Where will you be 5 Years from today?

This is very powerful stuff you will read here, but it will make you think about what you are doing NOW!
Paulette Le Pore Motzko

3 thoughts on “Where will you be 5 Years from today?

  1. This is powerful stuff. Chasing my author dream all out is something I’ll never regret. I haven’t sold thousands upon thousands of copies or gone on crazy book tours across the country. By those measures, my friends seem to see me as something of a failure. Most of them have never chased their truest dreams, all taking the safe routes. I knew my odds going in. Most of us won’t ever make it and that’s ok. I write because I have to and not because I want to wipe my arse with 50s. At the end of the day as long as I know I’ve at least entertained a few readers in the world created by my head, that’s a victory. Never will I grow old saying what if, and why didn’t I.

      • Right now I’m a bit all over the map teetering between YA fantasy/sci-fi and mystery/thriller. My first self-published title, VENENBLITZ: The Infinna-Net Pirates of 2294, established me as that fantasy/sci-fi genre but still includes those thriller elements and bits and pieces of other genres as well. I’ve always struggled to choose just one path and this is no exception. Other works I’ve got cooking are an arena murder mystery, a truth based collection of humor stories, and the misadventures of a girl and her house bear for younger readers. Finally, another half cooked thriller novel is about an arrogant, burned out billionaire author who has the choice of giving all his money to a terrorist holding his deadbeat alcoholic father captive or they’ll kill him and send the video.
        I do tend to bounce around as I hit various walls. My YA pirate novel was actually planned out as the first of a series. Still having the debate on writing the rest. People who read it loved it, but sales are low because I haven’t yet the means of mass marketing power. I’ll never say never, though. I truly believe in the post apocalyptic new age world of piracy I created. Just needs a good breath of wind behind the sails to get going.
        Thank you so much for the support! Every little bit means the world. Dave.

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