Paulette Le Pore Motzko: Looking for a Full Time Job That Uses My Abilities

I have been doing relentless job searches over the last few weeks to find a position that will use my abilities and skills and can generate at a minimum two thousand dollars a month, so I can then afford a place of my own in Orange County, CA.

I can start immediately and do not have children, no husband and can work 40 hours a week.

Currently The Corner Bakery Cafe is considering me for possibly something in Dallas, TX.

All I know is the property I am living is will be going up for sale in two months, which will be April 2013. I want to be out of here, long gone, and into a life that is positive, knowing my mother, who has Alzheimer’s Disease, will then be taken care of by my other 3 siblings.

After 12 years of staying by here, I can think of me, putting me number one.

I am open minded to living any where I can live a good life, have a place of my own and have a neighborhood that is close to stores, safe for a single woman,  and people who speak English.

I am striving to live in a place I truly call “home”. Where I am at is falling apart and due to being outnumbered in a literal war, the place I am living in will probably be bull-dozed to the ground once I leave it. It is a shame, but then again, this property could have generated up to four thousand a month with just a little tender loving care!

If anyone knows of a position, be it a manager of a mobile home park, where I could get a place to live, or any other position, please let me know. Or if you are an employer and are interested in hiring me, you can reach me at the following email address.

Since people read what I write from all over the world, this post could reach the very person who ends up hiring me!


Paulette Le Pore Motzko

I can provide you are resume within 24 hours of asking me, depending on what the job involves.


5 thoughts on “Paulette Le Pore Motzko: Looking for a Full Time Job That Uses My Abilities

  1. Paulette, I hope you get the employment that you are looking for, and I hope you are happy with that work, I will be praying for you, ( GOD BLESS ) Your friend Eddie Jordan

    • Thanks for the good wishes on finding a job for me. I went to the Bella Terra today and talked to all my friends here there and around and found out some great info and my friends are going to call me if they know of anything or think of something. I have intelligent friends.

      I am also going to meet with a marketing friend of mine who is going to meet with me tomorrow and we are going to brain storm.

      Paulette Le Pore Motzko

    • Thanks Eddie. I really appreciate that. Also pray that my health is solid as a rock and that someone comes up with a program that can help me pay my rent this week. I need peace of mind as I had a breakthrough seizure last night.

      Paulette Motzko

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