What I am Thankful For
Photography & Text By Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Thanksgiving Post
Blog Posting on November 18th, 2012

I got the idea for a Thanksgiving post two years ago which I got the name by reading a story in Time Magazine called “A Year in Review in Words and Pictures.” I cannot remember who wrote it but I loved the concept of it. If you pick the right picture it can tell a story in itself. I am a very visual person and I am turning into a “Photo-Journalist”, now that I know what one is.
I am asking you my readers to write a list of the things you are thankful for, the people in your life, the simple pleasures, even things we all take for granted like breathing, opening your eyes!
I hope that this will encourage more to write in and in doing so this will become a “patchwork quilt” embroidered with the stories and vignettes of simple pleasures that the members of this site are THANKFUL FOR. Also, I hope you all take the time to find photos of those you hold dear, the special times you are thankful for and include as many as you would like of those as well.
If you have questions about how to upload photos, videos or any kind of post on the site, feel free to ask me! There is no question that is silly. I know that firsthand from being a teacher for 20 years.
I think that so far people have thought that I meant the “things” as in monetary things, but the “things” I am talking about here are the things you cannot buy in stores, as those are the most valuable.
I think this would be a great family exercise any time of year, not just for Thanksgiving. You probably will learn a few things about the people who are close to you by doing it too.
So here are the things Paulette Motzko is thankful for on 2:24 p.m. November 18th, 2012. It is not necessary to say “I’m thankful for after” each thing you mention. Just one header is fine followed by a semicolon.
I am thankful for:
My new found health
Losing nearly 80 pounds and feeling better and looking better than I have looked in 20 years.
Looking more like I did when I was in my 20’s
Having clear goals about my life and my “present” that I open daily that will lead me to my future
Doing something I love after doing a lot of research on how to merge the things I do well that I love
Seeing my business begin to really flourish
Having wonderful people in my life like my sweet mother and my older brother Bob who thinks before he speaks and is kind and loving, and the many friends I know who have become family. I am also thankful for Lucky our dog when he doesn’t bark!

That I am the kind of person who sees the best in a person and always urges someone to meet their full potential.

I am thankful for the pills I take, primarily Vimpat, which is the best drug for epilepsy that has been released in my life time. It enables me to think clearly, do what I do, feel great every day and live the best life I can. I know the best is yet to come for me.
I am thankful for having medical insurance to finally pay for my very expensive medicine. I don’t have to sell things each month! Took me 7 years to get it!
I am thankful that mom taught me phonetics when I was a 4 and that my parents encouraged learning and always stopped what they were doing to answer questions. I am thankful that my parents encouraged the arts and always made me feel special.

I am happy that they let me “Play by Ear” until I was 18, when I went to college and learned the names of everything I already knew. I found out I was what they call “a natural.”

I am thankful for optimism that I inherited from my mother and the warm gentle spirit she also gave me.
I am thankful people tell me I have “a really good karma”.
I am thankful that I was taught to value people first and things second. I practice that philosophy to this day and will never wear a thing on my ear because people who do that block out all the sights and sounds and people around them by being in their own world.

I am thankful for my mother who was a people person and made me one too. Who gave me optimism and charismatic spirit that still shines bright today.
I am thankful for swings to play on and remember my child inside me, beaches to walk the pier on, wide open green spaces, tea pots and tea parties where interesting warm hearted people gather round a table where the conversation is better than the tea!
I am also thankful that I can see life through the eyes of a photographer that there are so many stories waiting to happen and that I haven’t lost my zest for life at 51. I am also happy that the young guys still guess me at 38 and genuinely look shocked when I tell them I am not.
I am thankful that I can see the limitless potential in people and my best joy is help them flourish. To me it is like taking a bulb that is planted deep within the earth and watching it bloom in the spring time.
I guess I will sign off for now. This list is never ending in one’s life, and can be constantly updated as life merrily goes on.

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