This is just the kind of content I search the world over to put on my site called “Totally Inspired Mind” where positive minds congregate.

Thanks for your wonderful piece here. It will help a lot of people. Feel free to tell me about any other pieces you would like me to put on the site too.

It is a Triple Win for the both of us.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

4 thoughts on ““Welcome…”

  1. My friends call me Yesim, but since you sent me an e-mail telling me about your friend ‘Yesim Style Kitchen’, you can simply use Emine for me;)
    I know the worlds dilemma called psychotics; they kdon’t accept the cure coming from the nature itself… I hope this would change one day…

    • With more people speaking out about Mind Body Spirit Medicine and the many powers we can harness in our minds and bodies, they will. I surely will try to change people’s minds.
      Many doctors and pharmaceutical companies are all out for money and not out for the greater good of society, at this point, but that could change as well by changing the view points of those people.

      I have some muffins in the convection oven, so I have to go for now, but I wanted to check in on all my web sites before I got ready and headed out for the day.

      I am so elated we met here.

      If you have an idea for a story, an article, a book, a magazine article, feel free to share. I am willing to collaborate with others who are like minded.

      Paulette Le Pore Motzko

  2. I don’t know how to describe my happiness now! Thank you so much for caring enough to read and liking my blog. I know how important it is to reach the others in this world.We should realize that we are not alone… I really appreciate it! I hope we can share more than we think now! Take good care of yourself…

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