Paulette Motzko’s Answers to Questions for Liebster Award & Her Nominations & Questions for Them


 Nominations and My Nominees for the Liebster Award And Other Honorable Mentions

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Copyright 2013

Paulette Le Pore Motzko – Writer, Photographer, & Marketer

Blog name- “Totally Inspired Mind”




I Am Part of the Word Press Family Award-nominated by

 Don Charisma

The Liebster Award

And Most Inventive Award on Word Press Awards

Since I created Cooking Up a Storm All Over The World over 3 years ago, I had hoped it would win an award of some kind, but it didn’t. I pay for the Pro Plan there at over $700 a year so all the things will work on it and I can designate titles to the various members on the site like Contributing Writer and Field Correspondents.

It is off the air until after October 2cnd, 2013 when I make Ning happy again and they get paid. I am an honest lady, but that is the only way I know how to be. Integrity is in my DNA.

I created Totally Inspired Mind on Word Press last year in the fall and I guess it is going on a year old, though it doesn’t feel like it. IT felt like a great release was let out like letting a bunch of doves out of a huge cage and letting them fly. (I was looking after my mother whose Alzheimer’s disease so severe she had to be put into a special care home where she had someone watching after her 24/7. That was something I could not do mentally or physically any longer and after I made up my mind to face what my abilities were I told the rest of my siblings I could not do it anymore.

I went to a hotel and did a lot of thinking as to where I was going to live and what I was going to.

People are quick to judge caregivers but until you live with someone who is diagnosed with the disease, you will never truly know how utterly demanding it is and how much patience it requires and time.

I will always love mom but I literally couldn’t do anything for ten minutes and think or have any type of concentration on anything. My health was suffering as a woman with epilepsy, and I knew I needed to put myself first for the first time in my life.

I think it is my most rewarding blog I do because I can write about things I feel strongly about, controversial things and things I think help people. At the times when I wondered if I would lose every reader I had, I instead gained more momentum and more members and followers!

It goes to show when you follow your passions and you do what you believe is right, not only for yourself but to help everybody, you cannot help but win in the end.

I hope I did this right.

I will add in the web site URL’s for each web site mentioned. I did not know how to find out how many followers/subscribers each site had. I just know I loved them and I chose to re-blog their material more than once.


My nominees are

1.  Don Charisma


2.  O’ Canada


3.  The Best Years Are Yet To Come

4.  The Commonsense Philosopher


5.  Kellygetthin-Nominated me for the Liebster Award-Must link back to her


6.  Inked Words by A.J. Bell- Passion For Writing


7.  Reflections Share Encourage Discuss


8.  BooknVolume-For the Love of Words, Laugher, Inspiration (and the odd sexy split infinitive)


9.  Positive PollyAnna


10.             Living Minimalist


Liebster Award Question and Answers

New blogs with less than 200 followers

Answer These and Come Up with 10 Questions for your nominees to answer

Questions Given to Paulette Motzko & Her Answers


1.  What inspires you blog posts?


What inspires my blog posts are feeling very strongly about what I am talking about. When I know I can speak out in front of thousands of people about what I am discussing or talking about, I know I have something great.


2.  What was your first blog post about? – I had no idea what a blog was literally, until I read my first Writer’s Market magazine at the Newport Beach Library in Corona Del Mar. I was immediately glued to the magazine and felt my world was expanding. I knew my world would never be the same again.


3.  Where do you feel the most at peace?- I feel most at peace in wide open spaces and beautiful places-by the beach, by the ocean near the desert overlooking cacti like what I remember when in Tucson as a kid, in resorts, doing work for big companies and creating photos, and carving my words like Michelangelo carved marble.



4.  If you had to choose one food/dish you could eat for the rest of your life what would it be and why?-

I would hope I didn’t have to eat one food for the rest of my life, but if I did, it would take a long time to get sick of stir fries and teriyaki chicken.


5.  What is your favorite travel destination?-Las Vegas, NV because there are international business people who love what I do in advertising, words and photography and it is always interesting. The shows, the big businesses, the excitement. I can have a lot of fun and I don’t gamble or drink! I want to go to Italy one day and see my many friends there and travel to the Positano region and Palermo because I have a good friend who lives there and also Rome-who owns a cooking school there, and of course the amazing art and history there and Italian food.


6.  Who inspires you?- My mother with her sweet disposition to life. My friend Nick and the many things he teaches me about history and politics. My guy friend Roland and his smile and blue eyes and the way he puts a lilt in my step.  Also, I get inspired to change the state of affairs I and other disabled people live in when I see them suffering and doing without and are put in danger with no place to live. If I run for office in CA I want to see that every disabled person has a nice place to live. The president has bought enough bombs to blow the world up 3 times over, it is about time he puts less money in the hands of the ultra-rich and puts it in the hands of those who make below poverty wage.

7.  Post a link to your favorite post that you’ve written and why.- That is a really hard question to answer. I will come back to it later.

8.  What do you love about blogging?- It is laborious and it is way more work than I ever anticipated going into it. The most extraordinary thing about it I can imagine something in my mind one minute, or get an idea for a story or an article, and I can make it reality with just a little TIME and EFFORT. It is very rewarding to see my work re-blogged and get fantastic feedback by people higher and higher on the food chain in the media, writers, photographers and big businesses.


9.  What other social media platforms do you use?- I am on Twitter as PollyMozko, Facebook as my full name: Paulette Le Pore Motzko, on Pinterest by Polly Motzko, Instagram as Polly Motzko, Linked in as my full name again.


I also have a few other sites called Photos That Inspire Words





10.             As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?- I wanted to be a truck driver of a big diesel truck and loved to play with Match Box cars, which I still have. Then when my Nanny came to live with us, (my dad’s mother), she brought with her a piano that would revolutionize my world. I knew when I played it at 9 years old my world would never be the same again. Music was my best friend and still is today, only I have expanded it to writing and photography as well.


Paulette’s Questions to My Nominees

1.  When did you know you had a talent for writing?

2.  When did you call yourself a photographer?

3.  What is your most favorite thing about the blog that you created and write on regularly?

4.  What made you want to create a blog?

5.  How would you describe your blog?

6.  If you could create an ultimate blog post, what would you write it about?

7.  Have you ever co-wrote a blog post? If so, who with and what was it about?

8.  If you have never co-written a blog post, who would like to write one with?

9.  What are some of your interests aside from blogging/writing?

10.             Who is someone that made a huge impression in your life and in what you do now?


Thank you again to those who nominated me for the Liebster Award, The Welcome to The Word Press Family Award and the Most Inventive Award.

I just discovered Iheart Radio on my Android MyTouch phone tonight as I am finishing writing this. My guy friend told me he listens to a radio on KFI 640 AM radio and I searched it on the Vocal Search and then downloaded the free application, and whala-my phone is playing Taylor Swift Love Story now on KOST 103.5 FM radio now.

I am going to post this on Totally Inspired Mind and I am sure that all those nominated will contact me because they are members on my site!

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