Haiku: America’s Child

America’s Child

Haiku by Paulette Le Pore Motzko


America’s Child

All races and creeds unite

One equal common bond

All being given

The same equal rights

Shelter, food and love

I see too many

Who suffer and have nothing

Urgent need is here


8 thoughts on “Haiku: America’s Child

    • Thank you immensely for everything Willie, including your character, your integrity and the wonderful letter I am going to fax via email from my hotel here in Huntington Beach.
      I am going to ask the head of The Urban Housing Authority to pay for my hotel expenses as well.
      He can always laugh at me, but I am not kidding.
      I want to move him to action and the only way people move some times is if you make them accountable for something or some one.

      Sister Act is a great movie. I am watching it on cable here in my awesome hotel room. I wish I could afford to stay longer, but I have things I want to get done at home like laundry and a few dishes.
      It is amazingly only $69 a night on week days here and it has nice living room area, that I don’t have in my place, a desk with 4 outlets in it for all my electronic things, a huge bed, fridge and microwave, coffee maker and full breakfast. (of course shower.) 5 different rides booked with Access tomorrow to get me around to all the places I have to go.

      Paulette Le Pore Motzko

      • I am pleased to be of assistance to a driving force that would surely make a big difference to the lives of a lot of Americans… just carry on Polly and don’t waver. May you always be given the physical strength by The Almighty so that your projects become “manna from heaven” to a lot less fortunate people. And may your guardian angels be at your side always. God bless and more power!

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  2. America’s Child is made of many races of many religions and from every county in the world.
    America’s Child came with dreams for a better life, food, shelter and to have the chance for an education, to raise their families, to bring to America the best of who they are.

    I have given too many disabled people who are trying to “make a living” in spite of being victims of discrimination because they look different, or don’t drive or some other silly thing.

    I am one of those disabled people who was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 9 years old and have been taking pills since 1971. I have seen years where I was so intractable that I had over 50 simple partial seizures a day and designed a scooter with a 20 mile radius to be my car. For that reason, I have “been there”, I know the needs of people and I will never be apathetic.

    I have almost died 4 times in my life and I hope I finish my books I am writing, find a wonderful single guy, enjoy wonderful times with him and my friends before I ever see the 5th.

    I believe I am a catalyist that gets people fired up about the things they should care about, so they are compelled to ACT and MAKE THE WORLD WE LIVE IN A BETTER PLACE TO BE.

    I have given money to more too many people in wheelchairs who sleep on the street who are AMERICANS.

    I have been struggling to get something called a Disabled Housing Voucher to get a simple one bedroom place that is in an apartment complex for seniors and disabled people. I need to be around others, to have all my creature comforts and the basic human needs met and we need to allocate 50 million dollars in funding to the disabled and veterans who line the streets.

    When we are not taking care of our own, the needy, the disabled abled Americans, people who served Americans wars but we cannot serve them by seeing they sleep in the street?

    What kind of Mayor are you that allows this?

    What kind of Governor are you that watches this and gives bloated paychecks to yourself while others do without?

    This is the beginning and I will write a petition requesting more funding and I will continue to contact the CA politicians.

    I might run for Congress; I don’t know. I really don’t want to but I do know that we have all the funding in America needed at this moment to see that nobody does without. It is all a matter of allocating it.

    I was married to a real rocket scientist and I learned a lot about values and what matters and how to think logically.

    I have solutions and want to work with the congresspeople to do it.

    When I suffer I will change it for everybody so I can improve things for every person like myself.

    If you read this and would like to sign my petiton, are disabled and are also trying to get rental assistance, please stay in touch with me.

    Email Paulette Le Pore Motzko at:


    We are like sailboats on the sea.

    Life is pretty simple really.

    When the needs are greater than what the funding provides, you SIMPLY INCREASE THE FUNDING THEN CREATE THE SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM.

    Paulette Le Pore Motzko

    I will be writing another letter to the powers that be in CA and also President Obama.

    I got a letter back from President Clinton in two weeks when I was the CEO, Founder of The Epilepsy Connection. I asked that he increase the funding for programs for the disabled and also our aerospace industry, which he did.

    YOU HAVE TO BE DIRECT, CONCISE and MAKE YOUR POINT and come up with the solution, and not simply complain.