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After a very long day and a 30 minute bus ride home after sitting outside waiting for the bus almost an hour-due to a bus breaking down-I made it home and just missed the rain.

I made a wonderful salad with mixed greens, spinach, and roasted sweet peppers put it on <a href=””


> and then I saw a notification from my friend Amreen on the blog called “Paint The World With Words”

Amreen said she nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award! Thank you Amreen. You give me a warm feeling about the work I put into my words and crafting them into what I hope has merit, to not just myself but the world.


She made my day and made me really pleased that I spent so many hours fine tuning the last post about having a moral consciousness in the world, and then making it come alive with images yesterday.

versatile blogger award


Some interesting things about Paulette Le Pore Motzko


1.     I was diagnosed with complex partial epilepsy when I was nine years old. She almost died before she was a year old…high fever, went into convulsions and then a coma for many days until Dr Storks saved me life so I could eventually write the words that the world was supposed to read years later. I almost died 4 times in my life and before my epilepsy was under the great control it is now, I used to have 50 or more seizures a day and was what the super specialists call “intractable”. I was nearly killed in a car crash-when I was driving-over 15 years ago, and God was on my side as nobody was injured. I will never forget the applause and standing ovation I heard when all my neighbors all lined up and down the street saw the car I was in enmeshed in the chain link fence of a school yard! When I finally moved I heard people screaming and clapping and the firemen saying “Thank God She’s Alive!” So, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out at that moment, it would be buses and drivers for me for the rest of my life. Driving isn’t all it is cracked up to be any how. The next standing ovation I hear and see will be for my award wining books or a song I wrote or a fabulous dish I created that is healthy and good. That will be more like it!


3.     I love music playing classical guitar and piano and writing music. I taught piano for 20 years ages 6 to 86. I couldn’t earn a living with it after my divorce so I  re-created myself and read every writing book out there…and am a Copy Writer, Content Writer and earn money as a freelance writer, product photographer, food photographer that works with restaurants shooting interiors/exteriors and the food for digital menus like these:




4.Was married to a real rocket scientist for 15 years and even though have been divorced since 2001, I learned a lot from him and will always take that wisdom through life.


5.     My mother Ramona Lea Le Pore gave me life, confidence, was my cheerleader and is responsible for the attitude I have towards life-that with passion, and drive-anything is possible. My best friend when I was nine years old was Cheryl Lightcap, who was totally blind. She and I were hated by everybody but we were different. Children can be ruthless that way. They will throw a rock at anyone or anything they don’t understand. Mom was my “Anne Sullivan” and my teacher and taught me to read when I was 4 years old and once I learned phonetics, the world was my pearl. (I don’t like oysters!)
Mom has Alzheimer’s disease now but she is alive and well and I will see her very soon bearing gifts and great news of my new place.

Paulette and her dear mom Ramona Lea at The Corner Bakery at Bella Terra where it is like family. This was taken last year 2012.
Paulette and her dear mom Ramona Lea at The Corner Bakery at Bella Terra where it is like family. This was taken last year 2012.

6.     My grandfather Alberto Le Pore was a chef. He was from Argentina. My Nanny (Dad’s mother) lived with when I was 9 years old, an important age in my life. I was diagnosed with epilepsy, began playing the piano and writing music, began my love of cooking and cook books, read and wrote voraciously.

7.     I only associate with kind, caring, compassionate people who care about the world, the environment and those around us. I am not a hypocrite. I say what I mean and mean what I say but I am not Popeye!



8.     I have a good sense of humor and a young attitude towards life and living. Even though I am amazingly five decades old, I know my best years are still ahead of me. Your attitude is the single most important thing you will need every day to be successful, achieve your goals and be selective on who you associate throughout your life. The more positive people you have in your life, the better your life with be, like sunshine coming through a window. The sunshine is them, the window is YOU!

9.     Writing words that I know the world will read and remember and hopefully look back to is extraordinarily gratifying. I took every class my high school offered and had the best English teachers to this day. One of them in Creative Writing said to me: “Pretend you are looking through the viewer of a Nikon camera and describe what you are talking about to someone as though they have never seen it in the world. Pretend you are seeing through a telephoto lense.” Her words, along with Mrs. Eva Covington’s, who gave me a Buxton jewelry box for graduation were timeless. She said: “ Some think I am an old lady that doesn’t’ know what she’s talking about and think the class is boring but I say this:  “You will want to learn to love English and grammar class not because it is exciting but because it is the technical side and mechanics of the language you will use the rest of your life. When you have a command of the English language you will: Speak Better, Get Better Jobs, Be Have More Friends, Be able to get up in front of people without hesitating and you will be more successful. She was right.

10.  I was the CEO and Founder of The Epilepsy Connection, a grassroots organization that I created and maintained until my divorce in 2001, when the needs of the one-me-came first before the needs of the many. Last time I looked at the domain that I bought and created, someone else was running an organization by that name, but it was not me. I might work with him some day to help raise money for services for those with the disorder because I care about it very much.

11.  I am writing a cook book that I hope will be completed this time next year.

12.  I love traveling, even though I don’t do enough of it.

13.  I used to collect tea pots. Now I just love using and enjoying what I have and own.

14.  Other topics that interest me are: Music, Politics, Astronomy, Science, Children and Education, Business, Marketing, Computers, Photography, Web Development, Reading and Fashion, Self -Empowerment and Psychology.

15.  I have 50 songs I wrote and copyrighted in the Library of Congress and want to see on a CD one day




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After doing this and the many wonderful and talented people I have “met” via the world of computers and WordPress, I am going to create a database on Excel of the first and last names, blog names and URL’s of the people I am becoming great friends with on Word Press. My dad had me memorize the school rosters when I was a kid. He said it will help you remember people’s names, which will be a great asset when you get older. It also shows that you care enough to remember it. Sometimes I have trouble remember first names alone, but never the whole name. I have a photographic memory and remember what the name looks like on paper and then what it sounds like phonetically. It is a trick I might teach people in the future when my books are closer to being printed.


After 1,043 words are typed, I think it is time to sign off now!

15 thoughts on “Paulette Le Pore Motzko-The Lady Behind the Award Winning Blog-Totally Inspired Mind

  1. Hey Paulette, my Sunday means I have more time to read and thoroughly digest. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself it helps me to to know you much better. You are very good at writing about yourself, something I’m learning to improve at.

    As regards what you said about people throwing rocks, this is very true. I think it’s because people are afraid of what they don’t “know” and afraid of things are outside the safeness of their system of beliefs, which provide them with an illusion of “safety”. I like what Gandhi said on this – “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.” … this one of my earliest posts on my blog –

    Warm regards

    Don Charisma

    1. Thanks for reading about my life and who I am and where I’ve been. 🙂 I have gotten better writing about myself over the last 6 years due to the amount of times I have had to write a bio and other material for the various web sites I am on.

      I am thinking of writing my life story or memoirs one day, only because so many have said it would make a good book. 🙂

      I will read your blog post you sent me about holding firmly to truth.

      Thanks so much for forwarding it my way Don.

      Paulette Motzko

          1. Hey Paulette, I decided to be relatively anonymous on-line at the moment. I only use facebook as promotional outlet, so there aren’t any pictures on there. You can add me “Don Charisma” if you like.

            I like you too and hope you aren’t offended, it’s just my choice for now, maybe later I will reveal all !

            Warm regards

            Don Charisma

  2. It is indeed an awesome post! I’m so pleased to have met you Paulette and benefited from your generous spirit. I too am overwhelmed to have been nominated, and have not won any blogging awards before! Not sure if I’m doing the right thing but would love to put some info about you and the nomination on a post?
    Really would also love some of that seafood dish you have there, oh my goodness, I KNOW that tastes good. 🙂

    1. I am glad it makes your efforts all seem worth it all. I know, I am so happy as my words have been like seeds that are blooming now into a venerable garden.

      Feel free to say anything you like about me, as long as it is true, that is. 🙂

      The seafood dish was the signature dish at Buon Gusto Italian Restaurant and Deli in Huntington Beach, CA. I was their PR Director for nearly two years and shot that photo of their Cioppino. I still rate them the best Italian restaurant in Los Angeles & Orange County.

      If you haven’t seen my other sites check out:

      Take care and talk soon.

      Paulette Motzko

      1. You are so busy bringing joy to social media Paulette!! I truly appreciate your friendship and kindness. I find Twitter quite daunting in comparison to WordPress. Wouldn’t have even started blogging, except it is required for self publishing books. 🙂 I’ll put something up about you, and my award. Tell me if I get something wrong and I will correct, OK? 😀

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