If You Stumble…Make It Part Of The Dance


As a musician and song writer, some of the prettiest pieces were written by improving. By the same token, some of my best dishes in the kitchen were created by playing around making alternates to classics or just analyzing a recipe and thinking it out or writing it out, then making it.

I have always loved the concept of creating what has never been created before. After all, we can simply copy what everybody else is doing, which I refrain from, or we can “go off on uncharted territory” and explore what nobody thought of- YET!….until YOU!

All inventors had to try variations of all types until finally they hit what worked, but you must TRY.

Don’t worry so much and get hung up on outcomes, and instead, simply do the best you possibly can and admire your work afterwards.

Allow yourself the JOY of creating something new, experiment at your favorite instrument, and try writing a song.

If you like to write, but have never tried writing a poem, begin with a Haiku. Anyone can write one, even a second grader! There are only 3 lines to one and the syllabic pattern is 5-7-5.

My point? Just spice up your life with something new you have never done and create something that comes from a passion in the innermost part of your soul.

I hope someof the 670 readers here share what they tried.

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Copyright January 31st, 2014
12:36 midnight