Oh Holy Night by The Mormon Tabernacle Choir – Have a Blessed Sunday No Matter What You Believe


This is my jam: O Holy Night (Cantique De Noel) by The Mormon Tabernacle Choir on Choral Radio ♫ #iHeartRadio #NowPlaying http://www.iheart.com/original/603?cmp=android_share

I know it isn’t Christmas folks…but why can’t all our nights be holy ones?

I was searching Spiritual Sunday on iHeart Radio and other stations all over the world offering music fitting for a beautiful Sunday…and found Choral Radio that this came from.

When I was first married in 1986 it was a wonderful time. I had just graduated from college with an AA in Piano Pedagogy from Goldenwest College in Huntington Beach, California.

I was engaged to be married to Mark Owen Motzko and immediately after framing my diploma and inviting everybody to my wedding shower I was friends with in class….I was married one day before my birthday on August 30th, 1986 with my birthday one day later on the 31st.
It would become Birthday Week in the next years to come.

Immediately after my engagement to be married was announced Mark got word from Boeing he was given a raise and promotion to be a Representative for Boeing in Sandy, Utah on what would be a 6 year assignment.
Everybody was making wisecracks about “don’t turn Mormon” and I had no idea what they meant.
Well that is where the Mormon people settled many years ago when there were no streets and no cars but horse driven wagons. They had been persecuted everywhere for their beliefs and killed- then in Utah Bringham Young marked “This is the place.”

Mark was Agnostic but a great human being for the majority of our marriage, which spanned 15 years..ending in 2001. I will remember the good times and great things we did together, even in the end the things he refused to pay alimony even with a court order and took me to court contesting it for years.

The point of writing this….we learned everything about the Mormon people because we both wanted to understand where they came from and their history and belief system because there were more of them than us and we wanted to show we cared enough to know. We realized we weren’t so different after all the more we learned!
Mark and I both didn’t smoke, didn’t drink and were respectful, kind and loving people who wished good to others.

That is built into the Mormon faith and made for a low crime rate and everybody down my block in Sandy, Utah cared about the other and helped the other. Coming from a busy impersonal city in southern California- it was a surprising refreshing change.

I met all the heads of the church and did cooking classes showing all the women in Deseret Industries how to cook lasagne and had a ball.
I gave my dad’s lasagne recipe to all the Mormon who had never seen ingredients like Mozzarella, ricotta or the homemade marinara with garlic in it.

We learned together. We laughed together.
My friends there taught me how to can alberta peaches, a kicker salsa and bread and butter dill pickles with all the beautiful produce found at road side stands.

Anyone can get along with anyone if you simply respect their point of view. You don’t have to agree on everything.

Your world will be expanded by not being close minded.

We listened to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing and I swear if you don’t believe in God you will when you go to Utah and hear the choir sing and see the magnificent Wasatch mountains-that look like a painting and the snow covered colored lights at The Visitor’s Center by The Tabernacle.
Be blessed, no matter what you believe.
Just remember, we don’t all have to be copies of eachother. Life would be boring, if that were the case.

Paulette L Motzko

“If You Believe” by Jim Brickman (Commentary by Paulette L Motzko


This is my jam: If You Believe by Jim Brickman on Peaceful Dreaming Radio ♫ #iHeartRadio #NowPlaying http://www.iheart.com/original/215?cmp=android_share

Paulette L Motzko, Writer, Composer, Pianist, Photographer:
“I have always admired Jim Brickman’s extraordinary pianistic style and his choice of harmonies and chord patterns. His style reminds me of songs I have written at times. I can picture the two of us playing a duet in my mind’s eye.”

The Closed Fist Receives Nothing – Michele Oka Doner, Artist


Image found on Pinterest

How many times have you been hesitant to reach out to someone else, mumbling under your breath things like “oh, that’s ok, I won’t ask her how she’s doing because nobody else is.” Or, “I wonder if that lady using the rolater or walker can get down the stairs by herself.” Then from there, what did you do?
Did you offer the lady help?
Did you walk into the person’s life and let her know she mattered?

My Golden Rule is:

I never compare myself with anyone else and I am not competing with anyone but myself and my own goals I set.

If you constantly stay in your comfort zone and never reach outward to others, you are limiting your innate abilities to do good.

I want to also stress my other Golden Rule:

Don’t do what others do and only do it IF they do it!

Would you walk into a flame because you watched everyone else do it?
Maybe what every one else is doing is being apathetic and lazy, and you MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.

BE SOMEONE’s ANSWERED PRAYER and joy will bommerang back on you too. I have found it always does.

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Sunday, January 25th, 2015
12:06 midnight

I Say Good Night To Estrella By Kitaro


This is my jam: Estrella by Kitaro on Ambient Radio ♫ #iHeartRadio #NowPlaying http://www.iheart.com/original/245?cmp=android_share

I am thinking of all of my followers, readers, listeners, enjoyers and positive, like-minded friends all over the world.

May you be surrounded by a veil of LOVE…
May the angels watch over you and bless your dreams.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko
11:15 p.m.


Photography and Graphic Design Created by
Paulette L Motzko, Copyright Jan 2015

Ocean Dreams by Gordon Hempton


This is my jam: Ocean Dreams by Gordon Hempton on Sounds of the Ocean Radio ♫ #iHeartRadio #NowPlaying http://www.iheart.com/original/871?cmp=android_share

This magnificent natural sound track was recorded in Olympic National Park, Washington and you will hear ocean waves, and birds chirping in a distance and very near you-as though right next to you.
Whatever microphones and whoever the sound engineers were that made this possible, they should get an award!
Enjoy nearly an hour long sound track here…that with your eyes closed in a room where you will have no distractions or interruptions, you will lower your blood pressure, calm your nerves and feel renewed afterwards.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Paulette L Motzko
Jan 22, 2015
11:00 p.m.

Wave On The Ocean of Mind by David & Steve Gordon-Great Meditation Music


This is my jam: Wave on the Ocean of Mind by David & Steve Gordon on Sounds of the Ocean Radio ♫ #iHeartRadio #NowPlaying http://www.iheart.com/original/871?cmp=android_share

It has been awhile since I listened to my favorites on iHeart Radio and shared my findings and musical discoveries with you all.
This one is so calming and peaceful with a chime integrated into the piece….

If you don’t meditate just relax by these calming sounds.

Paulette L Motzko
Jan 22 2015
10:46 p.m.

My Favorite View & Restaurant in Huntington Beach, Ca for Seeing Spactacular Sunsets


I took the most breathtaking shots of the sun going down on the top floor of Ruby Surf City Diner in Huntington Beach, California…last week when I was in CA moving my earthly possessions to Nevada, where they are now in a storage doc in Las Vegas, NV awaiting scheduling the delivery to my humble abode.

I took this photo last year in the evening on the pier and processed it through Instagram and then used a phenomenal digital photography app called Painteresque I read about in The Photographer’s Forum to make it look like it was painted.
Next time I will take both my cameras and my Galaxy S Relay smart phone will be functioning properly, which it wasn’t on the trip!
I will never trust anyone else that they will send me the photos I took on their phone!
Oh well…
I had my kitchen table stolen by two of the movers that moved my furniture in the relo cubes for UPack!
Not sure what wisdom I am supposed to glean from all that, or that the trip and relocation took twice as long and cost double what I bugdeted.
UPack wants $730 to deliver my things.

That’s well fine and dandy if you have two jumbo bank CD’s and two people earning two salaries but for someone on ssi getting a reduced $721 a month from the state of Nevada…..it is more than I see in a month…..now, that is.
I am not asking my readers for money, just asking you to visualize me with a lot of money and say a prayer for my health, then for wealth and a few for love too!

Paulette L Motzko
Jan 18th, 2015
7:58 p.m.

The Prayer by Andre Bocceli & Celine Dion-One of Paulette Motzko’s Favorite Songs in The World!


This is my jam: The Prayer by Celine Dion / Andrea Bocelli @999kez ♫ #iHeartRadio #NowPlaying http://www.iheart.com/live/33?cmp=android_share

The first time I heard this was by Josh Grobin, another prodigy and mega talent. When I heard it I had to buy the CD and used to sing both parts as my real prayer every night.

Prayer to me has nothing to do with “religion”, as all religion is made by men….I am taking the belief that praying to a higher power greater than all of us combined.

I hope by sharing this piece it helps you connect to a divineness within yourself, as it did me and still does!

Paulette Le Pore Motzko
January 5th, 2015
2:38 p.m.

Travel: welcome mmxv

From Sig Nordal again comes this great landscape shot from Funchal Bay.
Have a phenomenal 2015 everybody! And, to Sig …keep seeing the world the way you see it, and capturing extraordinary places, people and making the simple things become incredible!

Quote me on that Sig!

Paulette Le Pore Motzko