“Focus on your …

“Focus on your goals like an archer keeps his eye towards the bull’s eye! Don’t waiver from your destination and never lose sight why you are striving for what you’re doing. Keep the main purpose ever present as though it were right in front of your face. When something matters and it will help others there is never any task too great that will save someone’s life or improve it in even a small way.”
Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Focus on your goals like an archer keeps his eye towards the bull’s eye! Don’t waiver from your destination and never lose sight why you are striving for what you’re doing. Keep the main purpose ever present as though it were right in front of your face. When something matters and it will help others there is never any task too great that will save someone’s life or improve it in even a small way.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko


Copyright July 2013, Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Sometimes I Just Have The Feeling To Look UP…..

Thanks you – http://pinterest.com/pin/80642649550787789/

And say Thank You God!


I have found in my life the more grateful you are with the many blessings you were given, the more blessings you get.

Thankfulness is synonymous with an appreciative heart.
Seems that the poorest people are the most gracious and the richest people are more screwed up, unsatisfied, and live on the edge of always owning more to define themselves by the names on their hand bags.

I find it hard to believe that those who have never experienced “doing without” at least once in their life will never truly enjoy the simple things in life.

Sacrifice brings with it wisdom and a hardiness and toughness for enduring the many struggles life offers.

Copyright JULY 2013

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Stop Looking For The Magic….You Are It!

you are the magic you’re seeking – http://pinterest.com/pin/520658406891409730/

So often we are in a never-ending quest to become “something else” or “someone else”. We get so wrapped up with the quest that we completely ignore the talents and abilities we now have.

Take stock of your unique abilities.
Sit at your computer or laptop and open up your word processing program (Word or Word Perfect) and begin with Number 1 and so on and just type in your abilities.
(On MS Word set the program to make a list so all you do is hit return and it automatically numbers it for you.)

Then, once you have a good list, begin another list called “Things I Am Passionate About and Love Doing”.

Number the list and you will unviel what will become a road way that will lead you to ideas of jobs and careers for you….doing what you love.

Third list is….can you guess?

Jobs and Careers Using my Abilities, Talents Doing What I Love.

This merges the findings of all three lists together.

Enjoy happy discovering about yourself.

If you do this exercise, and it helped you, write me back at


Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Copywrite July 2013

Women Who Thrive


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The more I learn how to use this Word Press application on my Android MyTouch, the more you will see.


Paulette Le Pore Motzko
July 22, 2013

12:51 a.m.

Live Love Laugh and then Keep Learning as Long as You Live!


We have seen these three action words starting with an “L” time and time again.
When was the last time you truly loved someone or told someone you cared about that you loved them?

Is there something you have been wanting to try that you haven’t tried yet?

Or have you searched your interests you are most passionate about on the internet or your Vocal Search application on your Android phone or iphone?

What did you come up with?

Did you find any local groups that meet in your area?

When was the last time you laughed out loud and really had a good belly laugh?

Ask yourself these simple questions and then put this picture and the words on those stacking stones into use in your life.

In other words, make it up close & personal.

Share your stories here if you feel brave enough to.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

July 22, 2013

12:28 midnight

God Will Refine Your Body, Mind & Spirit by Brother Carl Frye


God Will Refine Your Body, Mind & Spirit
Written by Carl Frye
Copyright July 2013 Carl Frye

Image taken by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Hot off the press from my dear high school buddy Brother Carl Frye. He speaks words of wisdom each day on his Facebook page. This one he wrote only
Do circumstances change if you ask God to change them?
Do the consequences of our past sins wash away when we are saved and filled with the holy spirit?
Our circumstances can change when we make Jesus Christ the Lord of our life, but God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
Our consequences of our past sins we must deal with.
We must accept them and not try to change them.
We learn from our mistakes, and our consequences remind us what we done in the past, and prevents us from making the same mistake again.
God forgives and forgets our sins. He wipes them away. He remembers and know more but the consequences have to be dealt with. Some people live with them, and some people don’t.
I don’t let my past interfere with my future, nor do I let people in my past that have done me wrong in my life.
Bad company corrupts good character.
I forgive, forget, and move on. I have a purpose in life and that is to distribute my tracts, and bibles to people that ask for them. Lord, may we all accept the things we can not change. the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference.
God changed me,
Refined me like gold,
And restored me to be what he wanted me to be, and if he can take a man like me, and restore me he can restore you! Reach out to God,and ask him to restore your body, mind, and spirit!

Some Days You Just Have to Create Your Own Sunshine!!

Some days you just have to create your own sunshine this beautiful photo says I found on Facebook. I don’t know who created it to give the credit to, but I loved the very simple way it got across that we are in control of our destiny to a large part.

Even when bad things happen to us, it is up to us to “steer the wheel in a new, better direction.”

Paulette Le Pore Motzko
July 21st, 2013

Emelia Lauqier Rodriguez-Tower of Strength, Fountain of Wisdom

Emelia Lauqier Rodriguez

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

July 12th, 2013

9:32 p.m.


Yesterday when I went to eat lunch at Food 4 Less after writing a proposal for photos, feature story and to be a moderator of a client’s awesome restaurant-I met Emelia Laugier Rodriguez.

She was sitting across from her daughter Evelyn, who were enjoying something I remembered giving me so much joy was the mother-daughter time I enjoyed with my mom. I will enjoy it again, after I tell my sister Brenda Bunker, that mothers are meant to be loved and not held hostage and to allow mom to see all of her children, especially the one-me-she lived next to for 13 years!

Back to the star of the show in this article, Emilia Lauqier Rodriguez. What caught my eye about her, was I TOOK A DOUBLE TAKE AT HER BECAUSE SHE LOOKS LIKE MY MOM’S MOM RUBY HART IN HER LATER YEARS.

Her hair color, profile, sweet nature and smile were all reminiscent of “Grandma” as we all called her. My dad’s mother was always “Nanny” because she was divorced when she was 50 years old (about what I am now), and didn’t want to be called “Grandma”!<



We began talking and to my surprise, Emelia turned out to be a real tower of strength and wisdom, just like my dear Grandma (now in heaven with Nanny and now my father Ernest Carl Le Pore as of last September 2012.) I know if Mom was across from her she would see the uncanny resemblance and think she looked like her mom.

Emelia had 8 children, which to me deserved an award in just the childbirths alone!

Her father was French and her husband Spanish.

She survived two mastectomies and had some cancer that had been removed off her nose as well. When she touched herself in her house dress she said, “Look, I have nothing here now,” but they got it all. I am fine now.

As an observer, I never in a million years would have believed she had two mastectomies, because it wasn’t apparent to me. It was surprising when she disclosed that!

What a trooper and what a hero that she came over the other side of a tragedy that might have demoralized someone of a lesser character.

I proposed the concept of doing an interview with her having her share the things she did right with the world. She liked the idea. I usually bring some kind of computer with me and mine was doing updates on the table and never seemed to get done with them. I kept waiting for the silly computer to get finished with its business but then she began talking and telling me her “story”…..

So, just as in days of old, I picked up my pen and paper and forgot for a moment I could type 80 w.p.m. and began writing what she said.

These are a few of the things I learned from an extraordinary lady named Emelia Lauqier Rodriguez:

Q: Of all the things you’ve learned in life what is the most important?

A: I learned how to be obedient and respect other people. To respect and be respectful.

Another saying her mother told her, which is very similar to one my mother told me is:

“Tell me who you’re with and I will tell you who you are.”

My mother Ramona Hart Le Pore’s advice when I was a child was:

“Choose your friends very carefully because you will end up just like them if you are not careful.”

Of the many jobs that Emelia did throughout her lifetime were:

Laying roof tiles making candles in a factory, waitressing, maid service and in the town in Rico she lived in she drove the local children to and from school so they wouldn’t have to walk so far.

Some of the things that Emelia Rodriguez does every day that help her stay lucid, active and keep her centered are:

  1. She loves doing word search puzzles
  2. She cleans her house and mops the floor and stays active because she enjoys doing it herself and it gives her exercise, as she says.
  3. She refuses to use a walker or cane and wants to stay active as long as she is alive. That was the same attitude that kept my Nanny going strong until her later years. Her attitude was “I want to keep using it so I don’t lose it later on!”
  4. She prays for the safety and health of all her children every day.
  5. She doesn’t wish wrong or bad things to happen to anyone

What advice would you give to new mothers?

A: Be a good mother. Do onto others as you would want others to do to you. Do good and don’t look back.

If more people brought to life the kind of resilience and stamina and courage that Emelia Lauqier Rodriguez exhibited in our short conversation, this would be a way better world.

How many pointers can you put to use and what can you and I both learn from Emelia Rodriguez?

I learned that no matter what you have in life and how you are brought up, no matter if you have what some would consider nothing, it is the person that succeeds. We are 95% attitude and the rest is our physical body and soul. You can correct the soul part to suit how religious you are.

Thank you to Emelia for allowing me to talk with you.

It was an honor to meet you and your wonderful daughter Evelyn.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

July 12th 2013

Emelia swears by doing at least one crossword puzzle a day or word search puzzle each day.
My dad did that and so did my Nanny and it helped their cognitive ability, memory function, not to mention just being fun!


Emelia on her wedding day. She looks so much like her daughter Evelyn, if she had dark hair! Back when times were more simple, cell phones and satellites were just a dream in some inventor’s eye.

“The tragedy of life…

Wise words from the great Norman Cousins that I hope will make you think of things you really want to do NOW. That is really all you have. It is in the now that we create, we believe and we can transform the mundane into extraordinary, day by day.- Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Totally Inspired Mind

How can we better support disabled people’s career journeys?

I can’t count the jobs I didn’t get because I didn’t drive, even though the position didn’t require driving. You could never prove it, but I had the thing “in the bag”, so to speak, until the head of HR knew ACCESS was driving me. I would like to make it illegal to discriminate against a person simply because they aren’t driving the car!
ADA has come a long way, but we as disabled people and just people who care about civil rights need to speak up when they know something is wrong.
I reblogged this on my site called Totally Inspired Mind.
Paulette Le Pore Motzko

The Ring Always BELIEVES THE FINGER LIVES FOR IT. Malcolm Chazal

“The ring always believes that the finger lives for it.”
I didn’t write this quote but the way it was written spawned a series of new quotes and I am sure you my readers can think of a few more.


This quote made me think about the purpose different inanimate objects have for one another, as if you personified them.

You could take this and instead hypothesize saying then the rose lives to be adored and loved by a woman.

The child lives to be nurtured and loved by their mother and father.

And finally…

Paper lives for the pen that will write on it and the pen lives for genius whose incredible ideas are written & lead way to inventions and future books that utilize them all!



A teapot lives for the tea that is poured into it.

What relationship can you think of?

Share your keen observations on this.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

July 7th, 2013

130 p.m.

19 firefighters killed in Arizona Blaze- A Tribute & Prayer for their Wives & Children


Little would I think when I was watching the news on CNN last night I would hear of such a horrifying and sad story about the loss of 19 heroic fireman in Arizona who lost their lives fighting a mighty blaze.

Never in my almost 52 years on this earth have I heard of that many fireman losing their lives to keep a blaze away from people’s homes.

I was born in Tucson and visited my uncle there recently and know firsthand how hot and dry the Sonoran desert can be. It was the biggest reason I decided not to move there, even though the apartments were very inexpensive compared to over priced southern CA.

I want to say God bless you to all the families and friends of each fireman who will never come home to their earthly home but who has come home to His Maker God Almighty where through their incredibly selfless actions and heroic deeds I am sure are sitting at the highest helm in Heaven.

I hope all the wives of each fireman somehow find peace and solace in their hearts and an angel is beside them when they sleep so they don’t feel lonely.

I also pray for the children who lost their fathers all too soon in this tragedy. They are their father’s sons and daughters and they also will be great and do great works just as he did. I hope their tears are wiped by their mothers and Great God Almighty gives them the Courage they need to simply go on.

Here is a salute from Paulette Le Pore Motzko to the Hot Shot Fire Team and their families and friends.
I didn’t know them but it puts tears in my eyes now.

I am sorry for your loss at this time.

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I’m possible”!

All I can say about this is You are Incredible! I am not sure what the name of the beautiful girl in the video who has amazingly adapted to life & living with no arms, but I would like to know.

As for all those pictured, though nameless for now, you are all incredible too!

Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Disability Advocate
Diagnosed with epilepsy age 9

Writer, photographer, pianist, marketer

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Who is Part of Your Garden of Friends and Why?

I have many friends that I genuinely care about on Facebook and do not simply “collect friends” like a collection of bangle bracelets on my arm!

One of my dearest friends Raj Naheem wrote recently that “I was part of his garden of friends growing like a rose”, or something to that effect. I will say, thank you Raj for being there for me in good times and bad and bringing out the best of who I am and being able to see it always shining through.


Friends are like these tuberoses growing and the best of friends grow side by side with you like these do here, even though maybe you live 100’s of miles apart, you are joined in the thoughts and beliefs you both share, your definition of good and bad, and the passions, talents and abilities you both share.

Much like the stem, leaves and the flower itself are one unified whole, I go through life knowing that my values, integrity, goodness and compassion I show outwardly are all interconnected to eachother. People notice the flowers in a garden first but it couldn’t support itself if it didn’t have the stem rooted in the ground deriving nutrients from the soil.
I think of my soul as what the soil is to the flower, giving it balance, making it stronger, being almost as essential as the water and the sun.


The world sees our faces but deep within shines outwardly our soul, the DNA of who we are and what we value. There is nothing more important in what we possess in life.

This is why we can see a woman who for all good purposes is beautiful to the eye…a deception, but when she opens her mouth, if profanity, disgust and hate shine through, she is not truly beautiful but an illusion.

Our faces are like the blooms in a flower but who we are, what we value, and our attitude towards other people and humanity color us beautiful or ugly.

Choose your friends and family members carefully.

After the age of 20 or 30 years old, who is in our lives is a choice. We hold the control buttons.

Unknowingly, you will pick up attributes and qualities from them. You could go from being a splendid red rose to be shown off in a vase only to become a dandelion weed to be picked and thrown away with the trash!

Paulette Le Pore Motzko