What do you think of that always makes you feel better?

I usually take a walk by the pier, any pier will do, and somehow, while being surrounded by the big expanse of blue my problems diminish in size and I can see how I can tackle them or solve them.

Going through the hell with The John Stewart Company waiting for my one bedroom place to be built at the price of $444 a month has been a living nightmare. The last thing I wanted or needed was a class action suit! I just wanted peace of mind and a nice place to live in a good neighborhood.

I wrote a story and posted it on here and since doing so another person who was wronged by them came forward.
Even if the place were free it would be built in hell due to the lousy apathetic cruel managers who run it.

I have a plan of action I just don’t want to televise it to the world.

Everyone please pray and or meditate that the problems I have of not having a place are gone. In a week I am under the gun to get a cash loan so I can afford the move and the first month’s rent somewhere cheaper than OC. I am looking at Citrus Heights, Sacramento, Las Vegas…due to the business that like my marketing work etc.

I am prayed out and am on action over drive survival mode.
I am not too pleased with where praying and action got me.
To even find out about The Vista del Rios, I was on the phone with over 100 entities all over Orange County.

I have to make my story have a good ending some how.

Have a wonderful day wherever you live.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

2 thoughts on “What do you think of that always makes you feel better?

  1. My story is going to have a good ending and I won’t have to move outside of Orange County, unless I really want to.
    I had to stay in Los Alamitos Medical Center due to stress from seizures last week and stayed over night and insisted on talking to the best clinical social worker they had on staff…and I did.
    At 8:30 a.m. I met a lady who I could tell possessed compassion and was intelligence-two things I can spot a mile away because I have those things myself.

    People who collect SSI benefits and who are disabled get priority in the HUD housing programs. Your proof of income statement from your local Social Security Administration office becomes your voucher.

    We have too many overpaid, apathetic stupid paper turners and so few really intelligent people who can simply tell you what you are entitled to and how to do it.
    It is only a matter of time picking the place I want to live and the back pay the SSA owes me from underpaying me for a long time, will pay for my move to the new place.

    I am still looking for a good probate lawyer because the stupid brother in law and sister sold my mother’s house I used to live in and I have vested interest in the property. Plus I have to make sure Mike Bunker is not spending all of my mother’s money.

    If you are an attorney-probate or criminal defense attorney, please call Paulette Motzko at 714-728-6037

    Thank you.

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