“Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons.”

“Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons.” – Woody Allen


I was never a big Woody Allen fan but when I ran into this winner from him I totally agree. I have seen both sides of the fence, and I pick hands down the time when I was married and had no financial worries.

I am a happier, smartier more resilient person in so many ways, but anyone who thinks money is evil, doesn’t know what you can buy with it!

Money buys me no worries.

I am a disabled lady who doesn’t wear that fact on my back.
You can cure cancer with money by paying the best researchers in the world to look for the cure.

I am sure most people don’t think of it that way, but it is a fact.

I simplly want a place to live and my expensive medical care paid for. I don’t have that now.

After fighting the Mexicans and Vietnamese to get Medical Insurance for 7 years and winning because I nearly sued for FRAUD because I proved I was turned down because I didn’t have a kid? If you are white, kidless and American and you are applying for any kind of aid, watch it! You as good as nonexistent in the welfare system. After being tossed around in the welfare system after my divorce I speak truth here.
If you are applying for insurance, go to the director and you will have to hammer on them over and over.

Something is really wrong when a disabled American lady cannot get insurance, sits 7 hours and gets nothing. A Mexican indigent (I asked in my Muey Pochito Espanol Spanish), not an American citizen, and walked out with every benefit, including food stamps in 20 minutes!

We are giving money, benefits and more to migrant farm workers, refugees and we are turning away people like me who have lived in Orange County 40 years and in the USA 52.

How can we fix this mess?

Looking at Las Vegas, NV and Albuquerque, New Mexico..
I can something with no program there, just more affordable.

We treat the disabled like garbage in CA and veterans are right there with all the disabled living out of hotels and on the street. Take the bus like I do and you will see the real world legislators!

I am working with the social service depts of these states, trying to make it a clean move so none of my benefits end.

Yes, money provides and people who are disabled have astronomical medical bills just to get from one day to the next. My medicine that works the best of anything I have ever been costs thousands per year.

Money gives me peace of mind and allows me to live the kind of life I lived when I lived in Huntington Beach, Orange and Utah in my big houses in nice neighborhoods. A woman who doesn’t drive-like me- needs to be in a good area.

It makes no sense how Obama can tell the American people to do what is constitutional when he cannot even follow his own advice!

I am going to change subjects and talk about the Obama for a moment.
Money is something that I am seeing everybody I know lacking. All my friends, who are intelligent people have seen better times financially. The only people who are doing better since Obama. He signed off on cutting a billion dollars from the Food Stamp program, what a guy!

What an uncompassionate guy who doesn’t rely (like I do and many others I know do.)

I have never felt more like crazy people run the country than now. What kind of ethics and moral call did the government rationalize when they chose to ream the poor to give billions to the oil companies, Libya etc and then borrow from China to it all?

We must look like idiots to other countries.

If I was president, the budget would be balanced and I would start working on paying that God Forsaken Debt of ours that everybody wants to IGNORE.

People would be insured for health care and prescriptions just like MA did. I learned a lot from being married to a real Rocket Scientist for 15 years. It is working in MA and everybody has health insurance. They pay a little for it, but they are insured.

Obama’s brain dead is making cuts in medicare, insurance and food stamps. What good did it do?

Very simply, in life you do what works and keep doing it over again. Learn from your mistakes and don’t ever do it again!

I think Einstein said “to do over again what doesn’t work is insanity!”

That is exactly what Obama is doing and the government is his right hand man.

All the readers that read Totally Inspired Mind are bright, civic minded people who care about topics like the world, the environment and other morally conscious things.

What ideas do you have to see more employed so more can count more MONEY in their paychecks?

I am happy the minimum wage was increased to the highest it has ever been in history.

What ideas do you have for our country and what would you write president Obama if you could?

Guess what, you CAN!

You can even arrange a meeting with him, if you so desired.
There is a way to it and you can read more about it on The White House website.

In the order of importance health comes first, because without it, you have shit. (Sorry but I have been disabled since 4 and diagnosed with complex partial epilepsy January 1971….awhile.) Money comes number two. Money it is a tool to accomplish things, give things, live a good quality life.

Love comes down the list for me.

After choosing to pay the mortgage on my parent’s duplex, I was thrown like rubbish on the street of April of this year….
Mom who has Alzheimer’s disease was not reponsible for this. My demon like brother-in-law Mike Bunker did it with my sister smiling all the way. He wanted the money from my mom’s duplex and I was simply in the way.

My family consist of people who I know, friends who have become family and I can smile because I made meals for mom and dad even in the worst of their dementia. I didn’t steal things out of mom’s place and refused to buy cartons of cigarrettes for my mom.

In 2001 I was divorced and financially I could have bought a property in cash, but I chose to help my folks out. Was it a good thing in the end? No. I keep trying to find the good at all.
The good is: I am not them. I have integrity and values and am not a hypocrite I refuse to associate with anyone who is less of a human being and doesn’t share my values.

What is better than money?

Health and having what few things I value and cherish around me in my own place, with medical insurance to cover it and friends to enjoy meals I make (in my gourmet kitchen) and songs I play on my grand piano….that I miss in storage now. It is all being moved in a larger & cheaper storage vault. I wish I could just move period, but more moolah has to be saved to make it possible, unless I got a Federal Grant.

What is better than that, nothing really….having people all over the world read what I write and enjoy it like I do and making money doing what I love, which I hope will be happening soon.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Artistic talent is a gift from God and whoever discovers it in himself….

“Artistic talent is a gift from God and whoever discovers it in himself has a certain obligation: to know that he cannot waste this talent, but must develop it.” – Pope John Paul II



What are your talents that you want to make the most of?

What talents and gifts have you been given that you would like to expand and learn more about so you can be better at them?

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Totally Inspired Mind


Images on Pinterest, Authors Unknown

All my life I have tried to pluck a thistle and plant a flower…..

“All my life I have tried to pluck a thistle and plant a flower wherever the flower would grow in thought and mind.” –

Abraham Lincoln

Inspiring someone is the most rewarding thing one is capable of doing. To show someone their hidden potential is like planting a daffodil in fall to have it bloom in the spring.
– Paulette Motzko


Photos taken in Oceanside, CA by Paulette Motzko


Keeping Monday Marvelous

Here is a wonderful heartfelt post by Little Miss Fit. She discovered her husband didn’t want to be married anymore only days ago now. I wish her strength, moral support and peace of mind. I have been divorced since 2001 but the memories are still there. Through it all, she shares a delightful recipe for Caramel Apple Cookies.
I hope you enjoy this as I did.
We become stronger through what we go through.
Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Your Epilepsy News Resource Newsletter is Out!


If you know someone who has epilepsy or has seizures but hasn’t yet been diagnosed, get them an appointment with a good neurologist and schedule an EEG to determine if they are having seizure activity. Once you get a diagnosis, they can begin to deal with how to treat it.

Information is power and that’s why I created this wonderful newsletter.

I had seizures when I was 4 years old but didn’t know how to describe them. I called them “tummy aches”. It wasn’t until I was 9 and I had my first complex partial seizure that I went into Palm Harbor Hospital at 9 years old that the problem was neurological in nature.

If you have younger children, make sure and ask detailed questions about how the child feels. If you ever see a lapse in consciousness, get him or her to see a neurologist with a specialty in seizures and epilepsy as soon as possible.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

News You Can Use Newsletter


This newsletter got it’s name from me saying that to people I would meet throughout my day.

I had always thought it would be wonderful to create an information storehouse of very specific kinds of topics, then I figured out how to create one on Paper.li.

I am so happy when reading this paper I discovered the Obama Care plan was stalled for a year.

All the stories and aftermath were all bad.

I hope you enjoy reading News You Can Use.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

ObamaCare Mandate To Shut Down Little Sisters Of The Poor – Investors.com


This is just another glorious example why this catastrophe called Obama Care has got to go as swiftly as the president who helped create it.

It is pathetic that he and the government didn’t leave what was working alone.
Walgreens, the store that I trust to get my medicine for epilepsy, had to lay off thousands of employees because they couldn’t afford the premiums on insurance mandated by this.

I signed the articles of impeachment to impeach Obama.
If you are sick of Obama care & Obama in general, you also can add to the signatures needed to make it reality.

Go to my site called The Political Think Tank, also on Word Press, and you can sign add your signature when you click on the Articles of Impeachment link.

I don’t bitch about things, but I feel by electing a new president or at least having Obama step down, it would do only good for our country. Many things he has done goes totally against our constitution this country was built on.


Paulette Le Pore Motzko

The majority of people permit relatives, friends, and the public at large to so influence them…

“The majority of people permit relatives, friends, and the public at large to so influence them that they cannot live their own lives, because they fear criticism.” – Napoleon Hill


What would you do if you didn’t worry about who would criticize you for doing it?

Would it make you happy?

Would you be good at it?

Paulette Motzko

September 27, 2013
225 p.m.

Man’s Real Life is Happy, Chiefly Because He is Ever Expecting That it Soon Will Be

“Man’s real life is happy, chiefly because he is ever expecting that it soon will be so.” – Edgar Allan Poe


My mother Ramona use to tell me when I was a small child
“Whatever you believe you can do you will do. Envision yourself successful and you will be. Work as hard as you possibly can on every task you do, and you will be successful at it, whatever it may be.” Mom was right and I think of her many times every day as I am living proof that what she told me was fact. Shoot to be the top in everything you do, and try to be the best at it. Any job that is worth doing, is worth doing well.”

As Edgar Allen Poe said in his words about Man being happy largely due to him believing he will be, he was right.

Whether you are a man, woman or child, your attutude and the words you tell yourself outloud or subconsciously can bring you up so you reach the stars in the sky, or they can drop you in a depressing revene it will take some work & determination to get out of.

Choose your friends carefully and avoid negative, hurtful “family” members that only bring you down.

Remember this when evaluating who to keep in your life and who to avoid:

Family is who loves you, cares about your welfare, includes you, remembers you, worries about you and would miss you if you weren’t there.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Copyright September 25th, 2013
11:56 p.m.

We Must Share The World- A Haiku by Paulette Motzko

We must share the world

We need communication

Tolerance to all!

Written in the wee hours of the morn when the many troubling things in the world were bothering me and wishing the world leaders would think of what is at steak by sacrificing all for the one.


Mother Teresa was a saint in action long before the church recognized her as one. Her words are timeless today and mine mirror hers in that she knew we need to find solutions to our world problems, and we need to learn to work together somehow.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Copyright September 2013

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment….

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” – Anne Frank


Photo by Jennier Rizzo

Even though trapped in a concentration camp Anne Frank still had faith and wrote in her diary that would become part of history and a book the world can read.

How would YOU IMPROVE the WORLD if you could?

What things would YOU DO?

Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Copyright September 2013

If You Can’t Explain It Simply Enough, You Don’t Understand It Well Enough

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein

Albert was right when he made this astute remark. I remember when I was in Logic class in college years ago and I was trying to absorb the material in the brown hard back book Mr. Wolf had us study from.

I always wrote my notes out and then paraphrased them in the simplest, to-the-point way. That way, if I could explain the key points covered in each chapter to a child, I knew I understood it all & grasped the concepts.

Was there a class you were in that you found a special way to understand and/or memorize the material so you could teach it to someone else?

Share how you did it.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Everything Has It’s Time In The Sun…

Sometimes we wonder if all our work is recognized or seen or aknowledged when we are a creative soul. Sometimes, if you are a writer or an artist, songwriter or poet, we wonder how far reaching our work is or will be.

We are not alone in these feelings.


Not Van Gogh’s famous painting of the sunflowers, but beautiful

Even the great French Impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh had these words to say:

“I cannot help it that my pictures do not sell. Nevertheless the time will come when people will see that they are worth more than the price of the paint.”

Laughter Is….

Laughter….the most civilized music in the world. –

Peter Ustinov

From “Dear Me” (1977) Chapter 3


When was the last time you watched a Charlie Chaplin movie? He was the creator and producer of countless films in the silent movie era. They really weren’t silent because music (usually a pianola girl playing piano) took the place of the audio sound and voice tracks. That was from a time in history that will never return.

Charlie Chaplin wrote many of the pieces that you heard playing on his movies.

Watch one and LAUGH. Bring your friends and loved ones together and LAUGH TOGETHER. It keeps you young.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Copyright, September 2013

Your Epilepsy News Resource

If you or someone you know has epilepsy this informative newsletter broke history when I created it last year. The news comes from nearly 50 news sources from all over the world. It is updated daily.

Encourage someone you know with this newsletter. Information is power and can change someone’s life for the better.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Your Epilepsy News Resources Creator, Editor
Diagnosed January 1971 with simple & complex partial epilepsy
Disability Advocate


Poor Allocation of Monetary Resources in CA, Preferential Treatment in the Work Place & Drug Use Rising


Poor Allocation of Monetary Resources in CA

& Preferential Treatment to Vietnamese & Mexicans in the Work Place-Unfair

& Drug Use Rising to Epidemic Proportions

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Copyright September 2013, Paulette Le Pore Motzko

(This is a political post with my views about being more proactive about the many problems that are in epidemic proportions in CA now. I can’t speak for what your town or state looks like, but after living here for the better part of 40 years….I can speak for this one. It wasn’t always this way. On every corner if you walk and take the bus-which I do, you will see one homeless man or woman, one beggar, one crazy person and then one normal one.

I am not exaggerating this. We need to crack down on the drug use because I see too many people holding conversations with themselves! When I took the bus years ago when I was 18 the people wore suits and carried brief cases like I did-when I was getting my first college degree. Now people argue and rarely can I take a bus without being asked for money, hearing two people argue and nearly get into a fight, or see at least 10 crazy people. I am just an honest lady, I don’t drink, smoke, do drugs and wouldn’t if you paid me a few thousand bucks. Why is that? The stuff kills you or screws you up so badly that you won’t know it when you are! I was in a car accident over 15 years ago because I had a seizure behind the wheel as I have epilepsy. The pills didn’t work. I was thankful as I heard applause from all my neighbors, the paramedics and ambulances when I heard them clap and say, “Thank God she’s Alive!”

I knew I would never drive again because it was traumatizing to not see the accident happen. The car was crunched in the chain link fence of a school yard. It was my worst nightmare and it came true. I thank God THAT NO BODY WAS HURT OR KILLED.

Much in the same way, don’t do anything that can alter who you are.

I have taken pills since I was a small child of nine years old.

I am so busy thanking God that times are better now that I wouldn’t for the life of me mess it up with any foreign substance like drugs or alcohol or meth or other disgusting garbage. Make the most of yourself not the least. We need to do something in our communities so we can get back the safe environments we once had and hopefully create programs that warn against how harmful using drugs can be.)

You were given gifts in life and only one chance around. Take care of what God gave you and don’t.

Pass this around and send it to people who can help make a change for the better.



I never dreamed I would ever see a time when I would take the bus and see a blind man who was so poor he carried a huge tree branch for a cane like Moses- who would tell me he had no place to live. I am a disabled American citizen who on August 31st became 52 years young. I have epilepsy and after many years and a recent reassessment am now getting $886 a month. When rent in southern California and goes for a minimum of $1200 to an outlandish $1800 a month for a one bedroom; my $886 buys nothing really. I realize this is the same plight with the millions of Americans who are also getting SSI checks.

It buys me peace of mind, and before I finally won my SSI case with Bill La Tour, I had to worry constantly if I couldn’t make a living or if my health was less than perfect. I would stay in southern CA if I hadn’t been told there was an 8 year wait to get a place with HUD housing, Section 8. I have talked about allocating more money to the governor and the director of the Urban Housing Authority, but they simply don’t care.

Apathy is the worst crime of all, and to allow blind people to walk around with no resources, no home, disabled ladies I see and disabled men and our supposed honored veterans to not have adequate housing is a travesty.

I am suggesting adding several million dollars to the CA Housing Program. That can be done several ways. Would you like me to tell you how?

1.     Let me see the current budget in Orange County and how it is being allocated. There are funding sources all over from Private Foundations that could donate to a worthwhile cause. Why not tap into them? As the former Founder & CEO of The Epilepsy Connection, there are always people who when working together, can accomplish great things.

2.     Cutting salaries ever so slightly from over paid paper turners and trimming parties and other needless things that the paper turners add up on expensive tabs that take out of other needed programs that are not being filled.

3.     Have the mayor take the OCTA bus on his next day off and see how lousy the system and how dirty the buses are. Let him also see how going just a few miles from you house can take up to two hours! We need additional bus lines, especially on the 29 buses going north and south ward. We need to compete with other places like Long Beach that far supersedes OCTA in how often the buses come and also how much cheaper it is to ride. I would only ride for 25 cents in Long Beach and blind people and those in wheelchairs ride free.

Why should I have to move out of the state to afford anything? The facts are, I shouldn’t have to. We need rent control in Orange County because the landlords are getting rich and people cannot afford the rent, which is why you see so many people living sub-standard lives living out of someone’s bedroom for $500 and $600 a month! In Orange County we have what I call a TRIPLE LOSS SYNDROME. The rich who own the apartment complexes are getting richer, homelessness is on the rise, drug use and it is just going to get worse until someone opens their eyes and looks around and thinks of solutions to making living in Orange County, CA a pleasant experience.

There is a better life out there folks in CA than living in someone’s house while they make money off your existence! Aside from New York and CA, the most expensive states in the nation, a person can live a good life with no program required to get a nice apartment.
I had 3 houses when I was married and I just want simple and apartment life has what I want with no maintenance on the property.
I also like the spa, pool, club house and more social life style it offers.

There is just deperation on every corner here in southern CA.
This is a typical scene at the bus stop.


In the photo above on the right hand side of the photo…that shopping cart is someone’s house! I have seen so many people literally counting pennies here and asking me for money. They don’t know my situation and how few pennies of my own until my next SSI check comes in.

I had a breakthrough seizure earlier because the guy I am staying with me yelled at me when I got up. I am a pretty easy lady to please. My pills work when I am not living in a weird stressful situation, which I have been for some months after Mike Bunker evicted me when I elected to live in the property my parent’s owned helping them almost completely make their house payment. (Some people scrape the bottom of the barrel of class and integrity and that is true for what was my sister and brother in law who saw me as not a person but expendable and in the way.)

I have my mother Ramona still, who won’t know where I am going because she will only try and stop me and has no idea the hell I have been through this year.

There is no reason for her to know.

She will see my new place and I have to stay focused and DO WHAT I KNOW IS THE BEST FOR ME: THAT IS NOT A CRIME. IT IS MY TURN NOW.

I moved here when I was 6 years old from Tucson, AZ and my father, who was a salesperson, how in heaven looking down on me now, took the four kids, of which I am the youngest, and a U-haul truck, and drove the Rambler station wagon to southern CA. He had the idea that he could do better out in CA and wanted to see the Pacific Ocean and beach. That we did, and yes, he did do better in sales and there is no comparison to Orange County, CA the big city and where I grew up, only that you can afford a place to live in Arizona and most cannot here in CA.

Sometimes I wonder if I am the only one that can see these inadequacies and I am walking around as if in a bad movie. I know there can be ways these things can change, only if enough want to see change.

I was going to run for office if I had stayed in Orange County. I have my mother here who means the world to me. That is great. My first choice would be to get a nice apartment and stay here and visit mom whenever I want. That is not the choice that I am given though. After numerous letters and faxes to everyone I can think of to grant me the housing voucher I would need in order to remain in CA. I refuse to live a mediocre existence, going broke paying storage fees monthly keeping my upright grand piano in storage, along with my library and office and gourmet kitchen.

There is so much to change here and if you are a congressman and are reading this, what can you do to keep me in southern CA? What changes can be made by the heads of the state? I would be in politics here if I remained here, but with $886 a month, I barely live on it and if I make one cent over that amount, guess what happens to my Social Security Income? It goes down by one cent!! I found that out the hard way. A friend of mine gave me two generous cash presents this last year and it appeared on my bank statement. A social worker spotted it in Garden Grove and told me I owed $1200! Well, that is convenient for them isn’t it? They owed me $1200 for the many hotels I have been forced to stay in since my rotten brother in law Mike Bunker (who was made power of attorney for my mother by my dad-which was against the law, since mom has Alzheimer’s disease and is mentally incompetent! Any documents she signed are void. He evicted me from my mother’s house on Hockey Street, even though I have vested interest in it and paid rent there 13 years, which helped pay my parent’s mortgage almost in full each month. I paid $600 a month and their house payment was $800.

Jerome at the SSA in Tucson, AZ looked and in one millisecond said, “Oh my God Miss, Something is terribly wrong! You have been underpaid about $600 a month since you won your case! What happened?” I replied, I have been complaining to the Vietnamese that run the Garden Grove SSA office, but was told “I had to go there”. Fact is, I could go anywhere and I did. The Garden Grove Social Security office has the worse reviews of all of them and no positive ones. That should get someone investigating how they are cooking the books there and passing their own kind and turning white people away.

I went to the Social Security office in Santa Ana, CA and talked to Miss Ortega. I poured out my soul, blood, guts and tears to her and told her my tragic story. She listened and learned and then acted. Something I wish more did who work in the welfare and social service programs. Immediately the error was fixed and my new adjusted amount was $886. In one day in less than 10 minutes!

I am a victim of racial discrimination and will probably get an attorney to file charges on those that made me wait to get my first check. I am owed a minimum of $5,400 that I am still fighting for and they are coming up with excuses why they don’t have to pay me. Facts are:

My proof of income statement for SSI was $486. It was supposed to be $886, which means I was shortchanged $400. Take that $400, which is some people’s entire check for the month, and multiply it by __August 2012 to present date and you will get the amount I am owed.

I am requesting a thorough crack down and investigation on the Garden Grove Social Security Office and also in the Medical and Food Stamp Building. I was turned down 3 times to get medical Cal Optima Medical and one day I pieced all the papers together and saw the correlation-they were all had last names of “Nguyen” which is the equivalent of Smith in Vietnamese. I called the CEO/ Executive Director of Medical/Cal Optima and said I would sue everyone in the chain of command who had something to do with this FRAUD because I didn’t need a kid to get medical as they said I did!

I remember when I was first applying for Medical and Cal Optima and I was there a grand total of 7 hours. Guess what I got-Nothing! Guess what the Mexican couple who were not American citizens got who had the 3 kids? They got Medical, Food Stamps and General Relief in 20 minutes! There is something corrupt going on with our programs and I want it outlawed.

My Medical benefits were wired to Sacramento by a lady named Barbara at the Garden Grove office and I had Medical one week later.

Why does that matter now? I shouldn’t have had to suffer because of someone’s stupidity. I went to hospitals, was misdiagnosed, nearly died and still have medical bills I shouldn’t have when I was uninsured. I lost years of my life due to idiots who are put in the position of helping people and supposedly caring about their welfare. I could probably sue for several million dollars just by showing the records of just a few of the hospitals I was at needlessly, repeatedly instead of just giving me the insurance to pay to see a good neurologist and to pay for my Tegretol and Vimpant for epilepsy costing which is really expensive without insurance but making me the healthiest I have ever been in my life. That is the only diagnosis I have; I just need a place to live to call MY OWN with my own things around me again.

 (I have two college degrees and never idly sit. I look. I pay attention. And I see who comes and goes in there and who is counting their money and the ones with money are Vietnamese. The government claims that they brought the Vietnamese over as a “payback for the war”? What did you to do the Americans who lived there all their lives like my dad who died a poor man and was still fighting to get medical on his deathbed? There is something gravely wrong with our priorities and it is not a fair place to live.

We should promote English first and teach people over 18 who are Vietnamese and Mexican English period. I shouldn’t have to learn Vietnamese to get a job or Spanish. When a person with two college degrees like me can only become a trash collector because it is the only “non-bilingual” job, Orange County’s priorities and rules have to change.

I am not the only one who feels the way I do. I am just the only one with courage to speak out about it.

It is against my civil rights to be treated any differently than a woman with kids. I couldn’t have children for medical reasons and should be given the same opportunities, given the same benefits and I have needed housing for 3 years. I am white, disabled; American and I chose to take care of my parents after my divorce in 2001 to my rocket scientist husband.

I would never in a trillion years think I would hear one human being utter the words “We don’t want a white teacher”, but I did! I am enraged because I work 3 times as hard to do something I had residual income doing for 20 years. I am a master piano teacher and now my piano is in a storage vault, along with everything I own since April 2013.

As I look around I see a kind of farce. I wonder if I leave here, if anyone will make it better and if the congressmen and women will read this and wake up and have consciousness a do what it right for once.

I am going to send this to my congressmen and women and some of the news media and a few more and see where it goes.

I also want to leave you with a final thought.

I am not a racist but I hate people to teach their kids to hate. That is what Garden Grove in Little Saigon turned into. Vietnamese teach their kids to hate white people; they are the ones who never say hello back and for the most part. They don’t care to ever learn how to say hello, communicate in any shape or form with the people who were born in this country and are English speaking.

That is a problem that I would like to see erased by making them realize the merits of speaking English.

IT is a slap in the face of every American to segregate them out of the job market. How dare the morons who are running the cities to open it only to the Vietnamese and Mexicans. That is exactly what you are doing when every job in Santa in a huge book that I went through for hours, requires you speak either Vietnamese or Spanish. What is American about that? You wonder why there are so many homeless, on drugs and crazy people riding the buses these days.

I can see the big picture.

Can you see the big picture?

America is supposed to have equal opportunities for everyone yet that is not what is happening now. Women are getting $800 per child and people are “getting children then you will get $800”.  It isn’t the $800 a month for a mother who really needs extra money for her child I resent, but having no income whatsoever because my ex moved to another state, having nobody help locate him, because I didn’t have kids, and having to live off nothing for two years. Actually the $400 I got from having a roommate is what I lived on! IF YOU DO NOT HAVE CHILDREN IN THIS COUNTRY IT IS AS THOUGH YOU ARE DEAD OR DON’T MATTER. THAT IS WRONG!

WE SHOULD PROMOTE AWARENESS, BIRTH CONTROL AND EDUCATION TO AVOID THIS ABUSING THE SYSTEM. Also, if a person doesn’t have a job, they shouldn’t be bringing a child into the world! The child is innocent and doesn’t deserve to come into a world where not only do they not have a father but have no home. Birth control needs to be taught at a much earlier age in the Latina communicates and it is not a “sin” to use birth control. It is smart and needed. Let the priests have the babies and raise them. A child deserves two parents, a loving household and if they aren’t getting that, something is very wrong.

It is not a family they are fostering but a money making institution. It is disgusting! I taught piano for 20 years and care about children, truly care about their welfare, want to mentor them, encourage them and realize they are innocent in the whole charade. The child is losing in this though. Children are having babies and I am wondering if it is possible to see a Latino girl who is 12 or 16 without a child in stroller. When was the last time you saw one?

Take a look around and pay attention what nationality the managers are at the restaurants you go into. Are they Mexican or Vietnamese? When was the last time you saw a white one? I hate to be so blunt here, but when was it. America was supposed to create equality among races but I could have got a great job in CA but my name would have to have been Nguyen or Lopez. If that were the case I would be a manager somewhere.

If the Vietnamese in my old neighborhood Little Saigon weren’t such bigots, I would still be earning $50 an hour as a Master Piano Teacher, but they were. Do I think that all Vietnamese are bigots? No. I have many friends who are Vietnamese, but they are English speaking, know manners, open doors care about communicating and are grateful for the privilege of being in America.

Racism isn’t a crime but it should be but I suggest a screening process that won’t allow people who hate white people to come in the United States. You should have to do something to warrant you being privileged to be in the USA. Not simply be here to rape our welfare system dry so there is no more for the real disabled that truly have no place to live.

I will be moving out of state because I know I can get a one bedroom place for under $450. I would rather live a better quality life where I am smiled at and treated fairly and don’t have to worry about preferential treatment for other races.  

The president of the United states is busy taking luxurious, extravagant trips and the first lady is showing off her $300 tennis shoes while the average working class person is suffering, doing without and the basic needs of the disabled and our poor veterans are not even honored with a place to live after protecting our country and in many cases having to live with a lifelong disability-all for the price of war! Does that paint an ugly picture? Yes.

Should American citizens pay to have the white house redecorated whenever the First Lady gets a whim? I don’t think so. The president was rich before he was elected and if he took the bus with me one day he might have a better idea of the problems we are facing in CA and in the USA today. There is so much blatant waste within our political officials and they write it off for people like us to pay in the form of a bigger deficit in the fiscal budget and in higher taxes.

 Does that bother you?

It should.

It is the truth.

I want to change that.

If this gets me my voucher I will stay in Orange County be appointed in one of the offices.

I graduated top of my class at Chapman University in their Master’s Certification Program for Voluntary Leadership. I am proud of that because I didn’t have the B.S. degree required to get in the program, but the instructor told me I had the Life Experience and he said if you can do the work-you’re in. I did.

I also was the presenter at the Summit Meeting that year and people paid $150 to hear me speak and demystify what epilepsy was and wasn’t. I was the CEO Founder of The Epilepsy Connection and helped people for 6 years. I want to see more of a Triple Win Scenario-which is I win, You Win and Society Wins. Better yet, American People First, Other Countries Second and Take Care of Your Own Before Your Give Exon, Chevron and other Billion A Year Oil Companies nearly $40 Billion Dollars a year in subsidies. Hell, you can’t even subsidize the poorest of the poor, the disabled and veterans. It is disturbing when there are so many more pressing needs in the United States and they need to be addressed immediately.

Why should Libya warrant a billion dollars a year when we have people dying in our streets in the USA?

How can you sleep at night MR. President when the First Lady redecorates the White House again and again and we buy more bombs and you threaten countries that are no apparent threat? Do you think this thing called Presidency is a game?

You didn’t fund the space program. The first time in history that a president didn’t’ fund the space and defense program. How do you think your Blackberry works MR. President? It is from the satellites in the sky put up by companies like Motorola and the Iridium program (that my ex Mark Matzo who is a Chief Specialist on the Delta Rocket and is with United Launch Alliance– helped put into place).

The space program is needed because it costs money to launch the many satellites from other countries like France, India, China, Russia and it is through things like the Space Station have we for the first time in history are working with the Russians side by side for one common goal.

I say, to you Mr. Obama, what did the oil companies give you to do that? What profit and money are you making from giving outlandish tax breaks to the richest companies?

There is a terrible unfair dichotomy between the rich and the poor in my town anyway, which is Orange County, CA.

After being married to a rocket scientist and getting a pretty good grade in Logic Class in college it just looks like a crazy circus in Orange County, but I know it can change for the better seeing that those that need help most get the help they deserve.

I call myself a fire starter or a Catalyst for Positive Change.

I know there are more than myself who also are disturbed by these things.

Write your local congressman about these issues and lobby to change them.

If you are white and you feel you have been treated unfairly by the Garden Grove Social Security Office Contact the FRAUD HOTLINE at: ______

Remember this important fact:

You cannot sue the government but you can sue people who work for the government.

That fact is liberating and could change your life.

Nobody wants to fight in this life for anything, but I have fought many wars. I only want health, peace of mind, and a nice place to live for myself and my mother. I want my brother in law to face charges of elder abuse I treating me as though I was an animal, which I am not.

I am my mother’s voice now that she can no longer speak for herself. It is my job to make sure she gets all the proceeds from the property my dad and her bought in 1984 when I was 24. I have vested interest in the property amounting to about $25,000 and I know my mom would want me to have that, since her wishes were to will me the house.

In MA they insure people. They don’t insure their bank accounts.

Why should it matter how much money is in your account to get medical insurance? It is nobody’s business what is in mine and shouldn’t be the government’s.

Obama’s bogus health care plan was supposed to get me insurance and remove the pre-existing illness clause. It didn’t. Same old same old. If you are Mexican with 8 kids you have insurance. If you are white, Anglo Saxon, single, divorced, male or female you fight like hell to get insurance and that is wrong.

I hope I see the day where all people in CA have medical insurance and they don’t have to go through what I did.

I hope I see the day where enough people make a fuss and complain about the misallocation of the funds we have in CA and our country in general, to start breaking through the trillion dollar deficit and actually see the United State’s in a health fiscal state.

We (The USA) won’t ever be in a healthy financially if we keep giving to Exon, Chevron and Libya billions a year to borrow from China to keep the stupid vicious circle going.

Wake up Mr. President and learn how to balance a budget and take care of your people For God’s Sake!

I was thinking about it and I feel like I am a female Robin Hood. Instead of taking from the poor to give to the rich, which is what the president is doing now and the government as his accomplice, I want to take from the rich and give to the neediest of the needy, give to our honored veterans like my father (now in heaven) who passed away one year ago September from advanced congestive heart failure, stroke and was severely crippled with osteoarthritis. The VA Hospital did a lousy job with him allowing the paramedics to come down our drive way about ever other day, until I insisted he stay in an assisted living care place, because my mother-who is 82 years old with Alzheimer’s disease, is responsible for all the good qualities I possess. Integrity and honesty are in my DNA. I have a moral conscious and more who work for in our government should think about creating a triple win so everybody can live a life that sustains them, supplying them with what they need to live.

Very simply put, fill the needs before you take lavish trips and have the American taxpayers pay for them. Mr. President you were rich to begin with and so is the first lady. I don’t care where you go, but address the issues needed in CA and other parts of the USA before you take a trip or give money away to other countries. Then if you take a trip, pay for it with your own money. If you want to redecorate, pay for it with your own money. The country is in debt because people are abusing the entire system.

I am worried because of so many people abusing the EBT card system; it will vanish for those who need it most. I have a resume that beats most people. I type 80 w.p.m, am a good writer, photographer and marketing consultant. Discrimination against disabled people still exists, even though the American with Disabilities Act has made great strides for opportunities for disabled people.

Allocate more money to the HUD Housing program. It needs it urgently. I know a guy named Via who has been homeless for 10 years. He is in a wheelchair and lives in his van. He gets about $900 a month in SSDI I think and I know a lady named Ernestine who is crippled in a wheelchair with no home too. Facts are: SSI Income is so low it requires a subsidized housing program to live in an apartment anywhere.

You must address this. To say there is an 8 year wait is to undermine the intelligence of every disabled person in CA. The open mouth gets fed in this world and I am not waiting 8 years. I will move out of the state out of sheer necessity before I do that.

I am speaking for every disabled man and woman who needs an advocate who doesn’t exist in this county. I am their voice. I have been the voice of many disabled people who had epilepsy and dual diagnosis as the CEO of The Epilepsy Connection.

I hope I can  make positive changes that will change people’s lives now and in the future.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

September 20th, 2013

12:15 midnight

Stanton, CA,USA


Homeless guy who served in the military and was wounded. He has the gun shot to prove it! He shouldn’t be homeless. America should take care of those who protected for us, fought for us, and were injured permanently for us.
Hear that Mr. President??

I want the best for everybody, no matter what race, color or creed. I hope everyone has more than enough so they never worry or stress. The more money I have the less stress I have and I was used to a nice life when I was married.

if you have no place to live here, and have a steady income coming in check out Arizona, Las Vegas, or New Mexico. You will be living in a nice place for what your paying for that room you’re in now. Check it out.

I like the ocean but I am not a mermaid! I will come back and visit the thing and my mother. Meanwhile, life has given me no other choices but onward and upward.

God bless all who reads this and I hope you have a steady job that pays enough and you have all your needs met.

I will be glad when the planets align to enable me to teach piano again, have my things around me, my privacy my life.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Updated September 20, 2013

Paulette Motzko’s Answers to Questions for Liebster Award & Her Nominations & Questions for Them


 Nominations and My Nominees for the Liebster Award And Other Honorable Mentions

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Copyright 2013

Paulette Le Pore Motzko – Writer, Photographer, & Marketer

Blog name- “Totally Inspired Mind”

URL: http://www.TotallyInspiredPC.wordpress.com



I Am Part of the Word Press Family Award-nominated by

 Don Charisma

The Liebster Award

And Most Inventive Award on Word Press Awards

Since I created Cooking Up a Storm All Over The World over 3 years ago, I had hoped it would win an award of some kind, but it didn’t. I pay for the Pro Plan there at over $700 a year so all the things will work on it and I can designate titles to the various members on the site like Contributing Writer and Field Correspondents.

It is off the air until after October 2cnd, 2013 when I make Ning happy again and they get paid. I am an honest lady, but that is the only way I know how to be. Integrity is in my DNA.

I created Totally Inspired Mind on Word Press last year in the fall and I guess it is going on a year old, though it doesn’t feel like it. IT felt like a great release was let out like letting a bunch of doves out of a huge cage and letting them fly. (I was looking after my mother whose Alzheimer’s disease so severe she had to be put into a special care home where she had someone watching after her 24/7. That was something I could not do mentally or physically any longer and after I made up my mind to face what my abilities were I told the rest of my siblings I could not do it anymore.

I went to a hotel and did a lot of thinking as to where I was going to live and what I was going to.

People are quick to judge caregivers but until you live with someone who is diagnosed with the disease, you will never truly know how utterly demanding it is and how much patience it requires and time.

I will always love mom but I literally couldn’t do anything for ten minutes and think or have any type of concentration on anything. My health was suffering as a woman with epilepsy, and I knew I needed to put myself first for the first time in my life.

I think it is my most rewarding blog I do because I can write about things I feel strongly about, controversial things and things I think help people. At the times when I wondered if I would lose every reader I had, I instead gained more momentum and more members and followers!

It goes to show when you follow your passions and you do what you believe is right, not only for yourself but to help everybody, you cannot help but win in the end.

I hope I did this right.

I will add in the web site URL’s for each web site mentioned. I did not know how to find out how many followers/subscribers each site had. I just know I loved them and I chose to re-blog their material more than once.


My nominees are

1.  Don Charisma



2.  O’ Canada


3.  The Best Years Are Yet To Come


4.  The Commonsense Philosopher



5.  Kellygetthin-Nominated me for the Liebster Award-Must link back to her



6.  Inked Words by A.J. Bell- Passion For Writing



7.  Reflections Share Encourage Discuss



8.  BooknVolume-For the Love of Words, Laugher, Inspiration (and the odd sexy split infinitive)



9.  Positive PollyAnna



10.             Living Minimalist



Liebster Award Question and Answers

New blogs with less than 200 followers

Answer These and Come Up with 10 Questions for your nominees to answer

Questions Given to Paulette Motzko & Her Answers


1.  What inspires you blog posts?


What inspires my blog posts are feeling very strongly about what I am talking about. When I know I can speak out in front of thousands of people about what I am discussing or talking about, I know I have something great.


2.  What was your first blog post about? – I had no idea what a blog was literally, until I read my first Writer’s Market magazine at the Newport Beach Library in Corona Del Mar. I was immediately glued to the magazine and felt my world was expanding. I knew my world would never be the same again.


3.  Where do you feel the most at peace?- I feel most at peace in wide open spaces and beautiful places-by the beach, by the ocean near the desert overlooking cacti like what I remember when in Tucson as a kid, in resorts, doing work for big companies and creating photos, and carving my words like Michelangelo carved marble.



4.  If you had to choose one food/dish you could eat for the rest of your life what would it be and why?-

I would hope I didn’t have to eat one food for the rest of my life, but if I did, it would take a long time to get sick of stir fries and teriyaki chicken.


5.  What is your favorite travel destination?-Las Vegas, NV because there are international business people who love what I do in advertising, words and photography and it is always interesting. The shows, the big businesses, the excitement. I can have a lot of fun and I don’t gamble or drink! I want to go to Italy one day and see my many friends there and travel to the Positano region and Palermo because I have a good friend who lives there and also Rome-who owns a cooking school there, and of course the amazing art and history there and Italian food.


6.  Who inspires you?- My mother with her sweet disposition to life. My friend Nick and the many things he teaches me about history and politics. My guy friend Roland and his smile and blue eyes and the way he puts a lilt in my step.  Also, I get inspired to change the state of affairs I and other disabled people live in when I see them suffering and doing without and are put in danger with no place to live. If I run for office in CA I want to see that every disabled person has a nice place to live. The president has bought enough bombs to blow the world up 3 times over, it is about time he puts less money in the hands of the ultra-rich and puts it in the hands of those who make below poverty wage.

7.  Post a link to your favorite post that you’ve written and why.- That is a really hard question to answer. I will come back to it later.

8.  What do you love about blogging?- It is laborious and it is way more work than I ever anticipated going into it. The most extraordinary thing about it I can imagine something in my mind one minute, or get an idea for a story or an article, and I can make it reality with just a little TIME and EFFORT. It is very rewarding to see my work re-blogged and get fantastic feedback by people higher and higher on the food chain in the media, writers, photographers and big businesses.


9.  What other social media platforms do you use?- I am on Twitter as PollyMozko, Facebook as my full name: Paulette Le Pore Motzko, on Pinterest by Polly Motzko, Instagram as Polly Motzko, Linked in as my full name again.


I also have a few other sites called Photos That Inspire Words http://www.PhotosThatInspireWords.wordpress.com







10.             As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?- I wanted to be a truck driver of a big diesel truck and loved to play with Match Box cars, which I still have. Then when my Nanny came to live with us, (my dad’s mother), she brought with her a piano that would revolutionize my world. I knew when I played it at 9 years old my world would never be the same again. Music was my best friend and still is today, only I have expanded it to writing and photography as well.


Paulette’s Questions to My Nominees

1.  When did you know you had a talent for writing?

2.  When did you call yourself a photographer?

3.  What is your most favorite thing about the blog that you created and write on regularly?

4.  What made you want to create a blog?

5.  How would you describe your blog?

6.  If you could create an ultimate blog post, what would you write it about?

7.  Have you ever co-wrote a blog post? If so, who with and what was it about?

8.  If you have never co-written a blog post, who would like to write one with?

9.  What are some of your interests aside from blogging/writing?

10.             Who is someone that made a huge impression in your life and in what you do now?


Thank you again to those who nominated me for the Liebster Award, The Welcome to The Word Press Family Award and the Most Inventive Award.

I just discovered Iheart Radio on my Android MyTouch phone tonight as I am finishing writing this. My guy friend told me he listens to a radio on KFI 640 AM radio and I searched it on the Vocal Search and then downloaded the free application, and whala-my phone is playing Taylor Swift Love Story now on KOST 103.5 FM radio now.

I am going to post this on Totally Inspired Mind and I am sure that all those nominated will contact me because they are members on my site!



I recently played my first game of pool with two friends of mine. My friend gave me the photo earlier tonight and I created a HD version of the photo and added the borders that matched the green on the table.

I immediately thought of this analogy:

Accomplishing your goals is a lot like playing a good game of pool.
Both require you to:

1. Concentrate and Focus
2. Use Strategy
3. AIM FOR WHAT YOU WANT and shoot your best shot
4. Be persistent
5. Even if the ball doesn’t go in the pocket you want, that doesn’t mean you end the game.
6. You keep playing, find new techniques and perfect your craft so you can win the game.

In this case, life is the game and although none of us know “what hands we are dealt” as in cards, you play it and learn everything you can about winning the game, or your specialty, and you will, like an archer, hit the bull’s eye!

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Copyright 2013