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I love you mom and miss you a lot and soon I will be able to see you whenever I want again. My mother Ramona is 82 years old and my oldest sister & brother in law have been hanging the phone up when I call and making it near impossible to see her. The rediculous thing is they claim to “care about her” but took her from the house she and dad lived in with no warning, and never allowed her to go back into her own house to pick out things she might have wanted to keep….being that it is traumatic enough having to go into a senior home for Alzheimer’s disease.

It is bad enough dad died not even a year ago and the Mike Bunker, who was made power of attorney with a piece of paper that is void simply because mom didn’t know what she was signing! I have no idea what my sister and BUNKER HAD IN MIND, BUT IT WASN’T MY MOTHER’S WISHES THEY WERE TRYING TO CARRY OUT. I, ON THE OTHER HAND, HAVE BEEN MY MOTHER’s friend, my mom’s advocate and cheerleader. Just as she was mine.

I want to make this right.

Many reports to Adult Protective Services have been made with no avail.

We have lousy laws pertaining to power of attorney in this country. If someone is alerting everyone that the person has malicious intent and they don’t listen, what the heck do I do to end this horrid charade?

I believe funds have been embezzled.
Mom never got one dime of her social security checks and instead he spent it on my dad..when he was alive, or cartons of cigarettes as my brother Bob did, instead of buying her things with his own money and acting the role of a good son who gave his TIME to his MOTHER. That’s what mom really wanted.
I need the name of a high powered attorney who can remove Mike Bunker from power of attorney proving mom was mentally incompetent when she signed it.

Also a Bogus family meeting at the Hyatt Regency Hotel on August 19th 2012 was summoned by Mike Bunker who was given my dad’s credit cards willingly by dad himself. He gave him the power to be Hitler taking his so-called power to maniac standards. He must be stopped, especially since he sold my mom’s house and I have no idea what he did with the money.

If it plays out like all the personal possessions he threw in trash dumpsters that he thought nobody would ever tell or make him accountable for…he was wrong.

Help me hire a hard hitting, kick ass lawyer familiar with probate, elder abuse and criminal matters.

If any one can come up with how to make this right, let me know.
Email Paulette Motzko at TotallyInspiredPC@gmail.com

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