Heading to Las Vegas, Nevada to look at a 2 bedroom apartment

Well, after long last & dedicated searching, I found a place I can afford in Las Vegas, NV and will be leaving tomorrow to take a look at it with my friend. The people bought a 3 bedroom place and still had their old 2 bedroom, which is what I had in Garden Grove when I lived next to my parents in the duplex they bought in 1984 that sold for $460,000 last year.

I saw the photos of the apartment complex on the company web site and I hope I love it. After the two month lease is up, I will have the ability to renew the lease in my name.

I will go back to southern CA to see my beaches, my favorite places and my few good friends and MOM.

Of utmost important beyond anything, is me having a place of my own to call home, which I haven’t had for a grueling year. I lived in Stanton for a year with the same friend who will go with me tomorrow.

Say prayers it all goes well.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko