I recently played my first game of pool with two friends of mine. My friend gave me the photo earlier tonight and I created a HD version of the photo and added the borders that matched the green on the table.

I immediately thought of this analogy:

Accomplishing your goals is a lot like playing a good game of pool.
Both require you to:

1. Concentrate and Focus
2. Use Strategy
3. AIM FOR WHAT YOU WANT and shoot your best shot
4. Be persistent
5. Even if the ball doesn’t go in the pocket you want, that doesn’t mean you end the game.
6. You keep playing, find new techniques and perfect your craft so you can win the game.

In this case, life is the game and although none of us know “what hands we are dealt” as in cards, you play it and learn everything you can about winning the game, or your specialty, and you will, like an archer, hit the bull’s eye!

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Copyright 2013

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