Totally Inspired Mind Accepts The Dragon Loyalty Award & Paulette Motzko’s Nominations

The Dragon Loyalty Award

Finally having time to accept my nomination


inner-peace-awardDon Charisma awarded me the Inner Peace Award. I hope I accepted it. I got an avalanche of awards within a short period. I think I accepted this one, but in case I didn’t add it to Totally Inspired Mind, here it is.

(I am looking for the jpg file of The Dragon Loyalty Award and not finding it yet!”

Finding a bunch of others though! 😉


Another I found in my award file

versatile-blogger-award-imageAnd another….

I have to add the award picture later on after I save it again folks!

I want to thank Growth Hunter at

for nominating me for The Dragon Loyalty Award, which had kind of an ambiguous significance until she researched it for me.

The award’s origin originated with Vintage Book Fairy, and you can read the meaning here:


The Dragon Loyalty Award is awarded to writers/bloggers for consistently writing back their fans and making comments on other fan’s works. In other words, it shows you acknowledge your fans support with every word you say to them and how you foster loyalty between them (the audience) and you-the writer & photographer blogger.

I was asked to tell you about 7 interesting facts about myself, so here it goes…

1.   I am American with my ancestors coming from France, French Canadian, Italian-Palermo, and Blackfoot Indian.

2.    I would love to have my own show on the Food Network or The Food Channel one day. I am hoping I take both and there one day. Just one talent scout is all it would take.

3.   I care about humanitarian issues like the environment, children and their futures, the fiscal debt we have and paying if off, finding cures for cancer, epilepsy, arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease.

4.   I love mentoring others who want to do what I am now doing. This week I ran into 2 people in 2 different locations with varied backgrounds who will be future writers on Cooking Up a Storm All Over The World! I am talking to the first Travel Correspondent, another waitress who has baking as her passion when not working. She will be featured on a special baking segment. Stay tuned to see the rest!

5.    I love main streets any main street will do. There you find the heart of a town and where the locals talk about current events.

6.    I love an ocean view and the sea gulls, sound of the surf and beach life. I don’t tan and wear a lot of sun screen but I find inspiration by the sea shore.

7.    Lastly, since I was asked to tell seven things about myself, I have always been a visionary thinker since I was a kid with a picture memory. If I could picture it, I could do it.

Bloggers Paulette Motzko is Nominating The Dragon Loyalty Award To….


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To all the wonderful and talented writers, coaches, photographers, change catalysts as I call them, when you empower others to positive change or just more positive ways of thinking and acting and choosing.

I am giving you a virtual standing ovation for the joy you give me with your words. I am glad you felt I was worth another award. Thank you!

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

November 16th, 2013

7:51 p.m.


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