Boys Being Given Books Instead of Army Men

There are two primal differences in men and women. Women give birth and are natural nurturers, givers, teachers and are usually the glue that bonds a house together.
That is how it was in my home growing up.
My mother was the Matriarch and had faith to move mountains. She taught us values.

Imagine this and think about this for a moment. If boys weren’t given green plastic army men to play with and plastic toy guns to bounce around, and instead were given books to read, as I was at 4 years old.

If they learned communication, reasoning instead of destroying, blowing up and always being the “captain” of this or that and learning how to dominate-they would grow up into men who could speak and form articulate sentences rather than being akin to animals using profanities, which I so often hear of men in the military.

The men who fight and are killing, torturing and murdering now in 2014 that make headline news on CNN and ABC every morning on my Smart phone…we once boys. Would those same little boys hurt little girls and capture them? I don’t think so.

The Islamic people fight because that’s all they know and until someone stops them and forces them to put down their stupid guns and bombs, they will continue to bully and use scare tactics on innocent people.

I hope and pray one day they will look at the guns and bombs in their hands and ask themselves one simple question…

“Why in the name of Allah am I killing innocent people. It goes against the grain of everything good, noble and kind? Maybe it is time this viscious cycle ends!”

I believe I will see the day when the light goes off in their heads and they realize there is no reason for what they’re doing and they develop a conscious and realize what they are doing.

Paulette L Motzko
Copyright August 2014

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