Thoughts of San Diego County and Thanks to My 1076 Followers

I moved to San Diego County two days ago and I can feel the “detox” happening from overcrowded, bustling Orange County-where there is a homelessness problem in epidemic proportions with none of he boards of supervisors caring about the problem.


Here in San Diego County, in Vista-to be specific, I have noticed that when you see someone talking to someone-they are not crazy but are actually talking to a person! (The board of supervisors in Orange County thought it was a good idea to close down a few mental institutions a few years ago and instead of placing the people-who are a danger to themselves or others in other institutions for the safety of themselves and others-they let them roam free on the streets!) So, on the OCTA buses-especially on the 29 line going southbound, there would ordinarily be at least 5 on the bus talking to themselves, having conversations you don’t want to listen to!

Here education is placed on a high podium and people make eye contact to each other and smile at one at another! Something I haven’t seen in awhile, other than when I do it, or go to a Latino market using my muey pochito espanol.

Here at the Vista Library, now walking distance from where I live, with a good friend’s sister, there is lush green foliage all around a more rural type road, and there is a close-knit neighborhood feel to the place that warms my heart and makes me think of the wonderful years when I was married and lived in Sandy, UT.

Ultimately, I want a place of my own-one bedroom apartment, or to be room mates with someone who is financially & mentally stable-(I lived in Orange County, CA for most of my life, so I have seen my share of goof balls!)
I am allergic to cigarettes and prefer someone who is mature and doesn’t party til all hours, but isn’t boring.

If you are interested in merging our financial resources, and combining the best of what we both are, text me at:

714 728 6037

Emails are too risky and I want to guarantee I hear from the right people.

My stay with my friend’s sister was only for a month, and I am looking at 5 housing options I applied for yesterday as well as possibly living on campus. I would like to share a two bedroom minimum place with someone though so I can get my beautiful rosewood upright grand out and teach piano again making more $$.

I am a great cook and am pleasant to be around, so I know things will keep getting better from here.

Paulette L Motzko

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