Tea Parties, Mothers and Recollections

It is wonderful to meet k8edid through her words here about her mother and her relationship with her. I used to have tea parties all the time with my mother Ramona Lea who is 81 years old with Alzheimer’s disease and lives with my sister temporarily in Moreno Valley, CA, about an hour from me. In a month’s time the house that my parent’s had together will be sold, and it is a sad thing for many reasons.
I miss the special dinners mom and I had together and the many things we used to do together and will savor them like a cup of tea in my memory forever.
I welcome you to not only join Totally Inspired Mind but add any of your very touching words any time.

The photo is not of my mom Ramona Le Pore but of the author k8edid who wrote this from her blog.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

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