Do you know of any jobs in Orange County open for Everybody-(Not Mandatory Bilingual) Post them here!

If you know of a company who is hiring, please share the information below on where and how to apply.

When I graduated from Chapman University in 1997 in their Voluntary Leadership Program, I did well. I was the CEO & Founder of The Epilepsy Connection. A grassroots organization helping those who had epilepsy and their families. I did that for about 7 years and was going for a 501c3 tax status. I bypassed the BS Degree and “did the work” as the instructor said.

I then graduated the top of my class and was chosen to hold the Summit Meeting that year, along with 4 other presenters.

People paid money to hear me speak, but the most awesome thing about the experience was not educating them or answering their many questions.

I told them “a friend of mine had epilepsy” at the beginning of the presentation. At the end of doing the class I told them all:

“By the way, the friend I spoke of was ME!” I will never forget the look of shock on all their faces, and then others had tears in their eyes, and many waited in line to shake my hands saying, “I never would have known!” I smiled and said, “that is what I had in mind. A person who has epilepsy can accomplish anything a person without can.”


Paulette Le Pore Motzko

July 24th, 2012

Equal Opportunity in the Job Market by Opening Jobs Up to Everyone-No More Bilingual Only Job Descriptions

Over and over I hear like a broken record how bad the economy is, but the media is doing nothing to improve it. People look to their televisions as though it is God and Gospel and seldom look where the information is coming from.

Instead of repeating like a Mina Bird that “there are no jobs”, why not show where the jobs are in Orange County, Los Angeles County,  Riverside County and elsewhere? That would be productive and be usable information that would allow people to do what they can.

In life that is all we can do really with anything. Television can be an amazing source of resources, and depending on the station you watch is. I seldom have the time and get my news of various news feeds like CNN, Channel 5, Channel 7 and look to see what the source of the news is.

To say there are no jobs is an untrue statement. There may be fewer jobs in a given area and there may be have been layoffs, but there are jobs. I got a good grade in Logic and you just cannot say that. I was also married to a real rocket scientist for 15 years and some of it rubbed off on me. Make the most of what you have and maximize the positives.

I wrote resumes in Orange County for 2 years and it was a very time consuming project because the preliminary pre-write included finding out what the person did before and what they loved to do, and what they were willing to do.

When you think outside the box you increase your chances of earning money by 2000%. I used to be a master piano teacher and did that for 20 years. I now haven’t taught for 3 years, primarily because in my area, Little Saigon, there is so much racism and reverse discrimination going on it is disgusting. I heard “We don’t want a white teacher” from over a dozen people and it is a sad tragedy indeed.

It would help if the county would open up jobs for everybody instead of making all the jobs bilingual! I went and the only thing I could apply for was a sanitation engineer-or other words a garbage man. If I would have thought after maintaining a 4.0 GPA and being on the Honor Roll and Dean’s List in High School and in college I would have my optioned narrowed as they are, I wouldn’t have believed it! We need to think AMERICANS FIRST AND INDIGENTS SECOND in this country to claim back the dignity this country once had.

I am not the only one who feels this I just may be the only one bold enough to voice it.

I am all for everybody having the same rights in this country. That is not what is happening. When people who cannot even say hello or hold a normal conversation are getting top priority on jobs with people who worked their fingers to the bone to maintain high grades and have winning resumes, it is plain WRONG!



If a person needs an interpreter then hire one! That would be cheaper to do that and have a more long lasting effect on the economy and the world than closing jobs for Americans and excluding 1000’s of people who would have applied for the job and filled it more than adequately.

I want the same rights as any Vietnamese or Mexican in CA. It is horrific to say that, but when you start noticing all the Vice Presidents or Presidents of major companies are Vietnamese or Mexican there is preferential treatment going on that shouldn’t be.

I got sick of trying to make it work and Huntington Beach is too expensive for me at this time with one income. With two or room mates, yes, but oh well.

I write Resumes, Presentations, do SEO Marketing Web Content and Blog Posts, create networking sites, web sites and the content therein.

I am a photographer that can create digital photographs for companies for use on business cards etc.. as well.

I also write Feature Stories for restaurants and food businesses at My last story was Tomy’s Cafe Diner in Garden Grove and it made The Orange County Register’s Food Frenzy.
So, open your mind and you will open up your options in the job market. I did. I read, scoured book after book at Barnes and Noble and elsewhere on writing, marketing, communication and how to build web sites and html coding.
The moment you open your mind to new possibilities you could create a brand new, more lucrative life for yourself.

I am going to lobby in Congress to open jobs for everyone and hopefully give more opportunities to people who are like myself, excluded from them now.

If you care about issues like this, speak out. This is America and it is the greatest country on earth.

Where else can you come to this country, own half of it, as in Little Saigon where I live, and then be told “We don’t want a white teacher!”

Those who come to this country should have to learn basic English to communicate with others and learn the culture of the country they are going to live in.

I want the new mindset to be: “What can you bring with you to the UNITED STATES”, not how many government subsidized programs can you rape and pillage from!

When it takes 7 years for a person to get medical benefits and they are disabled and you see Mexicans with 10 kids coming over the boarder with an IQ of none regarding birth control-and they get $800 a month, WIC and food stamps in 20 minutes, something is very wrong with our system and it needs to be changed immediately or we will go completely broke.

People will only abuse a system as long as you allow them to.

We are allowing them to do it now.

I want to make things like that illegal and crack down on welfare “parents” with dreadlocks, a million tattoos and cigarettes that cost the money they they were supposed to give the poor innocent child that didn’t ask to come into the world.

I taught kids for 20 years and was thrown into the welfare system after my divorce from the rocket scientist ex.

As it is now, if you don’t have a kid, you get nothing, you are worth nothing and are invisible in the government’s eyes.


I am also going to eliminate on the Medical form the question asking what race you are. Why should it matter if they are not giving preferential treatment to Mexicans and Vietnamese?

It doesn’t take a genius to have a kid but most times someone who doesn’t care about the welfare of the child. The government pays $800 a kid for them. Did you know that?

I was told to actually have a kid and then I would get money by the Garden Grove Medical Office. I had to threaten to sue with a civil attorney FRAUD to get the Medical benefits after 7 years. They proved 3 Vietnamese workers all with the name Nguyen, told me I needed a kid to get it! They were horrified and I got what I should have got a decade ago in one week.

I needed my gallbladder out 2 years ago and have been in misery until I had to be rushed for emergency surgery last March. I kept telling the people in the ER wards to get the surgery by putting URGENT MEDICAL but nobody did it. Why is it we do it every day for every Mexican that comes over pregnant over the border, but we cannot even do it for a lady that knew what birth control was at age 9? (I was a smart kid and still am!) I knew I never wanted a kid and couldn’t have any for medical reasons….so therefore I didn’t.

I would love to see a penalty for “couples” that have repeat kids to no end with no intent to ever provide a good life for themselves or the poor child. It is a triple loss! I spoke to a girl who was 16 in the medical office while trying to get Medical Benefits…….which took many years and filing FRAUD CHARGES to GET IT! She just found out she was pregnant. I found out from her sister she had 3 more at home! Where does the stupidity end for the sake of the child? How many more do tax-payers and people like myself pay for? It is disgusting. I love kids, couldn’t have children, but love them. When I was married the ex and I were looking into adopting an older child, who had nobody. We could have made a fantastic life for the child, if our marriage had lasted. He was the math/sci guy and I was the arts and humanities side. We could have given the best of who we were to that child. You don’t have to have children to genuinely care about children.

I will never be apathetic as long as I live. I learned compassion when I was nine years old and it has stayed with me. That and integrity are my name sake. I realized that our welfare system needs some revamping and in order to raise children in a positive environment as they all deserve, we need to come up with something that would restate to people:

1. If you don’t have a house or a job or any means of supporting yourself, do not bring a poor child into the world. You are making that child grow up with no parents, no role models, no means of support, therefore NO FUTURE.

2. If you decide to have sex, use birth control

Once you add as many kids to your family as you want then stop there. It is not a contest to see how many you can have folks!

In raising a family, strive for quality verses quality. I was raised in a poor family but mom and dad made sure we had everything we needed and then some. They did their best and we knew that. We were raised with high standards and creativity and education were encouraged as well as positive talking.

We need programs to educate in this country and that will hopefully have long term effects of lowering the amount of childbirths to unwed mothers and increasing marriages. How about don’t pay for the hospital care of delivering the child unless the lady is married! How is that for controversial? It may be, but it would WORK!

I have to have a talk with the heads of the Catholic Church because the Pope has done more damage to the good effects that others like Planned Parenthood have done for sex education and telling underprivileged countries about how to take care of themselves. We are not animals but adults who can think and who can control every part of our lifes. Life is a series of choices and we need to start making better ones in this country that will have more far-reaching good effects on everyone. That includes the children of the future.

NOTE: If you are a Congressman or woman and are reading my words and get to here and you want me to speak out about this or you want to put me to work for you or with you, I am receptive to POSITIVE CHANGE. WE NEED POSITIVE CHANGE OR THE COUNTRY WILL BE BANKRUPT.
When I was a kid there was a saying “Land of the FREE and BRAVE.” Somehow that was corrupted to mean FREE like WAL-Mart!

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

July 24th, 2012

2:28 p.m.