Women Nobel Peace Prize Winners


This wonderful and inspiring article is shared by About.com.
If you are a woman it should inspire you to achieve great things and if you are a little girl….just remember-You can do anything a man can!


Photography by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

20 thoughts on “Women Nobel Peace Prize Winners

    • Are you a long shore man, wild guess?
      I went to New York City with my now ex, when we were still married. Awesome and interesting, always full of life place. We went to see his best friend who worked on Wall Street. Saw another college friend and met at an Italian restaurant in Little Italy.

      I will never forget Times Square and on the huge live screen was The David Letterman Show airing. We always watched his show.
      Pretty awesome place. I would love to go again, but with someone who knows the area.
      It would be fun to map out some of the best family owned restaurants and see if I could write a Feature Story for them with CARestaurantShowCase.com.


          • Wow! Thank you for those compliments. No. I am none of the above.
            When I was a young lad… There was a war in a far away land. Most foolishly, because I grew up a street-fighter and always having won, I enlisted and ended up in the meat grinder. I saw suffering of people. There was not enough I could do, to help them. Best I could hop to do was bring them Freedom. I tried my best…
            Then later on, no work in America. The economy was tanked. I worked in a slaughterhouse for a year because nobody would hire combat veterans. I was unwanted, in America. Persona Non Grata Cum Laude!
            I became a cop. I saw people suffering, and tried to help them as best as I could. I retired in the 20th Century, and continued to work and got caught up in this economic mess since January of 2009. My home was destroyed in the flooding of Super Storm Sandy (Oct.29-Nov.01, 2012). I worked and saved, and had a house 18 feet off of the water, with my own bulkhead. Gone. The past couple of months, I live in a tiny apartment the size of a shoebox. Between trying to save the house and one of my grown children being very ill, I have gone broke.
            That, is who I am. A nobody. My age caused me to be turned down for many law enforcement jobs since, and my experience cause me to be turned down for law enforcement with the federal government (they do not want street cops), and the business I tried to get off the ground was met with opposition from Town Hall. But, Town Hall allowed the same location to not be a Bistro/Billiard Hall, and they love that it’s a fried chicken business and a hang-out. I lost $41K on that, alone.
            Thank you, again, for the compliments.

            • You are far from a “nobody” as you said. I am sorry about all the tragic events in your life.
              What business was it that met opposition in town hall?
              Why not move to Las Vegas, NV? I know it has been dubbed Sin City but I loved it when I went about two years ago now. you can get a massive two bedroom apartment home for about $700 instead of the $1400 it is here in overpriced southern CA. You and I live in the “book ends” of the nation….big apple and the big orange.
              Lots of place in the west and heartland are way better for life quality.
              I will tell you my story in an email some time.
              Are you a married guy with a wife & kids?
              You didnt mention any.

              I am so sorry you lost your place. You have been through a lot like I have.
              Just think of the chorus in the song I love so much….

              What doesnt kill ya makes you stronger….


              • Yes, Old Granny is still with me, and meaner than ever.
                Aside from this computer, I am Asocial (not anti-social).
                One of my son-in-laws moved back here from Vegas because the economy there is bad and it has become a war zone. High crime.
                The Town, fought me, when I was making a combination, Bistro, and billiard hall. Upscale stuff. I was going to hire between 8 and 12 people full time, and the lowest salary would have been $15.00 per hour. The Town, made threats, went nuts, because they said “it’s a poolhall”. I told them to look at what I was doing. It’s a bistro and billiard hall. The store next to it, was my machine shop and storage area. I was going to sell pool tables and cut my own cue sticks. The Bistro and billiard hall had bronze light fixtures, new flooring of commercial grade one piece flooring. Big windows. Great ventilation and air conditioner. Full bar. Tables. Two chefs that graduated culinary school in Manhattan (55 miles away).
                So, my business was no good. They knew I filed for permits and the Town stomped them. I will not pay graft. I lost everything, and all of my work was tossed into a dumpster when the place was converted into a fried chicken franchise. Now it is a derelict hangout. Oh, that is better.

                  • I could not get the permits to open and everything was tied up in it while renovations were being done. The lease was choking me with the delays from the Town, and, they put a stop on the gaming table permits and the liquor license applications. I was within zoning regulations by a country western mile but the Town did not like the idea that billiard tables were involved. It was not a dive. Twenty-two professional slate tables. The bistro was very nice and over to the back of the billiard section. I couldn’t come up with enough to keep the lease in force because I could not open due to Town opposition. Everything was frozen. The property owner just said forget it because somebody else wants the location. A demolition crew ripped everything out, and tossed it into a 25 cubic yard dumpster. Meanwhile, my house was hit by the flood. I was trying to also save the house but it was too far damaged. On that, I put in $51K and to no avail. It just kept on breaking up. Lifted the house and it broke up worse. Next door the house fell apart. Lawyer worked it out with the insurance company because they sent in non-licensed contractors working for them, and the mortgage was paid I walked out with zip.
                    In 2010, I wanted to move to Florida, but the wife complained. She does not like Florida – never there in her life. Finally went. She complained. If I would have gone there in 2010, all of my inheritance would have been in tact. I could have purchased a new house for cash. Plus made a modest pool hall, with maybe ten tables and a beer license, something if I would have made $30K or $40K after everything, I would have been happy. But…
                    I have to get back posting my page. See you later.

                    • The wordpress dashboard has not been working for three days. I wish NSA would stop it.
                      I don’t do anything on Facebook. I can hardly run a computer.
                      Facebook? I always wondered about why people would be looking at mugshots. We used to bring people in to look at the mugshots and they always knew people that we were looking for. Never failed. Leave them alone with the mugshot books and what was a problem with one case, always ended up receiving information of two or three other cases we were trying to get any information on.
                      I’m really not an entertaining person. Most people have always avoided me. Kind of like a mix of the Terminator and Jack Webb. I always said, it must be my Sicilian blood.

          • You should have my response by now.
            I don’t know. I cannot stand Manhattan. My patience is very thin with that place. Family owned restaurants are folding up pretty fast. They cannot make it, because nobody has money to go dining. Crime has gone up again, and shootings have gone up 13% since the NYPD is not allowed to Stop & Frisk anymore. All of the Tribeca and SoHo bistros basically do not last since the economy tanked.

  1. The only thing that I have issue with concerning the Nobel Prize is that, lately, the people on the selection committee are out of touch with the real world. It negates the very hard work of those who suffered to get to where they are.

    • Good morning my politically intelligent friend,
      I am not familiar with who is running the Nobel Peace Prize. I think they can be bought only due to Obama winning one for nothing.
      If he did something, I sure didn’t see it.