The Many Things I Love

Things Paulette Motzko Loves….

Written New Years Eve 2012

Fresh baked bread nestled in a basket with its aroma luring you to taste.


Carnivals, cotton candy, and children smiling and adults feeling as if they were young.


Any pier with salt scented air, and wind swept hair blowing looking out at the big expanse of blue.


Huntington Beach PierPLM 2011

Stationery and hand written letters written with calligraphy pens to written to someone special.

Country stores and wooden bins filled with colorful candies, friendly salespeople eager to sell.

A pot of tea steeping while my guests await the soothing flavor the conversation and company is better than the tea.


45 records and memories of the days when I put one on the big stereo and played the song back.

My mother with her sweet smile and emerald green eyes. She is the reason I turned out the way I did. Without her I wouldn’t value what I do.

Paulette's Mother Ramona Lea

Recipes and dishes from long ago, recreated meticulously by their creators, bits of history and culture you can taste.




Synphoniums and music boxes that play angelic melodies and make my soul smile.


Player pianos and ragtime music that plays an elite syncopation in quadruple meter.


Books with pages and a cover, each one holding its own world inside with characters, players, poets and biographies. Computers will never take them over because they never need electricity, you can take them anywhere, and anyone can afford at least one.


To be continued….

A Change of Pace

A Change of Pace

By Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Copyright December 29th, 2012

In the mail came one of the best Writer’s Market magazines I have ever read yesterday, and I have been saving the putting to use the article “Have a Perfectly Inspired Week” by The Writer’s Digest Staff.

I decided to change my surroundings and do something different or go somewhere I don’t normally go to write.

I chose Mimi’s Café, which was around the corner from me and not as far as my usual place in Huntington Beach. I remembered they made some of the best cappuccino I ever tasted and their pretty French Provencal decor was “my style”. Daniel walked up to me and made me happy I walked through the door with his cheery smile and immediately saw me sitting and wanted to take my order. People here notice everything and are on top of it with service, but more importantly they are nice, outgoing people who make you feel at home here.

The wonderful decaf cappuccino I savored at Mimi's Cafe topped with freshly ground cinnamon. I nice touch that only Mimi's Cafe does.

The wonderful decaf cappuccino I savored at Mimi’s Cafe topped with freshly ground cinnamon. I nice touch that only Mimi’s Cafe does.

As a writer I can work anywhere I choose to and do anything from writing web content for a client, editing something, writing a Feature Story for a restaurant or other business, a press release or new content for Totally Inspired Mind and Photos Without Words on Word Press or a new dish on my cooking site called “Cooking Up a Storm All Over The World!”

Over the span of the six years I have been a paid writer, I have seen my knowledge build with each article I read and book I read and my world expand with each new piece of information. My motto in life is:

Do what works and pay attention to what does work. Make note of it and do it over again, refining all the way. Listen to what people in the business say and your readers and take criticism constructively, improving all the way.

Also, pay attention to what doesn’t work and by all means do not repeat the mistake and learn wisdom and gain distance from your work.

I will come here on a more frequent basis because I love the food and menu items that Mimi’s Café serves, and have wanted to write a Feature Story about it for 2 years now, with the manager being interesting in hiring me. (We just haven’t organized a meeting with him, the General Manager and the Regional CA Manager and Marketing Director and I yet. The keyword is YET.)

Tonight I met Corey, a beautiful young lady who was greeting everyone with her warm smile as the hostess. I noticed she looked like she was freezing and I was right. I told her where she could get a pretty black camisole for a reasonable price and then she wouldn’t freeze any more. Then we began talking and after I told her what I did, she thought I had a really wonderful job, and I must admit I do. If you would have told me five years ago I would have 4 web sites, and they would be increasing in popularity daily, I wouldn’t have believed it, because I didn’t know how to do web sites then. I read books, copious amounts of books, and even scour the racks of magazines at Barnes & Noble all the time seeing what is hot and who is doing what. I am also not afraid to ask someone smarter and more knowledgeable how to do something. Most truly successful people love mentoring someone. I know I do. I am constantly being put in touch with people who have always wanted to write or thought it was too hard, and then I tell them how to begin the book and give them exercises to do. (Perhaps that will be another book, come to think of it!)


Corey is going to do the first exercise I gave her, which is to open MS Word on her computer and then number the things she loves doing the most and is the most passionate about.

It is from this spring of innermost feelings that the best stories are made.

I wish I had recorder when I was telling Corey about life and what you take from it. I will try and re-create what I told her.

“In life you simply take the best of any situation and leave the rest behind. You learn from the things that didn’t go the way you expected, and then gain wisdom from it. Most people do not get what they want in life and are constantly on a quest to achieve something. If you asked some of the richest people or supposed successful people what gives them the most happiness, you will find the answers follow a close parallel. I know that my best and fondest memories are from the simplest of things and I derive joy from nature and wonderful interesting people.”

When I talked to Matt here I told him I was really happy I “decided to shuffle the deck and do something different. When you go to new places and talk to new people your frame of reference changes, the people who frequent the place change and it opens your world to new experiences, conversations and stories.”

I only wish Mimi’s were open a little later, because the booth is so comfy, the people are so warm and friendly, and the words keep flowing like a quill pen being dipped in an ink well writing calligraphy.

Going back to the article of “Have a Perfectly Inspired Week”, the pointers were:

Day 1-Set a word count goal for the week ahead. –I don’t really do word count but I have really finite ideas as to what kind of story or article I want to create and begin with an outline. Once I get the idea crystalized in my mind, it is then easy to expand it into a cohesive story. I always begin with an outline as a master plan.

Visit a library-My favorite is the Newport Beach Library and I could be their PR Director. It is there I discovered The Writer’s Market magazine article about creating a blog to gain readership, notoriety in my field, experience and exposure, and to promote my books when they come out.

Cooking Up a Storm All Over the World! Was born shortly afterwards.

Now there are 202 members on it and it is going to undergo a major change in the near future. I want to convert it to Word Press if at all possible, so I am going to talk to a customer service person about it.

Order a drink you never tried before-I haven’t done this one today, but it has been awhile since I ordered a decaf cappuccino at Mimi’s. I forgot how fantastic they are, especially with ground cinnamon on top.

Day 2 Do field research for a potential story-I have one in the works now.

Meet a writing friend for coffee-I will make some phone calls.

Tune into an unfamiliar radio station-I had always said “I like all music except rap, and I thought they left the “c” of it! That was until I heard a song called “Whistle” by Flor_ida, and now I listen to hip hop when I am doing things around the house. I never would have believed that I would like that genre, but I heard it playing on Christmas Day at Taco de Ojo in Huntington Beach and started moving to the music with my friends Erica and Eric.

Day 3 Take a risk with your writing-I will be looking for interesting, untapped avenues and genres in my Writer’s Market 2013 book.

Attend a reading or book signings at a book store or coffee shop-The Newport Beach Library has signings all the time and Barnes & Noble has them too. I have just never made it a point to go. I will now.

Walk in someone else’s shoes-literally-this one I will skip. God knows where their feet have been!

Day 4 Register for a writing retreat, conference or other event.-This one gave me the most joy of all of them, because I never thought of it, and a retreat would be heaven. I would love talking to contemporaries in my field, building friendships while I build my perspective and knowledge.

Visit a newsstand and make a list of publications you’d like to see your work in someday.-I have done this already and am working on an article for Family Circle as we speak.

Assume the attitude of a curious bystander-at home.-I don’t have cable now because I will be moving soon, and many of the utilities have been cut by my miser of a brother-in-law who was dubbed POA on my mother’s behalf by my now late father. I do have an IPOD thought that gets a trillion and one media on it, which will be a nice sub. Well on this exercise between a sporting event and a sitcom, I would take the sitcom because I can use some levity in my life with all the stresses of my mother and ill intentioned “family” members. I never thought about writing what I learned from it before.

Day 5 Learn a new word-This is easy and I do it every day anyway. I

Contribute to a blog

Do something you haven’t done (or wanted to do since you were a kid.)-The first and only thing that comes to mind is swing on a swing, but I don’t’ know where I can find one I could fit in! I am honest folks!

Day 6 Ask a friend to read something you’ve already written but haven’t shown anyone

Write a poem-I wrote a Haiku recently and published it on “Totally Inspired Mind” on Word Press and the responses were very good. Many people wrote me and told me how refreshing it was to find someone who wrote quality content like myself. That truly was my Christmas Present delayed two days.

Engage in a form of physical activity you don’t usually do.-I do love my membership to 24 Hour Fitness and love walking by the sea. I would love to get a cruiser bike that looks like a 50’s bike. Then, all I have to do is find someone to ride with and get a bike rack for the back of the car, and then ride. I used to love doing that when I was a kid, along with roller skating. The latter is out because with 4 leg injuries over 6 years, I don’t want to risk another. Bike riding is low impact and relaxes me.

Day 7 Write collaboratively, just for fun.-This one I love the sound of and there are four people who come to mind and I could write with each of them individually, one by one: Ben Carlin of Kissing The Cook blog fame; Chef Chuck Kerber of Pittsburgh Hot Plate fame; Yesim Caglar of Yesim Style Kitchen, and Teresa Reale La Pasticciona of her amazing Italian blog by her own name “La Pastionna.”

When you met your weekly word count goal, treat yourself.

Write a letter to an author you admire.-This one I did over a year ago to the great iconic Italian cooking teacher and writer Marcella Hazan. I had wrestled with each word of the letter I wrote her, hoping to let her know I was someone very genuine and kind and that I would be honored if she would take the time to write me back. She did and when she did I was elated! Now, each time she writes me back, I remember the time I asked her about her paleontology degree and she old me to read her memoirs entitled “Amacorde”. Oddly enough or as fate would have it, Barnes and Noble had that very book that week for only $10 in their discount section. I was going to do work and then when I saw it, I took the day off and just read and read and read and admired her even more than I did before reading it, knowing the things she went through, the bombings over the family house, the way she did without, and the way she almost lost her hand.-the very hands that would eventually become famous showing others how to cook!

I am surprised this is now 2057 words, but I meant to write yesterday but met a nice lady named Janice, who I am going to help get a job, and we spoke about life, tragedies, loves and aspirations.

I also was privileged to be at Walgreens sitting down because it allowed me to meet Tom, a Senior Tech for Microsoft and his wife Kin who were there. After we talked awhile about what he did and kids being our future, the petition I just created making financial aid available to any American citizen who needs it on a temporary basis, no matter if you have a child or not. They both had said what a good person I was, and that is one the greatest compliments I can receive. Integrity is not something you can buy in a store and I was raised around people who walked the talk and honesty was valued. When I mentioned the title of my book “Self Fulfilling Prophecies & Positive Affirmations” Kim looked excited when she hear what the chapter outlines were going to be and that made me happy. A writer can have the best book in the world, but it takes people who look to be filled with the knowledge you are sharing. I am so pleased that the more people ask me about the book I am writing, or about what my blog is called or my web sites, they want to join it and read the things I write. That is very rewarding indeed. I have a database of the people who are now on my book list so when I feel it is as great as it can be, I will let them know so they can buy it. That is my promise to them.

Recently I took a trip to a hotel I love in Huntington Beach for a few days and it felt like a month. Everyone needs some “time away” so they can do anything they want, not be bothered by anyone to enable your creative juices to flow. As a writer, I know what helps me write in the most effective ways, what music inspires me and what I need to do. As a writer or photographer, discover the places where you feel the most inspired, the music that makes your fingers flow on the paper and get into the right mindset to tap into your creative juices.

When I came back from my trip, I realized not only did my mother need to go into a home that gives 24 hour care to those with alzheimer’s disease, but I needed to move away from negative toxic family members who had been shooting verbal bullets at me for years. I made great sacrifices for my mother Ramona, but not that she is taken care of, I can go anywhere my heart desires. I am hoping I can make a move in short order and have Atlas Van lines coming this week to get an estimate.

I can live anywhere in the world really and thrive in a positive environment. It will be so nice to live in a real neighborhood where people talk to each other, care about each other and English is the language of choice instead of Little Saigon which has the most Vietnamese next to Vietnam!

I am looking forward to having my own, even if it is smaller and I have to down size, it will be mine and I can control every aspect of my world for the first time in years. It doesn’t matter that my siblings cannot appreciate the meals I made for mom all those years and dad. I know I did it and God knows and the world knows because the recipes I created that they ate were published on my blog.

I have skipped all over in writing this but it needed to be written because by tomorrow this will be history and when I am moved in to my new place I will look back at writing this and remember how hard I tried to make it all come together.

Anything worth attaining is worth working hard for. If you can visualize it, you can achieve it.

My exercise for you this week:

  1. What have you wanted to do more than anything in your life and what have you thought of and wished you could do? Is it too late to pursue it? If not, write down the steps you would need to go from passive voice to proactive voice.
  2. If you took my advice, write about it in the discussion boxes and comment boxes on:

I hope you have enjoyed reading this. I am always touched by all the comments I have been getting and welcome any comments you have.

May all the positive forces in the universe be attracted to you and may you attract people who are positive, talented and who care about the world around you, and avoid all the ones you do not, like water droplets on Vaseline.

Fall Leaves and Serendipity

Fall Leaves and Serendipity

I have always loved the colors in fall leaves since I was a child. What was the last thing you did that made you feel like a kid again or made you think of when you were a kid?
The Webster’s New Pocket Dictionary describes serendipity as “The making of lucky discoveries by chance.”

What was the last lucky discovery you made by chance?

At The End of the Day The Only Questions I Ask Myself

At The End of the Day The Only Questions I Ask Myself

In life we make priorities of what things are the most important to us and what are the lesser things. In doing so, you will make sure in a weekly basis, you accomplish what you want and then in let’s say 6 month’s time, you meet your short-term goals.

In a year’s time you will have met more long-range goals by sitting with a pad and paper or a computer and asking yourself these questions:

1. What matters the most to me and what do I need to do to get there. What are my goals either financially, spiritually, in your personal life, vacations you want to take, people you want to make sure you spend time with, and any other dream or goal involving things like education or even working out.

2. I have been striving for balance in my life and not working so much, but instead working smarter. I cut out many things I used to do that I either didn’t get that much enjoyment out of, or didn’t pay that well. I focus on the things I do best that I enjoy the most that pay the most in writing, photography and marketing now. Resumes and SEO web content was phased out.

3. What things can you “phase out” as I did that you can replace with things you enjoy more and pay more?


Make sure you spend at least a half hour a day doing something you truly love that relaxes you. Stress is the biggest killer on earth that leads to heart attacks, stroke and hypertension. I don’t have problems with it, but my dad died of all those things and my brother, who is a few years older than me, had problems with it. I am always ever striving to reach that balance that gives me what I need and what I want. You should too. It really isn’t that hard and you are worth figuring out what makes you work at your best and what things are missing in your life.

Work on finding a balance, much like a scale.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Copyright December 2012

I am not sure who created this photo but I discovered it on Facebook this evening, a site I love.

Every Time You Subtract Negative From Your Life You Make Room For Positive

Every Time You Subtract Negative From Your Life You Make Room For Positive

This was the creed I went by when I eliminated anyone or anything who was abusive, manipulative or who I felt had anything other than genuine good intentions from my life. It removed 4 family members, but they weren’t good for much any way.
Family is who includes you
Remembers you
Cares about you
Asks “How Are You” on a regular basis
And knows about your life and what you are doing, and cares enough to ask.

Going by this simple creed, you will eliminate years of psychotherapy. 🙂

Bad people are like a lead weight you carry around on your leg, or a ball and chain. When you remove them, you will find you feel lighter, happier and healthier.

I know. I did just that.

Paulette Motzko

Paulette Le Pore Motzko
December 28th, 2012

One Person Can Make a Difference, and Everyone Should Try.

One of my favorite quotes that I have sitting in a small book case by my roll top desk is this one. If I ever feel bombarded with things I am trying to accomplish for my mother or goals I am trying to achieve, I look over at the magnet I have propped.

The quote comes from the late president John F. Kennedy.

I president I vividly remember on our black and white TV talking when I was 6 years old and thought it was amazing that he would have a goal of having a man on the moon, and we did!

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

December 28th, 2012

11:03 a.m.

Sign Paulette Motzko’s Petition Making Financial Assistance Available to Women & Men Without Kids &Veterans



The Petition

I am a disabled white American woman and would you believe it took me 7 years to get Medical that pays for my $3000 medicine for epilepsy? I had to file fraud charges in the Garden Grove office where I kept applying over and over and was told I “needed a kid” to get it by 3 Vietnamese workers. After filing FRAUD charges because that statement is wrong, I got insurance.

Much in the same way, when my ex who is a very prominent rocket scientist making over $200,000 a year and didn’t pay me for over two years, I lived on $400 that came from a room mate that lived with me at the time.

The way the system is set up-YOU ARE INVISIBLE IN THE EYES OF THE GOVERNMENT IF YOU are a WOMEN WITH NO CHILDREN or a MALE who needs financial assistance.
Once I realized this I knew it needed to be changed.

We need to teach accountability in this country and instead of giving people $800 PER CHILD AS A BRIBE TO HAVE CHILDREN FOR THE WRONG REASONS, WE NEED TO GIVE FINANCIAL NEED TO:


The United States is the greatest country on this earth and those that come to this county should know about America, the people of America and strive to learn English and teach it to their children.

I want to not see Veterans who are homeless and with no housing due to the stupid laws of women with kids first before all else and leaving thousands like myself in the dark with nowhere to go,

We will save millions yearly and then those who need help most will get it. Also, as it is, on the welfare office-for medical and food stamps etc., they should put a sign on the front of the building, “No help for women without kids and men without kids or veterans of the United States of America.”

Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Petition Creator
December 26th, 2012

One Person Can Make a Major

If you want to find a way that you can make a major difference and not have to expend much effort, go to today, and you will find ways you can.

Whether you want to create a petition, which I am doing, and then tell others, or contribute to changing laws, help others, animal rights, women’s rights, you name it, you will find it here.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

The Dash or If We Could Just Slow Down Enough…

I have a good friend who is an eye surgeon named “Dr. Margaret” and she gives me special sayings, stories and vignettes that mean the world to her and she likes to pass the kindness my way. I had a little stack of them in my prayer book as a book mark and thought I would share this one with my readers.

I hope you have a very merry Christmas and if you aren’t Christian, then I hope you celebrate your special holiday in your own way with those you love around you.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

December 25th, 2012

12:16 midnight



The Dash

I read of a man who stood to speak

at a funeral of a friend.

He referred to the dates on her tombstone

from the beginning…to the end.

He noted that first came the date of her birth

and spoke of the following date with tears,

but he said what mattered most of all

was the date between those years.

For that dash represents all the time

that she spent alive on earth…

and now only those who loved her

know what that little line is worth.

For it matters not, how much we own;

the cars…the house…the cash.

What matters is how we live and love

and how we spend our dash.

So hink about this long and hard…

are there things you’d like to change?

For you never know how much time is left.

(You could be at “dash at mid range.”)

If We could Just Slow Down Enough

To consider what’s tried and real,

and always try to understand

the way other people feel.

And be less quick to anger,

and show appreciation more

and love the people in our lives

like we’ve never loved before.

If we treat each other with respect,

and more often wear a smile…

remembering that this special dash

might only last a little while.

So, when your eulogy’s being read

with your life’s actions to rehash…

would you be proud of things they say

about how you spent your dash?

by Linda Ellis

Haikus About the Sea & Meditation by Paulette Le Pore Motzko



The Sea

By Paulette Le Pore Motzko

December 21st, 2012

Big expanse of blue

There is life in the water

It refreshes me


I am connected

To the big expanse of blue

water. It is life.



People are mostly composed of water and so is the earth. I feel an interconnectedness with the ocean, the sound of the crashing waves, the salty scented air and the people enjoying it all. When I go by the sea, it invigorates the child in me and memories of bon fires and marshmallows and weenie roasts as a child, with a guitar playing songs and singing.

It is a place I would live if I could only afford it.

One day I hope to be a walking distance away from the sea then I will hear the ocean waves through the day and smell the salty hair through white gauze curtains blowing…

How I long to have an office where I could create, a refuge, a literal oasis by the sea, and me-the creator with the ocean as my palette.


Here is a thought-provoking and heartwarming post from a fellow writer and follower of mine. She goes by “clotildajamcraker” and I don’t know her real name. I hope you enjoy her post.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko
December 21st, 2012
3:18 p.m.

The Meaning of Christmas

The Meaning of Christmas

December 17th, 2012

Christmas is a time for giving to others, surprising others with your gifts of your time, your thoughtfulness and the joy that comes from being with those you love and hold dear.

The three gifts I got for Christmas was some peppermint bark candy from Jessica and her boyfriend who are my friends from Pizzarito, and a card composed of a beautiful painting by my friend Terry otherwise known as Tiger shark. We have known each other over 5 years and I took photographs of some beautiful paintings in the Pier side Gallery at Bella Terra Mall in Huntington Beach, CA one day. Little would I know that the guy that owned the gallery would steal his paintings and sell them on EBay and Craig’s List! I made a CD with all the photos I took in that gallery to make post cards for him to promote his work, because I believed in him and his talent. I never knew when I took them how valuable those photos would become.

This is the very special card Terry gave me two nights ago.


We are all given gifts in this world and Edwards is surely photography. He has a special gift of capturing in for all time fantastic images that inspire and touch one’s soul. That is what his photo did when I saw it called “Welcome Home”. This Christmas is my first alone with only my dog since my mother Ramona Lea Le Pore will be living in an Assisted Living Care Home for those with dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. We are still in transition of finding a place that is paid for with Medical and Medicare in hopes of not having to sell my mother’s house that her and my father paid into for 30 years. I am going to put some sincere effort into this with the help of the Alzheimer’s Association and the social workers there and a few other fantastic resources I discovered today through them.

After 12 years of living next door to her, I can almost see in the picture window of the duplex I still live in waving at me as I go out the door, but alas, there is no mom, just an empty chair where she used to look out the window. I know in time the transition will be better for her and I am hoping she will make friends her own age and will smile once again.

The photo called “Welcome Home” is named because when you approach the picture Christ and all the saints are welcoming you to heaven after a long life. When I did the assignment for my Advanced Photo Shop class at Santa Ana College, I asked if I could do something more persona and “close to home”. I called the Mission San Juan Capistrano and asked if I could do a photo shoot of the Basilica for an art assignment. I spent about 4 hours taking very detailed photos, probably 400 photographs, and then I put them all on my computer and began the creative process. After about 100 hours of editing time I produced this photo. It was as though my hand was guided or inspired from above.




I have gotten only positive comments on this photo and people requesting their own to frame.

Usually when I am doing photo editing, my eyes get tired and with this one, there was no tiredness. I had to force myself to go to bed. When I was finished with it I felt like I had a hand on my shoulder saying, “Job well done!”

I would like to eventually put a book together of more photos like this one, but I do sell them individually for those who want them. It would be my dream to work with churches and other religious entities to take photos for them.

If you would like to obtain a signed museum quality 8-1/2 by 11 print of this inspiring collage photograph contact my friend Edward Dansby at:

Email Edward Dansby at:

They are $20 and Edward writes something inspirational on the back of each copy.

P.O. Box 12692, Westminster, CA 92685

If you would like to contact my friend Terry Davis, otherwise known as “Tiger Shark” to see more of his fabulous paintings, you can reach him at:


Tell him you read the article that his friend Paulette Motzko wrote on Totally Inspired Mind and he will buy me a Starbucks coffee when I see him again.

Merry Christmas!

I love your use of symbolism and I am following your posts now. I write two blogs on WordPress. One is called “Totally Inspired Mind” and the other is called “Photos That Inspire Words”.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Police Dept Brightens Christmas

It is wonderful to see people who share what they have and do something because they can. To give a little comfort to a family who was in a fatal accident was such a thoughtful gesture. I wish more people did things like this in this world.
Love can be as contagious as hate if we would only promote more on the nightly news.

You can also donate to the Spark of Love Toy Drive listed after the video.

“Christmas isn’t One Day of the Year, But About Loving Others in Act Word & Deed All Year

“Christmas isn’t about the gifts or the bows or the packages, but in the people you hold in your heart and long to hug and be around. Christmas is in friends that became family, plans, great times together and in giving to others and in realizing we are all connected on this planet with LOVE.”-Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Paulette’s Mother

Farmer's Market Finds

My good friend Kristen

My good friend Kristen

Polly's Tea Pot Menagerie to celebrate quality conversation with great people

Polly’s Tea Pot Menagerie to celebrate quality conversation with great people

My Artist friend Terry</a

My artist friend Terry, otherwise known as "Tiger Shark"

My dog Lucky Motzko looking cute on my bed one night.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko HB Dec2012

I have so many friends I don’t have photos of and so many wonderful times that were never captured on film. That is what Christmas is made of. You can celebrate it all year long and a little bit every day of the year, if you wanted to.

This is a fantastic article from a fellow professional writer. I would love to have a conversation with her some time. She thinks like I do in many ways.
Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Finding The Way from Garden Grove to Moreno Valley to See My Mother

Try as I might, I have been asking all around my friends, some with cars, some without reliable ones to make an hour drive from Garden Grove to Riverside County via the 91 freeway to see my sweet 81 year old mother with Alzheimer’s Disease. A Christmas I will always remember in a very bittersweet way.

So far I have been battling my stupid brother in law who has power of attorney and has been making it impossible for me to see my mother or talk to her. I hope that the Adult Protective Services of Riverside County answers their phone the next time I call! Pretty pathetic scenario when the phones are that busy!

The letter I typed for my attorney will be waiting for him tomorrow morning regarding my rights getting a 60 day notice at this property, which is only right. IT is amazing that I am talking about people I am actually related to, but I am! The property is being liquidated because Mr. Mike Bunker POA and POM for my mother Ramona Le Pore, says it has to be to afford her care. That may be true, but I don’t think he has truly tried to find a place covered my medicare and medical.
The property could be saved as a double rental property, which would be the smart thing to do, and what my dad, bless his soul, would have wanted. Considering I have invested my money in this place, mom wanted to will the house to me. At this point in my life, I don’t want endless court cases and am just sick of them. Simplicity is a wonderful thing and that is what should be going on here if my siblings were good communicators-and cared about what was the best to do and really cared about the BIG PICTURE-it would be awesome. I am the one that thinks one year down the line, and I am not looking for a quick cash pay off like the rest. It is incredible to see how ugly greed can be.

When taking my dog Lucky to the vet today, Dr. David Weber DMV was going to talk to the people he knows in church and else where and see a friend of his would be willing to take me, me paying for their gas and time. (Provided it isn’t $200!)

I have a move to make and have to get Atlas Van Lines out here to hope the move of my massive library, roll top desk, upright grand piano book cases, two tables and scant bedroom furniture, plus of course my very stocked kitchen comes in at $1000. I hope it comes to no more than that and would be happy if it came in at less.

My biggest gift is seeing my mother, my friends and if I don’t get anything for Christmas to open, so be it. I have seen that more than once in my life. I bought myself everything I wanted and needed, so I am taken care of.

I will be looking at OCTA to see if there is a bus that connects to Moreno Valley. I hate that city and have no desire to go there other than seeing my mom. Why doesn’t my brother in law or brother bring mom out here to her own house, the house that dad who is looking down on me writing this used to own, and mom solely owns now. Well, that can best be answered this way: Some people try and help people and get their greatest joys from making people’s lives just a little better than before they said hello to them. That would be me.

My brothers and sister delight in complicating matters, drama and total BS,(I hate to use that jargon, but it is true here folks!) I am not a product of my family, but appreciate the gifts and kindness my parents gave me of integrity, honesty and valuing people first and things second. I wish they all had the picture memory I was blessed with.

If any of you know of someone who would be willing to drive me to Moreno Valley with a good driving record etc., that might be interested in getting me there, contact me here.

I am listening to the song “Merry Merry Christmas” playing on my IPOD Touch which is my other awesome Christmas present to myself. I have a whole library of writing and photography books in a library in that thing, and I don’t have to carry them around any more, which makes my arms and back and legs really happy.

I consider myself being a very ABLE disabled lady, and rarely tell people but stress my abilities. Not driving is a pain when you are carrying a dog in the house, and wishing that Mr. Wonderful would emerge and make my life just a little happier, a little more fun and a little less alone….would be really nice Santa.

Hear me Santa?

Put a handsome, single, good looking guy on your sleigh and deliver him Christmas Day to Paulette Le Pore Motzko in Little Saigon, C’mon and make her day!

If he has a nice job, good heart, big smile and great sense of humor, preferably with teeth and hair, but I will make exceptions.

I have no plans yet for Christmas Eve and hope I decide what I am doing with myself. I am either going to have a Vegetarian Christmas Dinner for two of my vegetarian friends or I will volunteer in a soup kitchen and get my mind of myself.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

7:39 p.m.

December 16th, 2012

This beautiful story by Don King of Attelboro, MA, USA will make you feel all “warm and fuzzy” inside. I know it did that for me. The beautiful illustration is really charming as well. – Paulette Le Pore Motzko

The Best Christmas Present I Gave Myself-Time with My Mom-Ramona Lea Le Pore


The photo shown here is of my mom back in March of this year. We had an awesome day with our friend Glenn at the Huntington Beach pier. It was as though everything went our way. It was the first time my mother and I had gone out on the town, so to speak, since my dad’s death, after having dementia, a severe heart condition and being totally bed ridden. My mother was a caregiver 4 times in a row, and helped me more than once in my life. The best of who I am I owe to her and I would pull a star out of the sky for her.

Now the only time I see her is when I see her in a photo in the Christmas cards I designed or in a cup I had made for her and I, showing the two of us on Thanksgiving.

I had once of the worst days today because my Brother in Law, Mike Bunker, who works at Fancy Stitchin in Moreno Valley, CA will not put a call through to my mother Ramona Le Pore. She will not tell me where she is and insists that I only see her for an hour visit with only him around.

I am just a nice disabled able minded lady who is doing her best to earn a living as a writer, photographer and marketing consultant. Provided I am not living with constant drama, as I have here for what seems like forever, I feel great.

I know all this will soon be over and  as the moving van pulls up and packs up my desk, tables, many books and the room I hate to leave the most, my kitchen, because dad desgined that for me when I was 24 years old. He built the tiles in there, and created a wooden shelf that has tea pots on it now.

Dad I wish you could see all this happening now and stop it. I think the kids thought you were the referee keeping the kids in line. We are NOT kids though. I am 51 years old and then you have varying ages all the way up to 63. Amazing how greedy money can make you. I didn’t want my parent’s money or house or anything, but my parents. I still cry when I see a happy photo of them together because now I don’t have either one.

Let tomorrow bring a much brighter day and a few unexpected miracles!


What do you do when a Power of Attorney runs wild and the person turns into a monster?

I want the best for my mother but I came first and he did not.

I also have only so much money to invest in paying lawyers to make this whole mess right.

After living in this duplex next to my folks for 12 years the power is going to be shut down on the property soon and the heat is already turned off. I have a space heater in my bedroom and of course light to write this and electricity and the music from my IPOD, thank God, since my brother stupidly unplugged my receiver on my stereo when he took out the cable box today!

There are times when you can look around and wonder where Christmas is. This is the only one where I have been looking and not finding. I helped a homeless family during the week before Christmas not be home less for a week at a Motel 3 and the kid that had tears in eyes-Christopher Traveno, put a smile on my face when I did it.

Money can do wonderful things. It can cure cancer if you pay the right researchers to find the cure. It can feed the home less, it can find new cures for epilepsy, which I have had since I was 9 years young.

I miss my mom and want to see her as something other than in a picture in the Christmas cards I designed this year. I pulled off a picture of her when she was 16 and so beautiful. There was a time we looked like twins in so many ways. She could light a beacon up like a beam up light.

Mike Bunker was throwing good food, $8 salmon I just bought mom in the garbage while my brother idly watched it all go by. We were raised in a poor house, but blessed what he had and were glad we were alive. We didn’t have a table with chairs but a pic nic bench that mom painted white in our first house on Perrin Drive. Later on, when dad made more money and he did great in sales selling major appliaances, a big maple table came in with big heavy wood chairs. I love the pic nic table we had and how I miss that table now and mom and now dad looking down on all of this non sense.

I am not sure where this story is going but it feels good to write and as the tears stream down my face.

How did my family turn so callous and full of hate and where did those values go to do this? I have come to realize that hatred, that festers inside my sister Brenda Bunker has been like disease that has messed up even my brother’s reasoning making him think this was right?

My dad’s mother we called “Nanny” lived with us then and cooked for us when my mom worked as a waitress. She made oatmeal and showed me how to cook at an early age and cooking was a passion my dad truly enjoyed-food and music and simple things like gardening were his pleasures. That is why it was so sad to see all the things he loved stripped from him at the end of his life, when all he could do was look up at a ceiling, not being able to move his arms from osteoarthritis.

I have one family member and now she is being held for ransom by the way I see it. Nobody should be able to do a power trip or turn out their aggressions by taking away the most valuable family member to me as of December 13th 2012….a few siblings that don’t choose their words wisely and don’t place their values in the right place do not count.

Make this right Lord, I know there is an Omnipotent Presence in this world and I know prayer is powerful but it seems I have been sending up smoke signals by the outcome I am getting here.

I hope to make a move and be out of here before the power goes out on my place and Mike Bunker the evil brother in law turns everything off here just because he can.

We need to change the laws concerning power of attorney because once given, the person can become the equivalent of HItler, as in the case of Mike Bunker.

I am the one suffering here and I shouldn’t be.

My mother and I were very close and always will be. I have two gifts I gave myself under my small tree but the gift I want most of all is A HUG FROM MY MOTHER RAMONA LEA.

If any of you know of a civil attorney who can knock some sense into my sister and brother in law Mike & Brenda Bunker, and make them remember what kindness and fairness is all about, please contact me:

Why is the house going to be sold? To pay for the $3000 in medical expenses for an assisted living place.

If you read this and you know of a way we save our house, for God’s sake speak up now!

I woke up to a realtor next door where mom used to be.

Sad part, my family doesn’t care if I am homeless and my mother wanted to will this property to me since I paid $85,000 into it over 12 years with rent.

As soon as word got out they whisked mom out to Moreno Valley and quickly deemed her incompetent! Sound fishy to you? Me too.

How about a “family meeting” at the Hyatt Regency Hotel on Mike Bunker’s Birthday, August 19th, 2012? Dad was dying in a hospital and he was using his debit card on this. What are the odds? I would say 98% good. All my hunches have been dead on right my whole life.

I call a spade a spade and there are people that are just nasty and rotten to the core and my brother in law is just that. I had a really nice sister before she married him.

I will be calling Atlas Van Lines to get a quote to start packing my stuff up. The party I envisioned is going down the tubes, and I just don’t feel any cheer but am hoping tomorrow feels more hopeful.

Why is it that some hold on to their values and what matters and others don’t?

Why can’t the rest realize that my mother has the right to go into her own house and pick things she loves the most to take where she is going? He talks about her as though she is dead and dumb, and that is EDLER ABUSE.

After I know mom is alright, I can rest easy and relax-Hear me Lord? Let me contact all the people necessary to allow me to see my mom when I want and allow her to come back into the house she rightly owns!

This is soooooooooooooooooo wrong!

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

December 13th, 2012

10:25 PM



Fa La La

The cute little girl in the photo was just what I needed to see on a really bad day dealing with in laws regarding my mother who has severe Alzheimer’s Disease and very callous and apathetic family members. 🙁 I know tomorrow will be a better day. I am looking forward to moving from this place after living her 12 years and on to a positive and promising future.
I would love to see more of your wonderful photography.
You are welcome to subscribe to my site called “Photos That Inspire Words”. You could show case some of your work there.


Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Freelance Writer, Photographer and Marketing Consultant

Share Your Country

Share Your Country

I love most any pier but the Huntington Beach pier was one of the first places our family went when we moved from Tucson, AZ to southern CA when I was 6 years old, many a year ago.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a big cook, I think you will find “Cooking Up a Storm All Over the World!” to be more of a cooking magazine with things like antiques, collectables, decor and a bunch of friends awaiting. It is a networking site where you have the chance to share your abilities and culinary skills with others and make friends and new recipes!
In the tab SHARE YOUR COUNTRY, you can share the scenic shots of where you live and your favorite places.

You Direct Your Attention to What You Want-Like a Flashlight Shines a Beam of Light

“Your perspective and viewpoint in life is like a flash light. What you see depends on where you aim the beam of light. You can see only darkness or see the light. Always look for the positive in any situation because that is the “light”. You could say that the negative side of life is the “dark side”-kind of like Star Wars, I guess. (Was not shooting for that analogy, but I think you get the idea.)


Paulette Le Pore Motzko

I felt like I was Robert Frost when on a spin of "The Road Less Traveled" only I had only a few minutes to get the best shot from the vantage point I was standing. (I was at a bus stop waiting to go back to Westminster from the Huntington Harbor area.} It looked awful when I took it then looked much better on the computer screen.

I felt like I was Robert Frost when on a spin of “The Road Less Traveled” only I had only a few minutes to get the best shot from the vantage point I was standing. (I was at a bus stop waiting to go back to Westminster from the Huntington Harbor area.} It looked awful when I took it then looked much better on the computer screen.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko’s Philosophy on Living

Paulette Le Pore Motzko, Author of Totally Inspired Mind

Paulette Le Pore Motzko by the Huntington Beach pier, a favorite place of hers.

Photography by Jackie Teeple at Two-Eight Photography



“Try to leave the place a little better that you came from: Coffee shop, bus stop, talking to someone, or giving a new piece of information that would help someone. If you see something that needs doing, just do it. Every hello you say is the possibility of a new friend. When you ask someone “how are you”, really want to hear what their answer is. f you see a person who needs help-simply help them. If you see a scrap of paper or litter, try and pick it up. It doesn’t matter what other people are doing or NOT doing, you are your own person and you set high standards. Make someone’s day lighter & brighter, clean up after yourself, and make people glad you walked through the door.”-

Paulette Motzko’s Motto on Living