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  1. …..Power of Attorney, your BROTHER in law ? How did he achieve that – then shame on him. Find yourself an ELDER attorney – and make an appointment NOW with them. They know all the legal ins and outs and will be able to help you – and this isn’t even a blood relative – it’s a brother in law? Did you Mom give him “Power of Attorney” – how did he get it?
    GO for it and pursue it – find a reputable Elder Attorney and follow thru…
    That is my number ONE tip for caregivers, family, friends, etc. ELDER ATTORNEY…..

    Contact and visit one immediately ….
    Hope this helps, keep me posted..


    1. Thank you for sharing my newsletter I created that I named after my mother who is 83 with the terrible disease…… about Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, memory, neuroscience and prevention with your readers.
      Wordpress brought us together and we will never again be alone in our struggles with it.
      God bless you and your mother Suzette.

      Paulette Le Pore Motzko

      1. Yes – we were meant to find each other. My Mom passed 10 years ago, taken by this vile disease….I wrote “10 years – a Lifetime” – because it has been such a fast 10 years….I miss her terribly. My book is honest and highlights the good and bad days, but most importantly – tells it like it REALLY is…Everyone has been so kind and generous…Thank you for the reply….


        1. God bless you Suzette Brown and your sweet mother in heaven looking down on the great works you have done.
          We can share numbers some time and talk if you’d like.
          My brother in law who became power of attorney when my dad died, has made it impossible for me to see my own mother. I want to file charges on him for exploiting my parents and what he did to me.
          I hope when mom sees me she recognizes me. I pray she will.

          Paulette L Motzko

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