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  1. Ms.Paulette,
    You have made this day start so wonderful. I live in Pa. But i’m moving to Mississippi in spring.With My daughter and her finance,and my new granddaughter.He owns acres and has been building a home for us. I lost my second husband 4 years ago.Their wish to take me with is such a unbelievable gift.It is pure Nirvana there. They took me last Jan.To make sure i liked it. I also have a twitter account,and Pintrest. Lol. It is a great start. I will look for you on Fb. I’m so happy you read my post,as God granted me another gift ,Meeting someone caring and so open.Like you, i always hope to meet genuine,caring people. If it’s ok with you i will address you as Polly. What a wonderful November, I can tell you have worked hard with your writing.Mine has all been self-taught with every book i can get my hands on. I know i’ll never be a great writer.Thats ok,just writing is such a wonderful way to share or learn. I hope to chat more,your such a welcoming person.
    All my best

    • Never ever say negative self talk like that Cheri. You program yourself with every word you write, speak and say. Remember that. You will be what you imagine yourself to be. My mom told me that when I was a kid.
      Get the Writer’s Market 2013 book. I think The Writer”s Market Deluxe 2014 version is at Barnes & Nobles now. Go take a look at it, through it. You wont believe the section that tells what you can make in terms of money for what kinds of jobs.
      BTW, even though you dont know it, you already are a very good writer. You just downplay yourself and envision yourself as a failure. You are setting yourself up to not be as great as you could be.
      I dont mean to give you a lecture, but remember, words are powerful things. You can picture yourself successful or not successful. Which do you choose?

      As for living with your daughter and her fiance, if that would make you happy, then by all means do it.

      I wish you peace of mind, health of body and that your career will be the most prosperous it can be….with your hard work and dedication.

      Have a wonderful day & check out both The Writer’s Market & Writer’s Digest magazines. I have read them all for 3 years now & wouldnt have gotten the idea to create my first blog or had a clue what a web platform was without them. Awesome resources. Use them! Invest in yourself and you will reap dividends for it.
      I dont give this advice to everybody.
      You are worth giving it to. You have great talent that was a gift from God. Why do you think the lady gave you the blog? Do you think she hands those out to everybody? Of course not!

      You are a great writer but the last to know, even though the world has been reading your writing on your blog.

      Paulette Le Pore Motzko

  2. It brings me to tears,to see my post on your incredible site. Your so generous to take the time to read it,then re blog.Thank you as these issues are so important to me.I’m right now getting materials(clothes,medical supplies etc for the Philippines. Again thank you just don’t seem enough. I’m very grateful.

    • Hello there my good hearted friend,

      What can I call you?

      You touched my heart when I read what you wrote. I am glad I made you feel appreciated and your works as a writer & blogger validated. I know the feeling whenever someone like yourself writes me about something I wrote, a photo I took or something else I did.
      It makes all the work worth it all.

      Paulette Motzko

      • Ms.Paulette,
        My name is Cheri, I’m honored to meet you,Yes,you know exactly how i feel.It is amazing,to know after years (since age 9) i have been writing,poetry,stories,movie scripts,But God had other plans for me.I was so blessed last mother’s day to meet Miss Keith Michelle,she ran the blog i now run.We became fast friends,sisters if you will. She is 25 and lives in the Philippines.She asked me to be a guest writer,and tell my story,it was a 5 part story of my life and how the band Aerosmith,kept me alive,through their music.She surprised me in June on my birthday giving me the blog.I promised i would write with integrity,honesty and not let her down,it was such a generous gift,she gave me the chance to write.She now has a new blog @HarmonyIdealist , She is safe but so much heartbreaking stories.So i now want to pay it forward and help anyway i can. I thank you again, i was so moved and i would like to follow your blog. I’m also on FB,if you care to lean back relax and chat about music,life and fun, I run a no drama,no gossip page. May your Sunday be filled with mini adventures,i look everyday and something happens to make me laugh.
        Cheri Linster

        • Hello Cheri Linster,
          What a wonderful, heartfelt and genuine letter you wrote me. I am also blessed and grateful that I met you here. I pray to meet people who are kind, caring, empathetic individuals who care about the world, the environment and our future. You strike me as just that kind of lady.
          You shared so much of yourself in the letters you wrote me: I am deeply touched by your kind words to me and about my writing style.
          If you saw the amount of books I own on writing, it has become a labor of love that I hope will be a gift to the world.
          I took every class in high school in English and writing and had the best teachers. One had told me to pretend I had a Nikon camera with a telephoto lense and I was zooming in on the thing I was describing. That was one of my favorites that has lasted the test of time.

          I am on Facebook by my full name of Paulette Le Pore Motzko and on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest by my nickname Polly Motzko.

          That is a good start huh?

          Where do you live?
          I am in southern CA.

          Paulette Le Pore Motzko

          I had hoped to find JOY for Sunday and I did. I found YOU.

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