Rating The Posts on Totally Inspired Mind

Recently I updated the look of the site here on Totally Inspired Mind and also added the ability for my readers to rate the stories, photos, videos and the guest posts that I select for the site with a star rating. When I was a writer on Suite101.com on Epilepsy: Information & Insights this rating system was really great in knowing what kinds of things people loved the most and why. The most gratifying thing about creating something, be it a song that put a smile on someone’s face that hadn’t smiled in weeks, a recipe that was relished by those who ate it, or in a written work where you changed a mind, inspired or taught someone something new that enabled them to think in a new way; it is a fantastic feeling.

Anything extraordinary simply exists until it is appreciated by another.

I thank all the followers of Totally Inspired Mind for tuning in and making comments that I look at daily, and if you can rate the pieces, be it mine or other people’s, it is greatly appreciated by those who created it for you to enjoy.

Thank you for making me really glad I am a writer.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

March 13th, 2013

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