Asit Saha’s Beautiful and Thought Provoking Poetry

Just one of the many reasons I look forward to getting on Facebook are the extraordinary people I have met on there. One of the people this year I came in contact with is a man named Asit Saha who writes poetry that makes you think in new and positive ways.

He just wrote this one today and every time he writes a new poem he sends it to me. It is like getting a bouquet of roses in words in my email box.

Confusion and mystery

Overcast mind sky,

Riddle remains unsolved,

No principle of “Nature”, I can defy.

We rejoice,

When newly born babies cry,

We are sad,

When the dearests die.

Revolving around the Sun,

We are moving with loving Earth,

Flow of Creation through destruction,

Retains our sorrow and mirth.

But our senses affirms emotion,

In containing truth and lie,

Never I dare principle to defy.

Written by Asit Saha

Copyright May 5th, 2013

Printed with permission by the author