Obama’s Deliberate Destruction Of The Economy

I don’t know what I can do as an American citizen who lives in a country I always want to see remain great-other than sign The Impeachment Papers, which I did.
This political article by Mr. Caruba is a must read. I am reblogging it here on Totally Inspired Mind: Where Positive Minds Congregate & The Political Think Tank. I was never a declared republican, but Reagan was a better president than Obama for many reasons, so was Clinton-he supported our space program and created jobs.

The farce called “Obama Care” has destroyed more jobs than I want to count from companies being forced to cut employees to afford the high insurance premiums.

If you are in America, strive to see we have a leader who is American with one known social security number. Obama couldn’t pass a security and background check to get a job as a janitor in the White House!

Write your local congressmen and congresswomen to urge congress to balance the budget and pay the multi trillion dollar debt. America’s leaders need to be responsible so China doesn’t own America in the future because of our leader’s stupidity and greed.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

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