Stop Looking For The Magic….You Are It!

you are the magic you’re seeking –

So often we are in a never-ending quest to become “something else” or “someone else”. We get so wrapped up with the quest that we completely ignore the talents and abilities we now have.

Take stock of your unique abilities.
Sit at your computer or laptop and open up your word processing program (Word or Word Perfect) and begin with Number 1 and so on and just type in your abilities.
(On MS Word set the program to make a list so all you do is hit return and it automatically numbers it for you.)

Then, once you have a good list, begin another list called “Things I Am Passionate About and Love Doing”.

Number the list and you will unviel what will become a road way that will lead you to ideas of jobs and careers for you….doing what you love.

Third list is….can you guess?

Jobs and Careers Using my Abilities, Talents Doing What I Love.

This merges the findings of all three lists together.

Enjoy happy discovering about yourself.

If you do this exercise, and it helped you, write me back at

Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Copywrite July 2013

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