4 thoughts on “Discussion Post: What Have You Done Recently That Allowed You to See How Far You Have Come (Achieving Goals, Etc)

  1. That is a really interesting question, as I am busy trying to fit in time to write between blogging, housework, dogs, working (part time) that I haven’t stopped to answer this question. The obvious would be I have taken up the blogging challenge to try and build a platform as my end goal is to be published. I should stop for an hour and look back, make notes and plan for the next few weeks. I wonder am I the only one to fall into the trap of only looking towards the next few minutes?

    1. Hello Maria,

      I don’t think you are the only one who presses ahead and gets so busy there is no room (so it seems) for self-introspection. My living situation is less than desirable and I am looking for a place so I can move on and live in peace again, after my mom’s place was sold back in April I ended up on the street-(or in hotels at least, due to a rotten and apathetic power of attorney who was in charge of my mother’s house and things.)
      I am going to be looking at two places this week-one in Fontana and another in Oceanside. For now I am in a nice hotel and hope that I can be someone’s personal chef and rent a room from them until I get my own place.
      It sounds like you have your arms full of all kinds of projects, similar to me.
      I am happy that I put up these posts tonight. I have the peace and quiet in this nice hotel I booked last night through Priceline.com. I hope I can afford to stay a few more days since I got another freelance job today.
      Keep me informed with all the web sites you are working on and how your web platforms are going and keep up the great work!

      Paulette Le Pore Motzko

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