Embarking on a New Journey, a New Home & New Perspective

Here I am, sitting on the Greyhound bus, waiting for my nice driver Sean to return. What a guy he is, even brought me an ice cold water to take my pills with. (I have more bags than arms and nobody to stand guard over them if I were to go in a store for even five minutes.)

A newfound friend Joe Guizar is heading to Idaho eventutally but he is stopping in Las Vegas to see if he can win a few bucks. If he does, he already wants to split his winnings with me!

To Tammy Guizar- hello there and wish Joe luck!

To all my readers, stay tuned and pray that I find a wonderful studio apartment for starters. I have one in mind I saw and called on earlier this afternoon. It will be too darn late by the time I arrive in Las Vegas, so I will be researching a good, budget friendly hotel there while in transit. That way, by the time I arrive, it will be a quick cab ride over and I can shower & relax.



Father’s Day 2014 at almost 1:00 p.m.

I found a Motel 6 with no bad ratings and paid $78 for two nights, which would have never happened in Orange County.

Feeling quite ravaged for two reasons:

My medicine hasn’t arrived from Walgreens that I ordered in CA a week ago. I have enough pills for my night medicine of Tegretol & Vimpat, and then no night medicine tomorrow for Tegretol. What a mess!

The four plex I was renting (from a stellar referral from a “friend” of mine who doesn’t set high standards for friends, so I found out), has a verbally abusive drunk renting one of the 3 bedrooms.

He was yelling profanities to me from 9 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. then banged on my door at 830 a.m. telling me to “kiss his a–“. David Garza, the owner of the place, didn’t care and said, in an apathetic tone: “It’s Father’s Day” and that was it. I called the police and they came out and said of course the obvious, “get a new place, and if Mike bothers you again to call them back.”

My friend Francesca Cangiolosi offered twice for me to live with her in Albuquerque, NM. I am seriously thinking of it, but have made business contacts here. Albuquerque does have an awesome Communications program at the university though, and it would be great to be surrounded by intelligent, warm, loving people for a change.

It has been so long I forgot what that is like.

All I know is it took every last dime I didn’t spend in groceries in two locations that didn’t work out.

A new friend named Archie Weir has a friend named Marco with a 3 bedroom two story house, much nicer than this who is asking something I can afford for rent.

People please hope this works out this time. Is it so much to ask to live in a drama free, positive environment?

It shouldn’t be.

Also say prayers Risa at Walgreens can get me some more Tegretol by tomorrow. She is working on it.
I am applying for Medicaid Monday-tomorrow.

I feel like I have aged inside 20 years, yet people tell me I look great. I feel like I have been slung around with a baseball bat.
I wish this post were happier, but life is not all happy. I dealt with the —-thrown at me again, I just want the powers-that-be to quit throwing it at me so I can feel relaxed and settled for the first time in a year.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

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