HB Marathon & Half Marathon Seagull Proudly Sits

Huntington Beach Marathon Seagull Proudly Sits

I took this shot yesterday on one of the clearest days in a long time in Huntington Beach. Everybody was in good spirits with custom his and her bikes on the pier, and this lone gull sat proudly on top of the announcement for the Marathon.

Photos are copy protected.
If The City of Huntington Beach and any other sponsors of the marathon would like to use this shot to market it, just ask me.

Paulette Motzko

11 thoughts on “HB Marathon & Half Marathon Seagull Proudly Sits

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    • I am really happy you enjoy what I write and you look forward to reading my posts. That is all a writer could ever wish for.
      To create a beautiful work of art is one thing, but to have others love it or cherish it and see its value is what gives it meaning.

      Paulette Le Pore Motzko

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