The Quest For The Cancer Cure- Sunday, Sept 28th, 2014 Edition!

The Quest for The Cancer Cure (Share from CM Browser)


Image taken of Paulette L Motzko by Vesna Hanhart in her Las Vegas art studio.

I hope one day all the researchers all over the world team together to find the cure for cancer. Then we will kill cancer so it doesn’t take the life of anyone else.

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I want to give warm thanks to all the many incredible people who read Totally Inspired Mind daily and who take their time to comment to me. My Galaxy S Relay Smart Phone resounds with positive comments about how they loved the quality content I search the world over for-and write and create.



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Thank you for making my life a pretty wonderful place to be, and it is just going to get better.

My wish for every reader who tuned into Totally Inspired Mind is to have a home that can be your sanctuary and have someone to love. Also my wish is that you have a job you love that doesn’t seem like work, and it more than pays the bills.

If you haven’t told the people in your life you love them for awhile, do it!
They won’t be around forever, and life gives no rewinds!



Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Photographs of Paulette Motzko by Leonardo Valencia
Photo Editing by Paulette L Motzko
Friday, September 26th, 2014

Ten minutes until midnight
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Thank You Image found on Pinterest,
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Censoring U.S. history in Denver schools?

Censoring U.S. history in Denver schools?

I think it is horrific some panel of goofs would even think of teaching the most sophisticated young people of today, who have information at their fingertips a kind of milk toast pablum of history.

It was like certain black groups wanting to go back and change Tom Sawyer, a classic written work. It is wrong.

Time tells a story and explains how we got there.
If elements are left out, a child doesn’t have the whole story. The Rosa Parks who didn’t want to sit in the back of the bus and demanded equality should be commended. She paved the way for others.

A child would lose the scope of being able to see how far the Afro-American has come in history…from being segregated from using the same water fountain as a white the President of the USA.

I hate racism and many of my best friends are black. I don’t see them as any different than me; I wish more people thought that way.

If slavery is taken out of history books, it will be a slap in the face to the heritage of black people today. Many black Americans had grandparents who were slaves. It wasn’t that long ago, and in some southern parts of the world, still goes on to this day. Slavery is not history in the sense that it still goes on in some places unfortunately. Nobody should be owned and no fact in our history books or literary books should be altered, or you are altering time.

I hope this doesn’t pass and they realize that to elimate those who had courage, who fought for what was right, who died in the name of future people to pave a better way..
Would be a tragedy.

Written by
Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Copyright September 2014

Watercolor Ships in the Twilight


This began with a photograph of Vesna Hanhart’s that I took a digital photo of in her Las Vegas studio.
I then did a water color representation of her photo, about 4 different ones. This was my favorite.

I can see this blown up as a 16 x 20 in a white matt with white frame for hanging in a beach house.

Copyright Sept 2014
Vesna Hanhart & Paulette L Motzko

Ships Sailing at Sun Down…


This is a digital photo I (Paulette Motzko) took of a photograph by Vesna Hanhart my friend.
When she showed me a huge scrap book with photographs taken through her travels, this one spoke to me….and so here it is embellished with my words and transformed into this photo quote by me.

Copyright September 2014 by Vesna Hanhart & Paulette L Motzko

First Day of Fall Brings Cooler Weather…Leaves Ablaze On Fire


This began with an original plain photograph w taken by Vesna Hanhart (a new artist, photographer & writer friend of mine) I met recently here in Las Vegas.
She gave me permission to take pictures of her photographs and paintings and then write what I was inspired to.
This photo quote was written by me, Paulette L Motzko in the wee hours of the morn.
We want to create a book of such works.

September 19th, 2014
4:39 p.m.

Copyright 2014 Paulette L Motzko
Vesna Hanhart

Words of Gratitude to My 1,355 Followers on Totally Inspired Mind

Good morning Beautiful World!

I am drinking my morning coffee writing this on my Galaxy S Relay Smart Phone and feeling deeply appreciated by all the new people who have commented to me directly this week.

I am constantly running into new writers in my daily life who want to know how to get started, and I tell them to write every day.


I also urge them to create a blog for readership, exposure, notoriety and a book list. That is what I did over 6 years ago when I read an article in a Writer’s Market book. I had heard the word “blog” but had no clue what it was and why people would write on it.

Now many years later, I have many different blogs on WordPress and wouldn’t use any other medium. WordPress is the only site where you can have a site up and running for free in a few hours of quality, uninterrupted time.

It also has a “reblog” button allowing you, the blog creator, to share other people’s work without asking their permission.
Most people are grateful when I choose to share their work on one of my sites and I end up corresponding with them.

I want to thank my many readers and followers of Totally Inspired Mind and those who have shared my link with others. 


Have a blessed day!


Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Photo Credits:
Sunflower photo taken by my friend Francesca Cangialosi

Thank You Image found on Pinterest

Photo of Paulette Motzko which was taken by her talented friend Vesna Hanhart in her Las Vegas studio.

8:30 a.m.
Wednesday, September 17th, 2014
Updated with images Midnight September 18th, 2014

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Celebrating Native Americans….

I am part Black Foot Indian from my great grandmother and feel one with the earth and Native American philosophies. I would love to go to Rapid City, SD and see the extraordinary sculptures.
Even more, I would love to go somewhere and hear the beautiful music of the Native American Indians. I love their reverence for the earth and all living beings. We could all learn a lot from the first Americans.

Paulette L Motzko

An Alarmingly Simple Way to Stay Present

After today and dealing with a jerky doctor, who didn’t believe I had a diagnosis that the best doctors in CA have verified. I hate running into apathetic and ignorant people and keep praying to God to avoid them like and repel them like water on Vaseline. Hear me God?

Maybe I need to change the way I pray?

To all the over a thousand people who read Totally Inspired Mind, please say some major heavy duty prayers that I find a place I can afford so all my personal possessions along with me can be in one place, so I can rebuild my body, mind and spirit and really relax.
I don’t care what type of prayer you say and what type of God you pray to…just say a heartfelt prayer for Paulette Motzko.
Thank you!

Brand New Day…Sunflowers Smiling Photography by Francesca Cangialosi, Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko, Copyright 2014

The Sunflower Smiles

“Tall and proudly I stand face upturned to the sun. Green leaves surrounding my cheery face making people smile. I know when God made me He knew I would give joy to others. I Line the fences in most every farm in America and am the focal point of every garden patch”….
I am The Sunflower.


Every twenty four hours we are granted a new start and a new day when it doesn’t matter what happened prior. We can begin again, start anew and do our best effort in the quest to achieve our goals.
In the day light, the beautiful warmth of the sun casting its uplifting glow on us all.


Photography by Francesca Cangialosi
Prose written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Copyright September 2014

What is one of the only activities that activates, stimulates and uses the entire brain?


Music is the answer..

Do you play an instrument?
What instrument do you play?

Aside from sharing beautiful music with the world entertaining professionally or for friends, and family, what does music do for you in your life?

Music is a gift that keeps giving others.

Music is a language that communicates love and joy to all people in all languages.
I played piano for an acute care ward of seniors and people with dementia when I was with The Legion of Mary with Blessed Sacrament Church years ago.

There was a guy in a wheel chair who looked downward, and sad, as though he had nothing to live for.

I did a sing a long of “You Are My Sunshine” and his foot began tapping, and then I saw him smile, which made me smile even bigger, then I saw him SINGING. When I saw him singing, I brought the microphone over to him and he sang solo.
Afterwards, I heard from the director Sunny never said a word since he got there.

You see, music speaks to people in special ways words can’t.

If you haven’t thought of taking music lessons, consider again.

I have taught piano in Sandy, UT; Huntington Beach, CA; Garden Grove, CA and adults who want to learn even pick music up faster than the kids because they have a passion for music and want to be there.

Playing an instrument helps your

Concentration skills
Memorization abilities
Artistic expression
Math skills
And is thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing lowering blood pressure too.
People who love what they do, live longer than those who gripe and moan through life.

Look at the great dancers and how long they lived like Fred Estaire, Gene Kelly etc

If music isn’t in your life, put it in your life.
You will be happier because you did and have a special gift you can give others for the rest of your life.

Written by Paulette L Motzko
Copyright September 2014
Image found on Facebook

Musicians Consider:
cheering up senior citizens in senior homes and making kids with cancer smile in acute care centers


Paulette at my Nanny’s Henry F Miller console piano at 9 years old playing a song I wrote called “My Melody” after mom showed me 4 chords and Nanny showed me how to play the pedals.

44 years later my love affair is still going with music and I teach keyboards and piano here in Las Vegas, NV and will be moving my upright rosewood grand from CA to a bigger place here in Nevada soon. It will be so great to have all my things together again soon.