5 thoughts on “First We All Are Born…Haiku by Paulette L Motzko

  1. Kevin, I remembered how touching your words were when I originally wrote that deep feeling, poignant Haiku.
    How are you?
    Someone else gave me an ultimate writers compliment tonight too. Maybe I should enter it in a poetry contest or something.

    I fractured my ankle a few nights ago and have a leg brace on my left leg now. It has been a major adjustment, but I am seeing my specialist this week. I have discovered the most amazing friends through all this ordeal. A social worker is visiting me tomorrow afternoon to help me get paratransit, and other adaptive aids I now need.
    Pray and visualize me walking again. With paratransit I could at least get around again and have freedom.

    God bless you Kevin. You are an extraordinary human being who I consider a friend.
    Any time you should ever want to write something, I will share it so between 50 to 80 countries will read it on Totally Inspired Mind.

    God bless you abundantly in every way.

    Your friend,

    Paulette L Motzko

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  3. Hi Paulette

    A beautiful and inspirational thought. What touches me deeply about this haiku is that it reminds me of the picture that says a 1,000 words. In five lines you have summarized the essence of life’s journey. In our stumbles and those times of deep inner pain we learn. We experience though in that path those epiphany moments, when the puzzle of our life with all its struggles, disappointments, setbacks and those mountain top experiences of life’s greatest joys, finally begin to make sense. We learn and in that learning, that growing, those stretching experiences, we see something beautiful emerge. We see the hope we give others as we shine our light that has a knowing glow about it. We reach out to others with a knowledge in our heart and mind of understanding their journey and hearing their pain. The beauty inside of us causes us then to transform all our hurtful experiences into something that causes others to see the beauty in themselves. That’s a lot to be said of our life in five lines.

    Let us then rejoice that all of us can be born as we listen to the waves of our life, so that we can help calm the storms in other lives by hearing those who suffer with a heart that has lived, fallen down, is always learning and arrives at being born.

    Have a beautiful week ahead!


    • You understood the meaning behind the poem. You have such an eloquent way with words.
      Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me how the haiku made you feel.
      I never dreamed someone would understand so fully what was in my heart when I wrote it though.
      Your words were an incredibly wonderful surprise.
      It is difficult to say much with few words and I was very pleased when I finished it last night.
      I stayed home and rested all day in my cotton night gown because the day before I had a breakthrough complex partial seizure because I did too much in the heat.
      As I look back on what I created during those 24 hours makes me happy because sometimes it is through going through pain that the essence of one’s soul is revealed.

      God bless you.

      Paulette Le Pore Motzko
      I can envision us collaborating on a book together.

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