Hello there Australia and The United States!

Gheez, I have been so busy making sure my medicine is paid for and a thousand and one other things that you have to do when you move to another state. I haven’t added new content here for two days for two major reasons: I got a new phone and am reprogramming it with all new applications and I have had password problems on WordPress, and I cannot add new content straight from my fancy ass phone, as I once did. I am working to make that possible again. Once my phone finally accepts the new password for WordPress.com, then I can add new photos that are done with a better camera and my Galaxy S Relay has a way better processor and battery life with a physical keyboard. The second reason is I have been busy doing non-computer related things…in other words, LIFE.

I didn’t forget you readers and hopefully you won’t forget me either! I have been trying to add new content for two hours and I get either script warnings or the browser freezes up. Anyone have any ideas on what it might be?

Has anyone had a script come up on my site here at http://www.TotallyInspiredPC.wordpress.com?

It keeps coming up over and over, and I am not sure if it is my computer, the browser or my site. I pay for Staples Peace of Mind Program, so I will go in and have them look at my computer to make sure I didn’t get some kind of virus. I have McCaffe Antivirus with anti-spam ware, so it shouldn’t be that.

I looked at my stats on here and saw one viewer in The United States and one viewer in Australia-a horrifying number when you are used to seeing  70 countries on here. If those stats are true, well hugs and kisses to the two who showed up and liked what they saw!

My viewers cannot be that fickle and impatient, can they? I think it might be a problem with WordPress.com.

Anyhow, pray I feel better folks, I had a seizure last night due to stress and having way more going out than coming in right now, in terms of money.

Fortunately I get paid in 4 days.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

5:37 p.m.

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