Listen to Children’s Words (Jonathan’s Story)

There are times when I wonder what this world I coming to, and tonight was one of those times. Here I am sitting in the dining area at Target and I saw Jonathan walk inside and ask four different people the same question. (I could tell by the words he spoke-and the shape of his mouth when he said the words. It looked like he just wanted to borrow someone’s phone to make a call.)

Now Jonathan is a sweet fourteen year old kid who was selling Helen Grace candy bars at $4 each to help raise money for The Boys and Girls Club. I love the Boys and Girls Club and the good they do for children teaching teamsmanship, responsibility and raising money for helping keep kids in the inner city areas away from drugs and off the streets and instead active.. Those are good things.

If the four people Jonathan asked, before me, had simply dialed the number he wanted to call his mother-they might have found that out. I think people just typecast the poor kid, because people were walking around him, almost through him and barely noticed him. The ones he spoke to asking to borrow their phones-need their heads examined. It is a sad day indeed when you can’t help make a call for child-or listen to what they have to say to you. After all, we adults are their mentors, educators and those they look up to.


I taught kids of all ages, so I probably notice them a little more than others and also care about their welfare. When a kid-need to use your cell phone that means he is lost or there is something important he has to say-what should we do as adults? Listen-is my answer. Jonathan just wanted to call his mom but what if it was an emergency? And the other people didn’t let he poor kid use a phone?

What have we come to when people cannot stop to listen to a sweet kid and help them?

When Jonathan began to speak, I saw the look in his eyes and how shy he was and what a hard time he was having selling the $4 candy bars. He looked down and said “four dollars”-I know it is a lot of money. I gave him five bucks and he said, “You want the dollar back?” and I said “no” to him and he replied “God bless you M’am”.

What is the best part of this story?

Is it the sweetness of the Helen Grace Chunky Chocolate Bar I bought that is more than a candy bar, but raises money for some of the poorest kids helping to show them there are great things in store for them in this world.

The sweetness really lies in the sparkle in Jonathan’s eyes when he saw that I cared and liked him and said what a great kid he was. (And he is!)

He allowed me to take his photo and I told him I would write something about him and how I wish there were more “Jonathans” around. He thought the site Children Are Our Future Now was cool.

It is even more cool with stories about kids like Jonathan featured on it.

Have a great night everybody.

I am happy because as the 508 words are typing on my computer here, they are the first words both my hands have typed in many months, due to my cast being cut off my left hand yesterday afternoon.

My ring finger is still sore and my index finger a little sore but, in time, I am certain they will improve.

I wish you all peace and love wherever you are reading this.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

5 thoughts on “Listen to Children’s Words (Jonathan’s Story)

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  2. Being a humanitarian is becoming extinct I fear. We see “Jonathon’s” everyday and walk right by without skipping a beat. This is a very touching and beautiful story. What are we teaching our children when we ignore them and wave them away because we are too self absorbed to listen to their story. Very happy to know that there are still people out there such as yourself, trying to make a difference and being an example to our future.

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