Do you want the United States to Go to War with Syria? Hell no!

I voted for President Obama, but I am totally dissatisfied with him. We have so many people who need things like housing (including myself as a disabled American citizen), Veterans who served and protected our country and were betrayed by the United States in my opinion, by leaving them sitting on a street holding a hat waiting for people to put coins and dollars for the next night in a hotel!

We have the money in this country, which urkes the hell out of me, it is just being squandered, and overpaid paper turners who have no clue what is going on in the real world-like “up close and personal” with the disabled people and veterans and just the main stream people who are not engineers, doctors, nurses or scientists bringing in over $75,000 a year.

What is your opinion on what the Obama is doing?

I want to compile educated, well-thought out comments from my readers and send them to the White House. I hope it will make a difference in the outcome of what is decided.

Remember, don’t ever, and I mean ever think that “it isn’t going to matter”, or “our feelings don’t matter in this country!”

I want to stop bailing out banks and giving outrageous multi-billion dollar subsidies to companies like Exon and Chevron and other oil companies. They generate a profit of many billion a year, so why in the hell are we giving them more? That was not the intent of our fore-fathers to do that, was it?

What goes in in the White House has become a mockery of what I think the president is supposed to be doing.

Before we waste trillions on war, launching unneeded missiles and other stupid things when we should give eye operations to cure the blindness the president obviously has in regards to his own country-or at least the one he represents.

We have a wait for HUD housing, Section 8, for which I am relying on as a woman with epilepsy that budgets a measely $886 a month in SSI. People will be dead by then if someone doesn’t validate that this is a major oversight that needs to be addressed.

Funding is there but it won’t be if waste continues.

We waste so much money with our supposed wars daily that we keep borrowing from China daily to keep the moronic cycle going.

Can someone enter congress who knows how to balance the books of the American people in a way that it looks after the best interests of the people themselves instead of multi billion dollar companies?

Can the best man or woman come to the plate that can do this?

I can do this, but I have no idea what office to run for or where. I do want to find others who want to change things as much as I do.

War with Syria…we can blow up the world ten times over and are the greatest super power on the face of the earth. Why do we want to use it though?

Genocide paints a pretty ugly picture with  the ultimate triple loss-everybody loses.

Everybody ceases to be.

Is that what we are shooting for here?

Can’t we find more mediators who speak the languages of our adversaries to reach a better understanding instead of killing women, children and all those with it who never did anything wrong?

There are better ways out there.

Let us discuss ways we can make this big blue planet a better place to live for us and for our children.

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Copyright Sept 2013


Paulette Le Pore Motzko

5 thoughts on “Do you want the United States to Go to War with Syria? Hell no!

  1. “We waste so much money with our supposed wars daily that we keep borrowing from China daily to keep the moronic cycle going.”

    It’s pretty sad, amen – *they* don’t even loan us the money anymore, we’re simply printing it ourselves and loaning it right back to the Government. That’s what all of this Qualitative Easing is all about. Thank you for your words and your support in the just cause of keeping us out of the Syrian fiasco.

    • Thank you so much for reblogging my post. The things I feel most passionate about get the highest ratings and the best reviews from people I am finding out!

      I look forward to reading your blog. What is it called? Brittius? What kinds of things are on it?
      I will find out on my own but I just like asking you the creator that question to see how you describe it.
      Thanks again,
      You made my night.

      Paulette Le Pore Motzko
      Totally Inspired Mind- Where Positive Minds Congregate

      • You’re welcome.
        My blog.., might not be up to your taste, as you write of nice things, a loving world.
        I write from the perspective of a combat veteran and retired cop. Many topics are included, most being not too happy. I am a registered Conservative but some say that I am insufficient of being all the way Right, other people understand. I am pro-Second Amendment and staunchly pro-U.S. Constitution.
        The current events concerning the United States and the “Syrian Dilemma”, I have given excessive attention, as war is nothing to desire. I know, from being in war, myself, many years ago, as a teenager (18 – Nam). A president seeking to involve our nation in war, without provocation, without attacking our nation, is a most despicable act as lives are destroyed. How a president seeks to disarm America while sending the very same weapons and worse overseas, arming children, is like arming criminals or persons without maturity who are irresponsible for themselves.
        That is only a brief sample of what I cover. Your article was well written and unique, as it touches several other factors being neglected.
        Thank you, for the article.

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