Rich families ‘hire disabled people to beat queues at Disney World’

Just one more reason I can’t stand what Disneyland has turned into!
If is isn’t bad enough that Disney has raised their prices so that only the rich can afford it, they exploit disabled people so they can do crooked and basically dishonest practices like this.

Reminds me of how many Mercedes, Jags and BMWs I see in handicapped parking. I am disabled myself and I am not saying disabled people cannot have cars like that, but I have lived a life with discrimination in the job force and not given jobs because I can’t drive for medical reasons.

More than likely those fancy cars are from the rich who have doctor friends that them a plaquard certificate falsifying or pretending they are, taking the disabled parking spots from the disabled community.

What next?

There are better ways for disabled people to earn money other than assuming their identity to get ahead in a line! There other ways disabled people can earn a living, giving themselves self respect.
How can someone pay someone to do this and how does Disney allow it?

What are your thoughts?

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Disability Advocate
Diagnosed with epilepsy since age

One thought on “Rich families ‘hire disabled people to beat queues at Disney World’

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