My Wishes For My 429 Followers on Totally Inspired Mind

Thanks to my 429 followers who tune in to Totally Inspired Mind: Where Positive Minds Congregate.


I came down to do some banking at my local bank and ran into two of my friends today. I am cheering that he get a job soon so he can pay his bills and his life can once again resemble “normalcy”, as I call it.

I met a lady named Jessica that was dealing with the complications of dementia with her 100 year old father. I bought her dad a cup of coffee, because he was sitting doing nothing for the longest time, while his daughter did his shopping. Jessica & I shared contact info and I am going to give her the url to “Ramona’s Alzheimer’s Disease Daily” that I named after my mother with Alzheimer’s disease.
Enlightenment shows options and if Jessica learns one new thing in reading the newsletter to help her dad, it was worth telling her.

We all go through phases in our lives for different reasons, testing us, strengthening us and building us into more courageous, strong individuals.

My wish for all who read Totally Inspired Mind is that you have good health. Without that, even the most simple daily tasks can feel enormous. If you don’t have good health, that you find a good doctor and learn everything you can about your diagnosis/disability to empower yourself to new options.

I want you all to know love, if not from your family, then from the people who have become your extended family.

I hope you all have a home or somewhere to sleep at night that you call home at a minimum.

I wish that each and every follower-all 429 of you- have a stable money stream that comes in without fail. The more $ you have the less stress you have, so this is a big one with me.
After the basics are taken care of like food and shelter and health, I hope each of you make use of every ability you have and enjoy the work you do.

I also want only great and extraordinary things to come into your lives and enable you to accomplish things you have only dreamed of.

No matter what your belief system, I wish that you never lose sight of your full potential and never lose hope in humanity or yourself.

That is my wish for you all.




Photography by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

November 2, 2013