Our Country Isn’t Perfect But We Have The Ability To Choose & Have Freedom


It is true that I don’t care for many of the actions of our country’s leaders and hope that we as a nation take a smarter, more responsible turn for the better soon.

I hope companies like Starbucks getting into the political arena, will make those in The White House think about creating a sound, workable budget for our nation before the year’s end. I signed Starbuck’s ComeTogetherNow petition urging congress to end..and it did shortly after.

I signed it and urged my friends to sign, even speaking out in my local Starbucks explaining why it would be a great idea to sign it to everyone in the Starbucks. People smiled and thanked me for telling them, and they signed it and wanted to read my blogs.

We all, no matter who we are can make a difference, and don’t ever underestimate or undermine your power or influence in changing what you don’t like in the world.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Veteran’s Day 2013

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