Followers Feedback Time: What is your most rewarding activity (other than sex) and why?

What do you love doing more than anything else in the world?
Tell about it and how you feel and why.
If it is a special talent or skill you possess, how long have you done this or practiced doing this?

How do you feel afterward?

Have you met other amazing people by doing this activity or is it a solitary activity?

Thank you in advance for anyone brave enough to share with the world.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko


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Thank you for spreading the word about it. I wanted to create a site a year ago where I could write about subjects I was passionate about. I am so shocked that this site now has nearly three times the followers/members of my first blog “Cooking Up a Storm All Over The World!..which has been around 3 times as long and has 213 members.

It doesn’t make one better than the other but it was surprising but also satisfying that the topics on here, which I have wanted to speak out about but didn’t have a podium to do so to be heard. This is my loudspeaker to the world, and much in the same way I promote companies by taking photographs of food for menus and showcasing what is unique and extraordinary in resorts, hotels and bed and breakfasts with


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Written by Paulette L. Motzko
Photos by Paulette L. Motzko

December 28th, 2013

Paulette L. Motzko’s Wishes For 2014 For Everyone & Herself

I wish everyone and myself health firstly…of body, mind and spirit, because without that it makes it difficult to do anything else or enjoy life to the fullest.

I hope everybody finds work, if they are not working and that it is doing something they love.

I also hope that you can more than pay your bills but know financial independence.

I want everyone reading this to have health of mind, body and spirit and to not know pain.

I hope that in spite of life giving you not what you wanted you are doing the most with what it gave you.

I hope opportunities know on your door without you even trying to find them and that you attract wonderful, capable positive people to you and you repel the bad ones like water on Vaseline.

If you have been out of work for a long time, like so many people I talk to each day, try something totally new that IS HIRING AND DO YOUR BEST AT IT. REMEMBER, it doesn’t have to be your best job, or the perfect job but A JOB THAT PAYS MONEY, and that is BETTER THAN NO JOB at all!

When you want to change your job you need to change your attitude to get it!

Remember that the most valuable thing you will ever carry around with you is your attitude and your values and your integrity.

I did it so I know.

Here is an example: I was a master piano teacher for 20 years-teaching students from six years old to 86. I became the minority in a predominantly Vietnamese town called Little Saigon. I was told “we don’t want a white teacher”, which as we all know is a racist statement, but people were repeating that comment without thought of teaching their children hatred and how anti-American it was!

Over time I re-created myself. I took stock of what I could do best and what I loved.

That is what I would ask you to do first, whether you are happily employed or not. Opportunities will surface and everyone can use to embellish their lives by making it more full of experiences that are memorable.

I wish you all to always keep learning and growing as a person.

Never think you are better than anyone else; you aren’t.

We all share commonalities with eachother:

1. We all had parents-even if you were adopted, you had parents but for whatever reason, they weren’t able to raise you. 

2. We all know loss

3. We have all cried

4. We all eat food and have most have tried a hamburger once in their lifetime

 5. We all love music and can usually find at least one song we love

I wish our leaders would think like this and start finding commonalities with our adversaries so we can find a common denominator that we can agree on.  Wouldn’t that be better than buying more bombs and spending billions on keeping our military heroes in areas where they could be killed or harmed?

I hope and pray to the Great Spirit and God that everybody feels a little better after reading this, and sees one opportunity they didn’t see before they read it. If they did, then my goal of writing it was accomplished.

My six personal goals for 2014 are:

1. Get a home of my own or at least a nice apartment

2. See my mother Ramona Lea Le Pore any time I want to for as long as I want to

3. I never have to worry about money as long as I live

4. My pills for epilepsy continue working forever so I can keep doing what I do and keep getting better at it for many years to come.

5. I can work to get more funding for the housing programs in CA where I live and also see to it that no veteran goes homeless. That is a travesty for what they gave for our country to be free. I also want to see that every disabled person-like myself-invisible disability or not-has a place to live in dignity.

6. Continue finishing my books and get them into print so the world can read and enjoy the benefits from them.


What are your personal wishes for 2014?







Moi at my favorite Starbucks in Huntington Beach…in my favorite window seat…..

Happy Holidays & a Prosperous Healthy Happy New Year 2014



May all of the fans, readers and followers who tune in to hear my words, see my pictures and the articles, poems, quotes that I hand select from thousands of topics…

May you have a joyous Christmas or holiday season, however you and your family celebrate it.

Totally Inspired Mind: Where Positive Minds Congregate was nominated for Best Blog of The Year 2013 by Don Charisma of  I was soooo happy and felt a genuine sense of being rewarded when he told me yesterday.

Also, also won Best Blog of The Year 2013 and Most Inventive Blog too.

Those two are held near and dear to my heart as well as the first hosted on called “Cooking Up a Storm All Over The World!”

I hope this rings in a year of health, prosperity and all things wonderful for every one of you!

Paulette Motzko

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Paulette Le Pore Motzko