4 thoughts on “You Are In Competition With No One……

    • Thank you for making my day today. I have a lot of great news on the line now. I spoke to a social worker named Mary from Care Pathways yesterday who is going to help me get into my own studio apartment that will have medical care if and when I need it, which I have needed it recently due to stress from ill meaning family members. I have epilepsy and was diagnosed when I was 9 years old, so since I don’t drive-due to almost being killed in a tragic car accident many years ago, at this place they will take me grocery shopping, which would help me immensely. I pay tons of $ for drivers all over the place.
      She said she would call at ten am and it is nearly 10:45 a.m. now here in CA.

      To be away from all the ____, negativity, and drama caused by people I am related to, will be like lifting off two huge bricks off my shoulders. Plus I will be around people which I need. I live alone now and there are nothing but Vietnamese, Koreans and Cambodians in my so called neighborhood who have no desire to speak English! Moving would change my life in a thousand ways. I deserve it. I was here in this place for 12 years, stayed to help my mother who had Alzheimer’s Disease and now lives in Moreno Valley with my sister. Pray that it all works out.

      Paulette Le Pore Motzko

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