Discovering Your Joy-Capitalizing on Your Assets

ExtraordinaryViewPointsDiscoverYourJoy1.25.2013Some times we need to do a little self-introspection to find out what we were meant to do.

I did a lot of that when I couldn’t earn a living teaching piano any more, or at least in my area. We don’t have to do one thing in life any how. The more “irons you have in the fire” the more chance you have of earning a living. Most investment consultants suggest that you have at least two sources of income, so if one phases out, you have a back up that will take over.

Take out a piece of paper, your journal or your word processing program and write down 10 things that you love to do most. Things that give you joy and you could do it all day.

Then after you write those things down, write down another list of your skills and special abilities or talents.

This could take a week to do, but then again, you are worth a week of your time, aren’t you?

The more you get to know YOU, the better chance you will arrive at a career that you were meant to live.

Once you get your two lists-The first being what gives you joy and your passions, and the second-your special abilities and talents, look at them and analyze them all.

Look and see if you can see a career that combines a combination of the talents that you use all in one.

Make a list of the candidates of jobs/careers. Career is what you are shooting for, because it has a future, a way you can advance and it is something you will be doing 5 years from now.

If you have an Android phone or IPhone with the Vocal Search app on it, talk into it and say your abilities and then say the word “careers in _________” and see what you come up with.

These are brainstorming methods for arriving at jobs you will truly love.

People that do what they love live longer, have less stress and their days go by so quickly they don’t even realize it.

I hope that at least a dozen of my readers out of the 712 followers I have on this site do this, then write in with what they came up with. It should be interesting.

If even one of my 700+ readers discover a new life for themselves that helps them feel rewarded and happy, this was worth writing and posting for the world to see!

Chapters like this one is an example of what will be in my upcoming book. If you would like to get on my Book List, email me at:

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

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