I love people who make me laugh….


When was the last time you watched a good comedy or did something light hearted? You need to from time to time. Doing such things gives balance to your life and a release of all the stress from your day to day problems.
You will find by adding levity to your life you’ll have a fresh attitude about the more pressing things you are dealing with.

Things will be easier and you will accomplish things faster.
Laughter keeps you YOUNG most of all and gives you a healthy attitude towards life.

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Copyright August 6, 2013

3 thoughts on “I love people who make me laugh….

  1. I love people with a great sense of humor, too. (Hence, I married my husband.) =)

    Here’s a joke for you: Do you know why scuba divers flip backwards when they get into the water?

    Because if they went forward…

    They would STILL be in the boat! =)

    Happy Friday!

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