern California.

People were complimenting me everywhere I went which put a lilt in my step.
My waiter friend Flavio took the photo of me and I did some photo editing to it, making it look like it was drawn.

I cooked up the best dinner now last night with my pans I missed so much when they were in storage so long.
Marinara sauce with sautéed portobello mushrooms, yellow squash, zucchini, red sweet peppers, red onion and garlic infuse the sauce with freshness and life.

That was the topper for cooked tortellini filled with Italian sausage and Parmesan.



Picture of a mural I had made of mom and I on a stellar day at the Huntington Beach Pier two years ago. It seems like a century but I know I will see here again.
If mom only knew how many times she was mentioned and talked about as my best friend, life giver and cheerleader.

The simple pleasures and delectable flavors of healthy foods that just happen to taste great: my breakfast parfait consisting of Greek yogurt, orange blossom honey, fresh strawberries and vanilla almond granola.

It is hard to believe that ABF Freight UPACK brought my treasures if the world in 3 of these just weeks ago:


It has been soooo wonderful to play my music again. ..songs I composed as well as favorites like the many pieces in my Henry Mancini compendium. On the piano happily sirs “The Days of Wine and Roses” waiting for me to play again.

It is the first place since living on Melody Park Circle in Garden Grove that I have nice neighbors who love hearing me play.
Many have encouraged me to record my music and think of entertaining in a nice club here. I have my black book with my repertoire in it and crystal tip jar still, that miraculously made it in the move with very minimal funds and a flimsy box holding it.

You see, when that Mike Bunker (power of attorney over my mother now) told me to get out of a house that dad bought with me in mind in 1984 when I was single still and going to college years ago. He didn’t have a gun to my head but threatened me verbally, sent emails all the time and threatened to call the police on me. I just wanted the heck outta there. Now on this end, through being rushed and having minimal money for moving expenses, things were broken, stolen, ruined bur the things I valued most, that I packed, made it fine.

I put many thousands into that house I moved from that sold for a pretty penny. I know it was wrong but I know what I did for mom and dad was very right and I paid a good percentage of their mortgage and later was the one who called the pera medics when dad had one of his emergencies. Mom lost the cognitive ability to dial a number in the phone, due to her severe Alzheimer’s disease. How the siblings could have their heads on the sand to all those facts when they became callous to the point of malicious to make a sale and collect some money, I will never understand. ..and that’s good because I couldn’t and wouldn’t steal or lie or sell out as they did. In life you have to respect yourself and your actions and though the road there was a tough and treacherous one, I knew mom needed me at that time. Once I knew all her needs were being met short of seeing or talking to me on even a phone caused by Mike Bunker and my sister and whatever hatred she lugs around every day. They are a glorious example of what happens when too much power us given and abused by someone akin to Hitler. I pray justice is served every day with me now having filed a civil suit on the two for fraud, elder abuse and exploitation of three disabled people: me, my mother and dad in heaven now.
Please say a prayer that I will be able to see my own mother again and talk to her as before Mike Bunker came into the picture.
I am also owed money from my dad’s estate when he died but Bunker lied and said there was one less kid so he could take my share.

Wish I didn’t have that story to tell but the good news us I was the one sacrificing my time, my life and my monetary Funds to make sure mom was alright and I did that and more. I look at the one picture I took off the wall if mom and a gold crucifix my Nanny had and smile that that’s all I took. Mom was alive and dad had just died and it wasn’t right raping and pillaging the place as they did. I will show those photos to a California judge.
I know mom is alright by way to of an investigator with the Moreno Valley Sheriff’s Dept. Why they can’t tell me the physical address where she can be visited is ludicrous.

It is a time of new beginnings and new experiences and I hope I will have more time with mom, whether she remembers me or not. I pray she will.
You all can pray too.

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
February 11, 2015
5:30 am
Copy right Feb 2015

Images by Paulette L Motzko Studios

I want true peace of mind and will get it because I simply don’t give up when it matters.

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