How Can You Add JOY To Other People’s Holiday & Your Holiday Season Too?


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Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Copyright December 1st, 2013


As I was frantically working on adding content I wrote for a client on a web site I created (due to not having my computer all week, due to viruses detected on it that are now fixed along with Norton Antivirus and Carbonite)…I had my mind on work and meeting the day after tomorrow deadline.

Nick had been unpacking boxes of Christmas decorations all day adding Christmas Cheer all over the place. More joy than I have seen in one place in 15 years, since I was married and used to decorate.

I took a break from feeling like I was working like a nervous wreck all week, but pleased with the work I did…and just
STOPPED WHAT I WAS DOING and admired the sweetness and thought that Nick put in to the place….


Just one of the many cute figurines Nick has smiling back at me cheering me up spreading joy.


This little guy was smiling back at me seeming to say “don’t spazz out, you will get everything done..just relax and be mellow and it will be on the site by tomorrow afternoon!”
Something like that anyway!

December 3rd I will have a break and feel much better and the 3 weeks of work, photo shoots and effort will be transformed into a Feature Story, 60 photos with my Nikon DSLR 24 MP on a CD FOR MY CLIENT, AND A Pictorial, which will be a 5 minute video using the photos I shot with text plates telling about Marri’s Pizza & Italian Restaurant in Anaheim. One of the oldest family owned Italian restaurants in Orange County…or I wouldn’t be writing about how extraordinary it is!
Aside from the 10 blogs I created is how I earn my money, and also in writing content for web sites, writing PowerPoint Presentations for people and companies, moderating Facebook & Twitter pages and editing book manuscripts. I also am a food photographer for restaurants to create menus, menu boards and other marketing materials like press releases.

Quite a difference from a master piano teacher?
Well when your life changes, you change with it.


How can you spread some joy?

Christmas Carols with friends?

Playing Christmas Carols at a senior home?

What are some of your ideas?

Paulette Motzko

December first, 2013

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