ObamaCare Mandate To Shut Down Little Sisters Of The Poor – Investors.com


This is just another glorious example why this catastrophe called Obama Care has got to go as swiftly as the president who helped create it.

It is pathetic that he and the government didn’t leave what was working alone.
Walgreens, the store that I trust to get my medicine for epilepsy, had to lay off thousands of employees because they couldn’t afford the premiums on insurance mandated by this.

I signed the articles of impeachment to impeach Obama.
If you are sick of Obama care & Obama in general, you also can add to the signatures needed to make it reality.

Go to my site called The Political Think Tank, also on Word Press, and you can sign add your signature when you click on the Articles of Impeachment link.

I don’t bitch about things, but I feel by electing a new president or at least having Obama step down, it would do only good for our country. Many things he has done goes totally against our constitution this country was built on.


Paulette Le Pore Motzko