War No More

I am so sick of hearing about people who fight or dismember an innocent human being for the sake of what? Do they even know why they fight? Why they carry guns and what this so called war is for? The answer?
I don’t think so.
I think those in the Middle East fight out of habit and out of culture and because their fathers did and their grandfathers did. It is about time people grow up and learn a new and better way.
Don’t you think so?
Paulette Le Pore Motzko

2 thoughts on “War No More

    • There is no reason and never is. Men need to learn better communication skills and children need to quit being handed army men to play with. They grow up to be real versions of the plastic toys they played with.
      Same as little girls need to quit being handed Barbie dolls with 45 inch busts and 2 inch waists with plastic faces. They need to learn more math and science preparing them for high paying jobs like engineering, nursing, teachers, computer programmers and doctors. Just my opinions.

      Paulette Le PORE Motzko

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