Followers Feedback Time: What is your most rewarding activity (other than sex) and why?

What do you love doing more than anything else in the world?
Tell about it and how you feel and why.
If it is a special talent or skill you possess, how long have you done this or practiced doing this?

How do you feel afterward?

Have you met other amazing people by doing this activity or is it a solitary activity?

Thank you in advance for anyone brave enough to share with the world.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko


I also want to thank these countries for reading and exploring Totally Inspired Mind: Where Positive Minds Congregate today:

Italy- Grazie!
Australia-I am very grateful.
United Kingdom-Thank You
Indonesia-Terima Kasih
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Malaysia-Terima Kasih
Mexico-Muchas Gracias!


Thank you for spreading the word about it. I wanted to create a site a year ago where I could write about subjects I was passionate about. I am so shocked that this site now has nearly three times the followers/members of my first blog “Cooking Up a Storm All Over The World!..which has been around 3 times as long and has 213 members.

It doesn’t make one better than the other but it was surprising but also satisfying that the topics on here, which I have wanted to speak out about but didn’t have a podium to do so to be heard. This is my loudspeaker to the world, and much in the same way I promote companies by taking photographs of food for menus and showcasing what is unique and extraordinary in resorts, hotels and bed and breakfasts with


If there is a type of story, a quote or an idea for a story or article, you can email me at:
In the subject of the email make sure and put “Idea for a Blog Post” and tell me who you are with your first and last name and what state & country you live so when/if I select your idea as the catalyst to fuel my fires of creativity I want to give credit to you beforehand as it wouldn’t have been written without your idea.

Written by Paulette L. Motzko
Photos by Paulette L. Motzko

December 28th, 2013