Finding The Way from Garden Grove to Moreno Valley to See My Mother

Try as I might, I have been asking all around my friends, some with cars, some without reliable ones to make an hour drive from Garden Grove to Riverside County via the 91 freeway to see my sweet 81 year old mother with Alzheimer’s Disease. A Christmas I will always remember in a very bittersweet way.

So far I have been battling my stupid brother in law who has power of attorney and has been making it impossible for me to see my mother or talk to her. I hope that the Adult Protective Services of Riverside County answers their phone the next time I call! Pretty pathetic scenario when the phones are that busy!

The letter I typed for my attorney will be waiting for him tomorrow morning regarding my rights getting a 60 day notice at this property, which is only right. IT is amazing that I am talking about people I am actually related to, but I am! The property is being liquidated because Mr. Mike Bunker POA and POM for my mother Ramona Le Pore, says it has to be to afford her care. That may be true, but I don’t think he has truly tried to find a place covered my medicare and medical.
The property could be saved as a double rental property, which would be the smart thing to do, and what my dad, bless his soul, would have wanted. Considering I have invested my money in this place, mom wanted to will the house to me. At this point in my life, I don’t want endless court cases and am just sick of them. Simplicity is a wonderful thing and that is what should be going on here if my siblings were good communicators-and cared about what was the best to do and really cared about the BIG PICTURE-it would be awesome. I am the one that thinks one year down the line, and I am not looking for a quick cash pay off like the rest. It is incredible to see how ugly greed can be.

When taking my dog Lucky to the vet today, Dr. David Weber DMV was going to talk to the people he knows in church and else where and see a friend of his would be willing to take me, me paying for their gas and time. (Provided it isn’t $200!)

I have a move to make and have to get Atlas Van Lines out here to hope the move of my massive library, roll top desk, upright grand piano book cases, two tables and scant bedroom furniture, plus of course my very stocked kitchen comes in at $1000. I hope it comes to no more than that and would be happy if it came in at less.

My biggest gift is seeing my mother, my friends and if I don’t get anything for Christmas to open, so be it. I have seen that more than once in my life. I bought myself everything I wanted and needed, so I am taken care of.

I will be looking at OCTA to see if there is a bus that connects to Moreno Valley. I hate that city and have no desire to go there other than seeing my mom. Why doesn’t my brother in law or brother bring mom out here to her own house, the house that dad who is looking down on me writing this used to own, and mom solely owns now. Well, that can best be answered this way: Some people try and help people and get their greatest joys from making people’s lives just a little better than before they said hello to them. That would be me.

My brothers and sister delight in complicating matters, drama and total BS,(I hate to use that jargon, but it is true here folks!) I am not a product of my family, but appreciate the gifts and kindness my parents gave me of integrity, honesty and valuing people first and things second. I wish they all had the picture memory I was blessed with.

If any of you know of someone who would be willing to drive me to Moreno Valley with a good driving record etc., that might be interested in getting me there, contact me here.

I am listening to the song “Merry Merry Christmas” playing on my IPOD Touch which is my other awesome Christmas present to myself. I have a whole library of writing and photography books in a library in that thing, and I don’t have to carry them around any more, which makes my arms and back and legs really happy.

I consider myself being a very ABLE disabled lady, and rarely tell people but stress my abilities. Not driving is a pain when you are carrying a dog in the house, and wishing that Mr. Wonderful would emerge and make my life just a little happier, a little more fun and a little less alone….would be really nice Santa.

Hear me Santa?

Put a handsome, single, good looking guy on your sleigh and deliver him Christmas Day to Paulette Le Pore Motzko in Little Saigon, C’mon and make her day!

If he has a nice job, good heart, big smile and great sense of humor, preferably with teeth and hair, but I will make exceptions.

I have no plans yet for Christmas Eve and hope I decide what I am doing with myself. I am either going to have a Vegetarian Christmas Dinner for two of my vegetarian friends or I will volunteer in a soup kitchen and get my mind of myself.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

7:39 p.m.

December 16th, 2012

2 thoughts on “Finding The Way from Garden Grove to Moreno Valley to See My Mother

  1. I made it to see mom at long last and spent an 40 minutes with her at a Subway which Bunker the POA and my brother Bob brought her to in Moreno Valley.
    Aside from my visit being cut shorter than I would care to, and having so much I wanted to say in so little time, it was wonderful seeing her warm smile and feel her hug and hold her hand again. She had no idea how many lawyers I had spoken to and hassles with family squabbles to see her. It was totally worth it. I am working on setting the framework in place so none of my visits will ever be interrupted, since I have to travel very far, and pay someone to take me besides. My lawyer will see to it because I will inform him tomorrow.

    I wish families would hold close to the values that their parents taught them. If mine did that, then I wouldn’t need a lawyer to do something that they should welcome with smiles.

    Paulette Le Pore Motzko
    December 19th, 2012

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